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The Impossible Made Easy – How feedback Tames the Restless Mind

December 28, 2009

"Restless Spirit of man,
How is he to tame it?
Truly, I think the wind is no wilder. "

The same plea resounds through the centuries. We sit down to meditate. We try to concentrate, try to visit, try to subdue the restless spirit. In most cases, not our time spent dreaming and drifting. Attention is hard to keep, not to be maintained.

One big surprise is that this problem has a solution, and that the solution there was on the whole right before our eyes andunrecognized. If you meditate (with eyes open as in "open view" of Zen practice), you may have seen it myself. It is a sensation of light – the same "White Light" meditation or lighting reported breakthroughs: the light of enlightenment. This light, when it is efficient to use in meditation serves as an update for the error.

How is this possible? The key lies in the use of light as feedback: visual feedback – the information you need to know to ensure success. Here's howuse the light in a feedback method of meditation.

A small disc with a target placed on the floor. (You can use a cut out of paper and try this at home.) With a gentle look, you focus attention on the target. Attention fixes his eyes with his eyes still. Within seconds, this stare a slight optical distortion effects, usually halos of light. These distortions arise from the retinal fatigue, a harmless natural process that recovers the moment you look away. The light (or any otheroptical distortion) could be shown, provides feedback to tell you what you need to know. It tells you you are on course. He confirms attention. However, if you lose your attention and your mind wanders, wanders into the eye, and immediately terminates the distortion.

In this way, visual feedback and the rights of the signals that your course. Staring at the light makes the attention to easy, keep it simple to maintain. Like a faithful watchdog feedback you get drift and dream. This ensures feedbackSuccess.

The focus on feedback, you can literally watch out for your attention. Without feedback only seconds can expect perfect concentration. With feedback, the attention can be as long as you want to continue. You can turn to for the attention, how to handle a rope for a tow, and where does it take you? Feedback puts you in a straight line to enlightenment. Existence and in time you will be "light" both literally and figuratively.

In summary: Your attention isThe aim of meditation and the feedback is a direct hit. Just sit and watch the show your attention produced. For two thousand years, the light has been there. Amazingly, we missed the connection, and so missed a precision guidance system. Once you see the connection but it is obvious, and if you try the method, one or two minutes of concentrated attention feedback to prove himself.

Elementary school teachers, counselors, career and education

November 28, 2009

As a teacher and consultant, you know that the elementary school is important. At primary school, your students build visions of what they want to do in their lives, what they contribute to the workforce. With your help, your students remain open to new ideas and career opportunities. How do you work with your students, do not do your students premature career choices or career preparation. For your students, the school is a time to build the awareness.

AsElementary school teachers and therapists, using training to promote self-worth, developing skills and strategies for decision making. Their activities are designed to even build the family, school, community, and career awareness. Use age-appropriate materials that meet your students' level of development. These activities bring your students to a variety of different jobs, career information, and the reasons why people work.

If you develop in the preparationage-appropriate materials, products, tests and tools you use career models such as the National Career Development Guidelines (NCDG). The National Career Development Guidelines (NCDG) have domains, objectives and indicators. Each domain is a development area. Under each domain there are goals or competencies. For each objective indicators demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve the goal. The National Career Development Guidelines (NCDG) prepare tointo materials that are appropriate for your students.

As an elementary school counselors and teachers, create individual career plans and portfolios. Individual Career Plans (ICP) —

To develop self-awareness
Identify first career goals and education plans
Increasing employability and the ability to take decisions

Individual career portfolios combine career awareness and experience that occur during the school year. In addition to individual training plans andPortfolios, using a variety of resources —