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Elementary school teachers, counselors, career and education

November 28, 2009

As a teacher and consultant, you know that the elementary school is important. At primary school, your students build visions of what they want to do in their lives, what they contribute to the workforce. With your help, your students remain open to new ideas and career opportunities. How do you work with your students, do not do your students premature career choices or career preparation. For your students, the school is a time to build the awareness.

AsElementary school teachers and therapists, using training to promote self-worth, developing skills and strategies for decision making. Their activities are designed to even build the family, school, community, and career awareness. Use age-appropriate materials that meet your students' level of development. These activities bring your students to a variety of different jobs, career information, and the reasons why people work.

If you develop in the preparationage-appropriate materials, products, tests and tools you use career models such as the National Career Development Guidelines (NCDG). The National Career Development Guidelines (NCDG) have domains, objectives and indicators. Each domain is a development area. Under each domain there are goals or competencies. For each objective indicators demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve the goal. The National Career Development Guidelines (NCDG) prepare tointo materials that are appropriate for your students.

As an elementary school counselors and teachers, create individual career plans and portfolios. Individual Career Plans (ICP) —

To develop self-awareness
Identify first career goals and education plans
Increasing employability and the ability to take decisions

Individual career portfolios combine career awareness and experience that occur during the school year. In addition to individual training plans andPortfolios, using a variety of resources —

Brandon Jennings High School Mix

November 23, 2009

Brandon Jennings (born March 23rd September 1989 in Los Angeles, California) is an American professional basketball player who was drafted 10th in the overall standings of the NBA Draft 2009 by the Milwaukee Bucks of the National Basketball Association. He is a 6 1 in (1.85 m) [1] great point guard ft. Jennings is also the first pro basketball player sponsored by Under Armor. He is the cousin of Marcus Williams, the former point guard of the Golden State Warriors, New Jersey Nets and formerly of the University …

U.S. Middle Distance National Indoor High School Track Records – What it takes to be the best

November 20, 2009

Collected after receiving my 2009 All-Time Indoor List of World Records and best shows of Ed Gordon, I asked myself: "What are the best U.S. high school indoor record middle distance?"

This question arose in my mind because I just had an article about the 2009 Simplot Games, the premiere high school meet in the interior West, and one of the gatherings of top prep talent in the nation.

Gordon's 221-page book is an incredible collection of all the worldIndoor record with a comprehensive list of the best times, following the record-breaking achievements. This kind of publication is a goldmine of information for a person like me who just happened to be a member of the Track and Field Writers of America (TAFWA).

With a track fan, supporters and participants more than 58 years, the reading of the records brought back fond memories for me. Also, the high school list is too long to all records in the collection of Gordon's published, so Ifocused on the middle distance events is because my area of expertise and know-how.

Two factors should be considered in the exchange of this impressive high school performances with you into consideration. First, there are very few indoor competitions as compared to outdoor competitions, there are far fewer opportunities to break records. Secondly, the inner tracks can vary from an old time 11-lap distance from the ashes, like I used to "Run" and a modern 8-lap, 200-meter stretch of unused boards orartificial surface composition. That is, here are the athletes whose stars are still shining:

In the first place Alan Webb, who competed for South Lakes High School in Reston, VA. Webb holds the indoor records in three events of the 1000-meters in 2:23.68, the 1500-meters in 3:43.27 and 3:59.86 in the Mile, all decided in 2001. The new record was set up in 1500 on the way to Mile Record. Run a sub-4 minute mile than prep runners is not an easy task, and do it indoors is even more difficult.

BeforeHigh school, as well as Webb, the national prep record in the outdoor mile (3:53.43) and outdoor 1,500 meters (3:38.26). Finally, he would be the American record in the outdoor mile (3:46.91) in 2007.

Another legend runs, Gerry Lindgren of Rogers High School in Spokane, WA, holds two of the records of the 3000-meters in 8:06.3 and 2 Mile in 8:40.0, both on the same race in 1964, 45 years ago and never defeated because the best of the best. AfterSchool in 1964, the world would regard Lindgren game against Russia to get two experienced runners to win the 10,000-meter event in the US-Soviet Track Meet in Los Angeles.

During the operation for the Washington State University, Lindgren would win 11 NCAA Championships and to this day, only 1 of 2 runners always beat Steve Prefontaine in an NCAA championship in 1969 and won NCAA cross country individual title when Prefontaine 3rd completed.

Lindgren wouldFinally, shares of the world's 6-mile record (27:11.6) with Billy Mills, the 1964 Olympic 10,000-meter champion and gold medal won.

Dave Merrick Lincoln-Way High School in New Lenox, IL Set the 3-mile record by clicking 13:37.0 in 1971. Brad Hudson of South Eugene (OR) High School set the 5000-meter record of 14:29.28 1971st To really appreciate knowing Merrick indoor record, only that he ran a need-to-back-to-back-mile at a 4:32 pace, which is a lot of laps on a smallTrack.

Two other records shall be taken. Michael Granville of Bell Gardens (CA) High School ran 1:50.55 in the 800 meters in 1995, and Greg Gibson of Connell (WA) High School ran 2:10.1 for the 1000 yards in 1972.

Among the records of the girls, no name appears brighter than Mary Decker of Orange (CA) High School. Decker set yet still holds the 800 meters (2:01.8) and 880-yard (2:02.4) records in the same race in 1974. These brands have been two indoor world records at the time, they also1000-meter world record (2:26.7) in the same year as a prep runner.

Decker (now Mary Decker Slaney) was very popular, very talented and a fierce competitor on the track. Decker would be established on 36 national records and 17 world records. She is the only American runner, man or woman, all records from 800 to 10,000 meters at the same time keeping.

Decker still holds the American record for 800 meters, 1,500 meters, 1 mile, 2000 meters and 3,000 meters.

Another high school indoor record-holder would be, which still was famous Lynn Jennings of Bromfield High School in Harvard, MA. Jennings set the 1500-meter mark by 4:18.9 in 1978.

Jennings would go to 3 to win World Cross Country Championships, 9 U.S. National Cross Country Championship, and was the bronze medal winner in the 10,000 meters at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, Spain. Your Olympic time (31:19.89) placed over 10,000 meter a> American Record. Their American road racing record for the 10,000 (31:06) stands still.

Melody Fairchild of Boulder (CO) High School holds two national high school indoor records for the 3,000 meters in 9:17.7 and the 2 miles in 9:55.92, both on the same race in 1992. She would continue to repeat Foot Locker National High School Cross Country Champion and of course, remains the record holder. Fairchild was the first high school girls up to 10 minutes break for 2Miles.

Other girls indoor records were set by:

Diana Richburg of Lansingburgh High School in Troy, NY in 1000 Yard-2: 26.3.

Sarah Bowman, Fauquier High School in Warrenton, Inc. in the 1000-meter-2: 43.40.

Debbie Heald from Neff High School in Miranda, CA in the Mile-4: 38.5.

Cathy Schiro of Dover (NH) High School in the 3-mile-16: 20.9.

Brianna Jackucewicz by Howell North High School in Farmingdale, NJ in the 5000-meter-16: 43.02.

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