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A Senior Moment – Dinner with 3-time Olympian and American record hammer thrower Ed Burke

December 19, 2009

Almost every athlete, the annual U.S. National Track & Field Masters Championships Outdoors attended, had their day in the sun. Perhaps it was in school, college or on the professional circuit, but almost all of these men and women have experienced success on a certain level of competition.

It is therefore more than 1000 men and senior runners this year's National Championships back in Oshkosh (WI), a step on the track or on the spot and test againthemselves. To try and catch a firefly in a jam jar on a hot summer night.

Ed Burke is one of those athletes. Burke was a standout at San Jose State University from 1960 to 1962 and sets a school record with a throw of 192 feet-3 ,5-inch in 1962 that would stand for 16 years.

He started for the United States in the 1964 Summer Olympics in Tokyo and Mexico City 1968 Olympic Games, and then retired. After 12 years, he came out of retirement and not the U.S. team, which was too Boycott the Moscow Olympics in 1980th In 1984, at the age of 44 he made the team for the Olympics in Los Angeles.

It was 20 years since his first Olympic competition in Tokyo, and perhaps more importantly, Burke was selected by the U.S. team captains to carry the American flag at the opening ceremony. It was really a moment that the Olympic Burke will never forget.

His personal best throw of 243-feet-11-inch was at Stanford University in 1984, and remains as a> U.S. record for the age group 40-44.

After his retirement a second time, Ed Burke is back at it again. In his first competition in 21 years, he threw the hammer 175-09, breaking the world record for the age group 65-69. Burke, now 69, won the hammer throw at this year's National Track & Field Masters Championships in Wisconsin.

Burke is from Los Gatos, California. I flew from Lacey, Washington, to Midway Airport in Chicago, was taken by my best friendJohn Shaw, of Davison, Michigan, and we went to the University of Wisconsin in Oshkosh to meet to obtain. John and I are friends for 49 years.

We both ran cross country and track for Flint Central High School and Michigan State University. John is a former cross country and track coach at Goodrich High School, where he was an experienced team every success and produced some major college talent.

We blew in Oshkosh, and after cruising a bit, prettyquickly finds that the best place for dinner the night before the meet, was Fratellos Waterfront Restaurant on the scenic Fox River. With a small brewery, boat dock, live music and outdoor dining, it was the place to be in Oshkosh.

Born and raised in Michigan after my first 21 years, it was not long until I remembered my Midwest roots. The people of Wisconsin Midwest were friendly, relaxed, confident and clean.

You remember in the Midwest. It was the same place that weMark Twain, Thomas Edison, John Wayne, Ernest Hemingway, Walt Disney, Abraham Lincoln, Warren Buffett, Paul Harvey, Charles Schultz, Carl Sandburg, James Dean, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., Qunicy Jones, Ronald Reagan, Frank Lloyd Wright, Johnny Carson The Wright Brothers, Benny Goodman and Bob Newhart. No wonder, in the Midwest is a special place, some call it the salt of the earth.

We want Fratellos as well as we again 4 nights for dinner. On the last night we were chatting with ourFood server Jon, a recent University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh grad looking for a job, and Ed Burke walked alone. Burke overheard our conversation (turns out, Jon was a runner in high school), and asked if he could join us.

We had never met before Ed Burke, but he was clearly a master of competitors, especially when we found out that he threw the hammer, saw the size of the hands and checked out the Olympic ring on his finger, which could have easily been mistaken for Super Bowlring.

Both John and I had a great time exchanging war stories with Ed Burke. We talked a lot about the great San Jose State track coach Bud Winter, who coached Burke San Jose State and earned the nickname "Speed City". Winter Olympic medalists and social activists developed Lee Evans, John Carlos and Tommie Smith. Carlos and Smith are perhaps best remembered for the grant of a raised fist salute from the podium of the medal winners at the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City.

We also talked about howAging is not fun, something to compete in shape and recovering from injuries at our age it takes much more time. A high school athlete can get in great shape in 12 weeks, it takes us at least 12 months time to achieve the same kind of progress.

As we talked, and consumed more liquid refreshment, began the sun over the Fox River. John and I celebrated his silver medal in the 2,000-meter steeplechase, but our after-dinner time spent with Ed Burke reminds us justwhat the U.S. national meetings was really all about, camaraderie. They come for the competition and stay for the camaraderie.

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Karen Steen Shatters World Steeplechase Record at the 2009 National Masters Meet

October 12, 2009

Karen Steen traveled from Olympia (WA) to the University of Wisconsin at Oshkosh intent on setting a world record in the 2,000-meter steeplechase, and did exactly that in one of the most exciting races at the 2009 USA Masters Outdoor Track & Field Championships. Six world records and 21 American records were set at the meet.

Steen, an outstanding runner at Pacific Lutheran University and now one of the premier runners in the Pacific Northwest, bolted to the Front at Titan Stadium, when the gun sounded her 45-49 age group start event. It was from the beginning that if Steen set a world record in the searing heat of Wisconsin realized it would only run at the front.

She was among more than 1,000 athletes aged between 30 and 95 +, the competition in this 4-day combined to determine the best of the best runners in the nation, jumpers and throwers to.

The spectators at a record level Steen efforts, including myself, were immediately aware of their presence asSpeaker of the track was quickly pointed out that after the first 400 meters from this grueling 5-round trial over 3 hurdles and a water obstacle Steen each round was on world record pace.

Watching their progress for 3 more rounds of the fans shouted words of encouragement as they passed, and then a rousing crescendo, she welcomed into the home stretch, when it was realized that their protocol for entering and roared home in 7:07.49 to break the old record by more than 9 seconds (7:16.90 by JulieLeonard Switzerland in 2004).

Almost at the moment of triumph Karen Steen lost power, was the fact that both the runner-up in the race Andi Camp (30-34 in 7:17.28) and 3rd Place finisher Lisa Valle (40-44 in 7:17.36) – were within 1 seconds to break the world record.

Steen, who has averaged about 5:42 per mile, no stranger to world records. In 2005 she established the world mark for 2000-meter steeplechase in the group 40-44, by 7:05.06.

Steen, who runs Club Northwest, would be 2 days later returned to win the 1500 in an American-record time of 4:48.08 to. Your individual performance was probably the best of the times of pure athlete in the Nationals, with 98.85% of the age-grade rating.

A close second attempt to Karen Steen came Sabra Harvey of Houston, is running in the group 60-64. Harvey Steen voted world record with its own, won the 800 in 2:34.66, and then again in 1500 in a recording > American-record 5:22.50.

Harvey is a graphic designer, jogging began 9 years ago and only started to compete in the Masters last year, proving once again that you never know what you are until you try.

Other world records were set by Audrey Lary (75-79) in the 400 (1:27.41), Florence "Flo Meiler (75-79) in the 80-meter hurdles (18.63), Frank Levine (95-99 ) in the 5,000 (50:10.56) and Leland McPhie (95-99) in the long jump (1.93 meters/6-04).

> American records were set by Flo Meiler in the 200 hurdles (46.68) and pentathlon (4783 points), Becky Sisley (70-74) in the 80 meter hurdles (17.32), 200 meter hurdles (43.87) and spear (26.09m / 85-07); Leland McPhie of 3 kg shot put (6.87m/22-06.5) and triple jump (4.00m/13-01.5), Max Springer (95-99) in the 100 (29, to throw 31) and 400 (2:45.36) and Audrey Lary (75-79) in the triple jump (7.43m/24-04.25) and weight (10.40m/34-01.5).

More American records in the fieldEvents were Bruce McBarnette (45-49) in the high jump (1.93m/6-04), Robert Ward (75-79) in the discus throw (41.18m/135-01); Harriett Blömker (75-79) set in the javelin ( 22.54m/73-11.5) and 4 others in the weight class objection Jennifer Stephens (35-39) on 10.49m/34-05, Myrle Mensey (60-64) to 15.73m/51-07.75, Lillian Snader (80-84 ) on 6.92m/22-08, and Ronald Summers (55-59) to 18.18m/57-07.75.

Two American 5000-meter run-walk records were from Shirley Dockstader (75-79) and placed in 34:34.60John Starr (80-84) in 33:57.72.

Kathryn (Kathy) Martin (55-59), which will meet at the same time last year and win gold medals in the 800, 1,500, 5,000, 10,000 and 2,000 meter obstacle, again won the 4 events she entered this year, 1,500 (5 dominates: 22.93), 5,000 (19:46.47), 10,000 (40:04.03) and the 2000 barrier (8:26.86) they finished 5th in the overall standings of the church tower and 1 Place in her age group. Last year, the American Record Martin sat in the bell tower with a 8:23.20 clocking.

UnderNon-bests that have caught my eye Lonnie Hooker (45-49) in the 100 (10.93) and 200 (22.46), Bill Collins (55-59) in the 100 (11.56) and 400 ( 54.87), Steve Robbins (65-69) in the 100 (12.66); Antwon Dussett (30-34) in the 400 (47.17), Steve Gallegos (50-54) in the 800 (2: 10.70) and 1,500 (4:22.47), Christine Olen (40-44) in the 1,500 (4:45.98), Jan Frisby (M65-69) in the 1,500 (5:09.25) and 5,000 (19:20.54), and Tom Bernard (55-59) in the 5,000 (17:06.84).

Others wereRichard Cochran (70-74) in the discus (47.79m), Cochran won the bronze medal at the 1960 Olympics in Rome, and Ed Burke (65-69) in the hammer (50.62), Burke was a 3-time and Olympic flag bearer for the United States team at the opening ceremony of the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles.

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