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Walter Mossberg – Wall Street Journal Technology Writer

December 19, 2009

Walter Mossberg is a native of Warwick, Rhode Iceland, he was on 27 Born in March 1947 and is easily one of the most influential technology reviewers in the world. He received his education at Brandeis University, College and earned a Bachelor of Journalism at Columbia University.

In the very young age of 23 he started for the Wall Street Journal, where he has remained. He spent the first 18 years of his long career in terms of national and international affairs. Around 1988he turned his considerable talents to the field of technology and has many pieces of technology that you probably use today, including laptops, mobile phones and mp3 players affected.

In addition to his impressive career Mossberg Journalism and the co-author of the renowned annual conference on "All Things Digital," is where he shared the stage with greats such as technology, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates noted.

Over the years, Walt has received many awards and even aHonorary Doctorate of Laws from the University of Rhode Iceland. His awards include:

* 2001 – Honorary Doctorate
* 2001 National Headliner Award
* World Technology Award for Journalism and Media
* 2002 Business News lamps

Mossberg Personal Technology has to be written every week since 1991, in addition, he edits the Mossberg Solution, and writes Mossberg's Mailbox, where he answers reader technology questions.

You may be wondering how a personhad so much influence on the technology of the world. The answer has much to do with the integrity of the man. The people are the paid guests only to them the information that the manufacturer intends that they are tired, consumers have repeatedly burned by buying into these kinds of ratings.

Mr. Mossberg, on the other hand holds none of the products it receives to be evaluated. In his ethics statement, which he describes exactly how he clearly comes from the differentHe writes about gadgets and assured his readers that there is nothing for him. Most of the technical devices, are the society from which they came, and if the companies do not want them back, he passes it to charities or rejects it entirely.

Walt also said that he never schedules an inspection to coincide with the advertising staffs dates. The companies for which he did not consider a product get to read the review in advance, nor can they edit or reject hisTopics. In an age where you do not know who to trust, Walt Mossberg has his way out, gone to be above suspicion.

Not only Mossberg very careful with his reputation, it also sets no reviews play that he through the mill! In an interview with Fox News anchor on Windows 7 operating system, he explained that he had with the software for almost 8 months and in recent months it had been trying to at least 11 different computers! This is an intensive review, you cansure.

Walter Mossberg is the voice of technology for the country if not the world. He is accurate, complete and fair in his assessments of the latest technological gadgets in the market. He is a voice that consumers have come to trust and rely on themselves.

First, an information and telecommunications technology degree online can be a great career in business

December 13, 2009

An online information technology degree can be your edge to a great career as a businessman. The U.S. Department of Labor, that this occupation is growing faster than the average, at least until 2016. With average salaries between $ 79,000 and $ 109,000, the study and a job reasonable in economic terms. Most entry-level positions require at least a bachelor's degree, and the highest paying jobs require a master's degree.

A degree in information technology enables you towith computer and information systems, direct network security, direct Internet operations, and build business plans. With an advanced master's degree in information technology, you can as Chief Technology Office (CTO) and Chief Information Officer's are qualified (CIO). People in this position supervises the management information director, information technology director and project manager. A master's degree in information management are you in the top tier of the economy Operations.

Online colleges and universities, employees, bachelor's, master's and PhD programs are also in the Information Technology University of Phoenix, Western Governors University, Westwood College, Capella University, Florida Tech University, National American University, Franklin Pierce University, Southern University, Colorado Technical University Online and Kaplan> University.

I f you enjoy working in installation of systems, programming systems, maintenance and security of information, then a degree in information technology can be there for you. You can get your degree and get in on the more than 260,000 IT professionals in the U.S..

An online educational technology degree program is flexible and inexpensive. You can contribute to your course on to complete his own time, at your own schedule and with the Internet and computersSupport systems. Excluding charges for room and board and travel, you will be able to save money. Your teachers will be available online, along with technical support, financial aid advisors, and even use of materials. Take time to learn about this career and online college courses that are available today!

Visit Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

November 14, 2009

Pittsburgh is the second largest city in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. According to the 2000 census, the city itself has a population of 334,569, with 2,358,695 in the metropolitan region.

Pittsburgh is built on the confluence of three rivers (the Allegheny River, Monongahela River and the Ohio River), with downtown in the triangular part of the country formed by the rivers. The city is known for its spectacular skyline of skyscrapers and bridges, this is known, the twoof his nickname "The City of Bridges" and "The Bridge Capital".

As well as "The City of Bridges" and "The Bridge Capital", Pittsburgh also has a variety of other nicknames, including "City of Champions", "The 'Burgh and The City College." There is also nicknamed the associated with the city's industrial past such as "Iron City", "Steel City" and "Steel Town", and from the new industries have emerged in the city as "Roboburgh" which relates to the growing robotics PittsburghIndustry.

Attractions in Pittsburgh include:

– Andy Warhol Museum

– Carnegie Museum of Art

– Carnegie Museum of Natural History

– Carnegie Science Center

National Aviary

– Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium

– Three Rivers Arts Festival

Here are some more information about the area: – Some of the largest companies headquartered in Pittsburgh include Heinz, PPG Industries and U.S. Steel.

– Perhaps the most famous of education –headquartered in Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon University, which a private research university that was founded by Andrew Carnegie in 1900.

– The main airport for Pittsburgh Pittsburgh International Airport.

– Sports teams in Pittsburgh include the baseball team, the Pittsburgh Pirates, the ice hockey team, the Pittsburgh Penguins, and the NFL American football team, the Pittsburgh Steelers.