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October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Take Control of Your Cancer Risk by Eating Super

December 20, 2009

Early detection through regular self-examinations and mammograms, ups the chances for successful treatment and surviving breast cancer.

While the disease is found early to care about what happens if you stop using it ever be developed?

Research is mounting that women may be able to do this, just that – or at least significantly lower risk of breast cancer – by paying for what they eat and choosing foods that fight cancer effectivelyProperties.

"These are not exotic, medicinal tasting or hard-to-find items, food, but you can at the supermarket," says cancer expert and researcher Keith I. Block, MD, medical and scientific director of the Block Center for Integrative Cancer Care and Optimal Health in Evanston, Illinois. "The key is to incorporate them into your diet and eat them regularly."

Dr. Block, assistant professor at the University of Illinois College of Medicine in Chicago and an AdjunctAssistant professor of pharmacognosy (the branch of pharmacology, has) with drugs in their natural state and with medicinal herbs and other plants studied data from numerous studies and come up with a list of "super foods" that the key to preventing many may keep breast cancer.

For example, "mangoes are rich in cancer-fighting phytochemicals and spinach contain a carotenoid called lutein that may inhibit breast cancer," says Block. "Garlic and onions alsocontain a variety of substances (including flavonols as quercetin and kaempferol and the antioxidant glutathione) to reduce breast cancer risk. Loaded red peppers and tomatoes with lycopene, a phytochemical that tumor-blocking properties, appears to have. Other "super foods" with potent cancer preventive properties include corn, tofu, brown basmati rice, whole wheat bread, red beans, lemon juice and olive oil. In fact, use olive oil instead of other fats for salad dressing and cooking.According to a study published this year, oleic acid, which is found in olive oil, may help to inactivate cancer, a gene that is responsible for up to 30% of all breast cancers. "

Change your diet to foods that may be significantly lower risk of breast cancer is not only a wise choice – it can be a delicious one, according to Penny Block, co-founder of the Block Center and author of the cookbook, a banquet of Health, over 200 tempting recipes including featuresmany of the most popular traditional dishes of the world, only with a healthy twist. "The" super foods "can be used in everything from salsas and dips and appetizers to include even desserts. As you can cook foods also reduce the risk of cancer, you add your help," Penny.

Another reason for what you eat is paid out of a study recently published in the International Journal of Cancer concluded that eating foods high glycemic index may increase the risk of breast cancer, whicholder women. "The glycemic index measures how fast and how high blood sugar rises after eating foods containing carbohydrates. For example, that white bread, sugar and potato chips are high glycemic foods are almost instantly converted to a rapid rise in blood sugar, says Dr. Block. Brown rice and wholemeal bread, on the other side have a lower glycemic index. They are slowly digested what. To a lower and subtle changes in blood sugar These are the types of foodYou want to play in a healthy and cancer preventative lifestyle. "

According to the American Cancer Society (ACS), American women have a chance to become ill in eight breast cancer during their lifetime. ACS data show that more than 45,500 Americans, almost all women from the disease last year killed and more than three million American women currently have breast cancer.

UFO – Will the Yellowstone National Park Super Volcano Blow?

December 8, 2009

Xrytspet decided that I spend too much time on the computer keyboard and was kidnapped me from the Universe Inchkonval Olympic Games in her FnL7 Time to Craft, the FnL9.

Hack Writer: I was right in the middle of an article which would have cured all the economic problems of the world.

Xrytspet she said, flashing yellow eyes: you know as much about economics as McCain and Graham.

Hack Writer: Those are harsh words in this country. We are not allowed to vote for the DemocratsIdaho.

Xrytspet: McCain wants to remove the Federal Republic of gasoline tax. How long do you think that the fuel would hold down prices?

Hack Writer: I would be with the space for the oil companies foresee raising prices, about three weeks at the most. It would be a hole in the dike for another fuel costs eruption.

Xrytspet: Speaking of dikes, it probably will not matter anyway. How often does the super blow volcano in Yellowstone Park? Maybe you can fill up some free energy fromdass

Hack Writer: It blows about every six hundred thousand years after the good professor at the University of Utah. Why?

Xrytspet: When it blows, what will happen to North America?

Hack Writer: It is to be buried in the dust. Another Ice Age.

A chill went down his spine. I said: "God wants the Olympics? It's time to blow up the cause again."

A change in the universe was made possible with the FnL9. Xrytspet said that the Universe is not Inchkonvalof antimatter, then there should be no problems. The old time crafts FnL7 simply not enough to poop, but in the new spaceship we are in what seemed like three days even though the time to travel are mind boggling.

The Olympic Games on the planet Vigisasgyle, which was reserved for the Olympic Games take place. Only three reasons for their keeper lived during the seventeen-Earth-year period betwixt the games. We have found that God is sitting in the stands with some poor creatures eat all the sausages. GodWe are looking into the stands.

God: Oh, the Hack Writer! And you, Xrytspet! What problems have you always on?

Xrytspet are hazy purple book. She was always in trouble, especially with me.

Hack Writer: It's nice to see you again, honest and God Answers. We have come to you with a question that concerns us people in Idaho.

God: Ah, ha! The McCain / Graham economy?

Hack Writer: Not at all. It is the same as the Bush administration economy. No matter who winsthe election, Obama or McCain, the damage is already done. Our dollar is worthless. I would like to know is if you think the Yellowstone Super Volcano is blowing?

God is Ecomomics not belong to your strengths, it is Taylor Jones the Hack Writer. What does not expect the Yellowstone Super Volcano, if you. You've been to Pompeii.

I thought that the fear I experience when Pompey, while in the Coliseum with Vesuvius smoking away. I said, "would be Australiagood? "

God: It is at least in the right hemisphere of the earth. It would give you the time. Oh, did your ever astronauts back to No Name Moon?

Xrytspet: Why would anyone go to No Name Moon twice? Such a desolate Hell Hole!

God: But it could be better than the earth.

I have no claim to the Olympic Games!

Fly Old Glory!

National Health Care System in Japan and Taiwan – would it be possible for us?

December 7, 2009

Every society is affected by changes in domestic or imported new movement, therefore, a problem that can be imagined, has no relation to its environment very well affect him through a chain of cause and effect.

Health care is an immediate problem that affects us all. We all experience it and need it. Let's seriously ask ourselves whether the current health care system is satisfactory and available to everyone. Should health, Medicare and treatments available to only selected groups?Many people vote for the presidential candidate who can restore the current health care system or who is a better health care sales leader for our country. I personally hope for a change, that is the health care available and affordable for everyone to see.

Being able to receive basic medical care is a basic need of all people. The fulfillment of this basic need, people feel secure, and it makes sense that people with better health may contribute more to society. Arealistic and attainable standard of health should be set for all people. These efforts need to establish a charitable institution of the journey and to claim. Life and health of the people should not be made for the profit of a few organizations in question.

Before moving to Japan, I was covered under insurance, my parents' policy in the United States. Their policy covered children in the family until the age of twenty-four. Upon graduating from university, I moved to Japan and started my first jobthere. I joined the Japanese national health insurance through the company I worked for. There are basically two types of health insurance in Japan: The national health insurance and employer-paid health insurance. In general, under the employer sponsored insurance is the insurance premium charged to income, number of dependents, and the company has received subsidies. For someone who is self-employed or unemployed, the cost of health insurance a minimum of 13,300 yen,or about $110 per month plus a small percentage of income for those who are self-employed. In other words, everyone can get insurance from around $100 dollars a month. Unlike the Medicaid program in the U.S. which is only available to certain low-income groups with specific requirements for eligibility, the Japanese health insurance is available to every citizen and legal residents. There is a ceiling to what the Japanese National insurance covers, but it covers all the basics and beyond.

In most cases in Japan, the patients choose their doctor or hospital. There is no restriction on the doctors or hospital she can visit. This is a real competition between clinics, hospitals and doctors, not for profit but for quality. The same assurance that the people in Japan gives them the freedom to get a second opinion, and of course remove those doctors whose practices in question. The doctor visits, treatments and medicines are not free, you areresponsible for thirty percent of the medical bills. Japanese health care costs are much lower than the costs in the United States. Thirty percent of the medical bill is still a reasonable amount you can afford. There are also special cases or groups of diseases, type of insurance coverage would be greater. If you are in default on his payments, his insurance will not automatically invalid. The insurance is still the person, as long as he makes up the missed payments. Nevertheless, somePeople are running into difficulties in their lives at one point or another. Sounds too good to be true? Well, it's true.

Taiwan, a place without recognition of world politics, has one of the best public health system in the world. After moving to Taiwan to go because of my husband's transfer of one years too, I have learned and appreciated the system in which the universal or national healthcare for all, more than ever before. When speaking of universal national health insurance, or shame, the peopleOften turn their attention to the well-debated and discussed health care in Canada. There are people whose views are negative, claiming that the medical service in a single-payer insurance system may not perform his last, and those whose views are positive that they do not live in fear of ever face bankruptcy for outrageous medical bills . From my informal inquiries, and more Canadian, I came upon the benefit of their national health system. Most of those whoCommenting on behalf of their national health systems that are more people living in Canada with their basic physical and psychological needs met secured.

In Taiwan, there are also government-sponsored universal health care not only for its citizens but also for foreigners living in Taiwan. Foreign citizens can apply for government-funded insurance prior to having their legal status of residence in Taiwan. Insurance fee starts from the basic 600NT or about $ 18 aMonth. For people in higher income brackets, is calculated to cover a certain percentage of their income on 600Nt. Fees are waived for former soldiers, those who are physically disabled, and people, the economic disadvantages.

Interestingly, Taiwan has established the National Health Insurance only been slightly more than two decades, since 1985. The government policy makers from various foreign countries studied health and composes the firstTaiwan national health care from the ideas and methods of the system in other countries. It was said that Taiwan's National Insurance system as a completed puzzle of pieces that will be made fit his country and people. This insurance now covers the entire population, including the legal foreign residents. According to one of Taiwan's National Health Research and Taiwan's Bureau of National Health Insurance, the cost of health care funded research had not increased afteruniversal coverage was established (Jui-Fen & Hsiao, 2003.) What does this tell us?

A basic health care program can significantly reduce the consequences of untreated disease. Primary health care does not mean free or senseless spending without control. To build a healthy nation, we should take a closer look at the current U.S. health insurance. Finally, a strong nation begins with the health of people.

Hamas ~ National Liberation Movement

December 6, 2009

Liberation movements, governments and terrorism facts ~ & Analysis by Eric Margolis, in an interview with Paul Jay, the Real News Network Eric Margolis Bio ~ born journalist based in New York City and holding degrees from Georgetown the University of Geneva and New York University. During the Vietnam War, he served as a U.S. Army infantryman. Margolis is the author of War at the head of the World – The Struggle for Afghanistan and Asia is a columnist and broadcaster whose …

Increasing corporate value to the payment of taxes – Is it a sign of National Economic Growth?

November 26, 2009

Two months back, a business report, published in "Star Business" by The Daily Star pointed out to me. The Daily Star is published in the leading English-language newspaper in Bangladesh. The report showed the increase in tax revenue this year. It is a very happy news that the tax revenue from 1000 crore (100 crore = 1 billion EUR) has increased.

The report also contains a list of the top ten taxpayers for tax and for VAT. The report mentioned the tax amountsfor these companies for the period 2004-2005, 2005-2006, 2006-2007 and 2007-2008. According to information presented in the report, which raised most of the payment of contractors in the event of both corporate tax and VAT. The chairman of the National Board of Revenue (NBR), People's Republic of Bangladesh, is also happy to announce this news. He calls it as a great success for NBR.

Yes, it is a success for NBR. But the news does not indicate a positive economic development of the country? TheQuestion can be determined by calculating the rate of change in the amount of taxes and payment of VAT solved for each period.

When we analyze a financial statement, we see taxes as a function of profit. When profit is the difference between revenues and expenditures, changes in tax is also a function of change in income or expenses. Mathematically we can express this concept as:

Profit = Income – Expenditure
* Tax = profit rate

If we consider two consecutive fiscal years, "as the amount TAX1 and TAX2,Percentage change in the amount of tax (TAX2 – TAX1) / TAX1

= (Profit2 * tax rate – Profit1 * rate) / * Profit1 rate
= (Profit2 – Profit1) / Profit1
= [(Income2 – Expenses2) – (Income1 – Expenses1)] / (Income1 – Expenses1)

Consequently, the growth rate would be positive if the revenues can be increased or costs can be reduced. Alternatively, a negative tax rate may fall if increased revenue or expenditure.

For a single company, positive or negative growth in taxcan be treated as an indicator of success or failure of management performance. If it happens to most of the top companies is no longer taxpayers' individual performance. It is a subject on overall economic growth of the country.

Unlike taxes, VAT will be directly related to sales or revenue in context. If tax increases growth, it must specify a positive sales growth. If tax growth falls, it must raise the question of when revenue growth. Well, most of the top ten tax payers' positive ornegative growth in payment of VAT, of course, also the positive or negative economic growth in the country.

The list includes the top 10 companies of the taxpayers seven banks, two gas companies and mobile operators. Grameen Phone tops the list with a payment of 435 TK crore tax in the period 2007-2008. The prior period tax payment amounts TK 128 crore. Therefore, taxation increased by 239.84% during the period of 2007-2008. But what was the tax growth in recent years?

Table 1:Top 10 corporate taxpayers (Source: The Daily Star, 10 July 2008)

Company Name VAT Amount (in crore TK) – 2007-2008 Change in Tax Payment-2006-2007 2005-2006-2004-2005 – 2007-2008-2006-2007 – 2005-2006

Grameen Phone 435 128 28 6 239.84% 357.14% 366.67%

Standard Chartered Bank 220 188 86 41 17.02% 118.60% 109.76%

Chevron Bangladesh Blocks 13 and 14 Ltd. 180 81 11 to 122.22% 636.36% —

Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd. 161 101 65 2 59.41% 55.38% 3150.00%

TitasGas (T & D) Company Ltd. 136 97 70 to 40.21% 38,57% —

HSBC 118 78 42 4 51.28% 85.71% 950.00%

Southeast Bank Ltd. 88 49 11 5 79.59% 345.45% 120.00%

Pubali Bank Ltd. 78 44 – 0.12 77.27% – —

Citi Bank NA 76 52 28 14 46.15% 85.71% 100.00%

Prime Bank Ltd. 67 47 26 to 42.55% 80.77% —

In 2005-2006, Grameen tax amount increased from 366.67%, while in the years 2006-2007, tax increased by 357.14%. Therefore, the growth rate per year reduced. Most of the other companies on the list had the samePhenomena. Tax rate for the Standard Chartered Bank in the last three seasons were 109.76%, 118.60% and 17.02%. Thus, in the years 2007-2008, the tax rate fell sharply this bank. The exceptions to this list are Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd, Titas Gas (T & D) Company Ltd. Titas Gas was 38,57% Tax Growth in 2006-2007, while the growth was 40.21% in 2007-2008 . On the other hand, Islami Bank raised taxes by more than 4% growth in the period 2007-2008. But in the years 2006-2007, their tax growthdeclined sharply. During this time, was their tax growth being 55.38%, while in the years 2005-2006, their fiscal 3150 growth%.

Almost similar story is written for the top 10 tax payers in '07-'08 term.

Table 2: Top 10 tax payers (Source: The Daily Star, 10 July 2008)

Company name – the VAT amount (in crore TK) – Change in VAT payment 2007-2008-2006-2007 2005-2006-2004-2005 – 2007-2008-2006-2007 – 2005-2006

British American Tobacco 2828 2481 2079 1852 13.99% 19.34%12.26%

Grameen Phone 1438 918 985 345 56.64% 185.51% -6.80%

Dhaka Tobacco 1180 1029 962 712 14.67% 6.96% 35.11%

Titas Gas Field 764 835 819 789 -8.50% 1.95% 3.80%

Sheba Telecom 601 252 224 to 138.49% 12.50% —

Hobigonj Gas Field 465 494 512 546 -5.87% -3.52% -6.23%

AKTEL 277 237 328 110 16.88% -27.74% 198.18%

Kailashtila Gas Field 196 159 99 110 23.27% 60,61% -10,00%

Rural Electrification Board 105 18 24 –483.33% -25.00% —

Rashidpur Gas Field 101 125 138 170 -19.20% -9.42% -18.82%

Of the ten, five companies were the growth in payment of VAT in this period reduced as compared to '06-'07. Three of these companies had a negative growth of the VAT payment for the year 2007-2008. Of these ten companies Grameen Phone, Sheba Telecom and REB had very strong growth in the years 2007-2008. Grameen had an increase in their growth in payment of VAT from -6.8% to 56.64%, while Sheba increased growth from 12.5% to 138.49%.REB payment of the tax growth has been sharper. It increased form 25% to 483.33%. On the other hand, British American Tobacco Bangladesh, the highest VAT in Bangladesh, a VAT increase of 13.99% was in the period 2007-2008. Their growth was 19.34% tax in the years 2006-2007. It is also worth mentioning that Grameen had a VAT increase of 185.51% in the years 2005-2006, while growth reduces to -6.80% in the years 2006-2007.

Table 3: Annual tax rate for top 10 companies taxpayers

Company Name – Change in tax payment –Growth 2007-2008-2006-2007 – 2005-2006-2007-2008 – 2006-2007

Grameen Phone 239.84% 357.14% 366.67% -32.84% -2.60%

Standard Chartered Bank 17.02% 118.60% 109.76% -85.65% 8.06%

Chevron Bangladesh Blocks 13 and 14 Ltd. 122.22% 636.36% – -80.79% —

Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd 59,41% 55.38% 3150.00% 7.26% -98.24%

Titas Gas (T & D) Company Ltd. 40.21% 38,57% – 4,24% —

HSBC 51,28% 85,71% 950.00% -40.17% -90.98%

SoutheastBank Ltd. 79.59% 345.45% 120.00% 187.88% -76.96%

Pubali Bank Ltd. 77.27% – – – —

Citi Bank NA 46.15% 85.71% 100.00% -46.15% -14.29%

Prime Bank Ltd. 42.55% 80.77% – -47.32% —

Total 80.23% 135.69% 408.87% -40.87% -66.81%

Table 4: Annual growth rate for tax-Top-10-VAT payers

Company Name – Change in VAT payment – Growth 2007-2008-2006-2007 – 2005-2006-2007-2008 – 2006-2007

British American Tobacco 13.99%19.34% 12.26% -27.67% 57.76%

Grameen Phone 56.64% -6.80% 185.51% -932.76% -103.67%

Dhaka Tobacco 14.67% 6.96% 35.11% 110.70% -80.16%

Titas gas field -8.50% 1.95% 3.80% -535.25% -48.62%

Sheba Telecom 138.49% 12.50% – 1007.94% —

Hobigonj gasfield -5.87% -3.52% -6.23% 66.98% -43.54%

AKTEL 16.88% -27.74% 198.18% -160.83% -114.00%

Kailashtila gasfield 23,27% 60,61% -10.00% -61.60% -706.06%

RuralElectrification Board 483.33% -25.00% -% -2033.33 —

Rashidpur gas field -19.20% -9.42% -18.82% 103.82% -49.95%

Total 21.49% 6.13% 33.15% 250.73% -81.52%

It is very alarming that the rate of growth for both corporate tax and VAT on most top ten companies in both 2006-2007 and 2007-2008 are negative. Therefore, the additional taxes amounting to no information on the positive economic development of the country.

The Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh haveimputed to focus more on the economic development of the country and find the reasons that would cause the decline in economic growth in the country.

U.S. Middle Distance National Indoor High School Track Records – What it takes to be the best

November 20, 2009

Collected after receiving my 2009 All-Time Indoor List of World Records and best shows of Ed Gordon, I asked myself: "What are the best U.S. high school indoor record middle distance?"

This question arose in my mind because I just had an article about the 2009 Simplot Games, the premiere high school meet in the interior West, and one of the gatherings of top prep talent in the nation.

Gordon's 221-page book is an incredible collection of all the worldIndoor record with a comprehensive list of the best times, following the record-breaking achievements. This kind of publication is a goldmine of information for a person like me who just happened to be a member of the Track and Field Writers of America (TAFWA).

With a track fan, supporters and participants more than 58 years, the reading of the records brought back fond memories for me. Also, the high school list is too long to all records in the collection of Gordon's published, so Ifocused on the middle distance events is because my area of expertise and know-how.

Two factors should be considered in the exchange of this impressive high school performances with you into consideration. First, there are very few indoor competitions as compared to outdoor competitions, there are far fewer opportunities to break records. Secondly, the inner tracks can vary from an old time 11-lap distance from the ashes, like I used to "Run" and a modern 8-lap, 200-meter stretch of unused boards orartificial surface composition. That is, here are the athletes whose stars are still shining:

In the first place Alan Webb, who competed for South Lakes High School in Reston, VA. Webb holds the indoor records in three events of the 1000-meters in 2:23.68, the 1500-meters in 3:43.27 and 3:59.86 in the Mile, all decided in 2001. The new record was set up in 1500 on the way to Mile Record. Run a sub-4 minute mile than prep runners is not an easy task, and do it indoors is even more difficult.

BeforeHigh school, as well as Webb, the national prep record in the outdoor mile (3:53.43) and outdoor 1,500 meters (3:38.26). Finally, he would be the American record in the outdoor mile (3:46.91) in 2007.

Another legend runs, Gerry Lindgren of Rogers High School in Spokane, WA, holds two of the records of the 3000-meters in 8:06.3 and 2 Mile in 8:40.0, both on the same race in 1964, 45 years ago and never defeated because the best of the best. AfterSchool in 1964, the world would regard Lindgren game against Russia to get two experienced runners to win the 10,000-meter event in the US-Soviet Track Meet in Los Angeles.

During the operation for the Washington State University, Lindgren would win 11 NCAA Championships and to this day, only 1 of 2 runners always beat Steve Prefontaine in an NCAA championship in 1969 and won NCAA cross country individual title when Prefontaine 3rd completed.

Lindgren wouldFinally, shares of the world's 6-mile record (27:11.6) with Billy Mills, the 1964 Olympic 10,000-meter champion and gold medal won.

Dave Merrick Lincoln-Way High School in New Lenox, IL Set the 3-mile record by clicking 13:37.0 in 1971. Brad Hudson of South Eugene (OR) High School set the 5000-meter record of 14:29.28 1971st To really appreciate knowing Merrick indoor record, only that he ran a need-to-back-to-back-mile at a 4:32 pace, which is a lot of laps on a smallTrack.

Two other records shall be taken. Michael Granville of Bell Gardens (CA) High School ran 1:50.55 in the 800 meters in 1995, and Greg Gibson of Connell (WA) High School ran 2:10.1 for the 1000 yards in 1972.

Among the records of the girls, no name appears brighter than Mary Decker of Orange (CA) High School. Decker set yet still holds the 800 meters (2:01.8) and 880-yard (2:02.4) records in the same race in 1974. These brands have been two indoor world records at the time, they also1000-meter world record (2:26.7) in the same year as a prep runner.

Decker (now Mary Decker Slaney) was very popular, very talented and a fierce competitor on the track. Decker would be established on 36 national records and 17 world records. She is the only American runner, man or woman, all records from 800 to 10,000 meters at the same time keeping.

Decker still holds the American record for 800 meters, 1,500 meters, 1 mile, 2000 meters and 3,000 meters.

Another high school indoor record-holder would be, which still was famous Lynn Jennings of Bromfield High School in Harvard, MA. Jennings set the 1500-meter mark by 4:18.9 in 1978.

Jennings would go to 3 to win World Cross Country Championships, 9 U.S. National Cross Country Championship, and was the bronze medal winner in the 10,000 meters at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, Spain. Your Olympic time (31:19.89) placed over 10,000 meter a> American Record. Their American road racing record for the 10,000 (31:06) stands still.

Melody Fairchild of Boulder (CO) High School holds two national high school indoor records for the 3,000 meters in 9:17.7 and the 2 miles in 9:55.92, both on the same race in 1992. She would continue to repeat Foot Locker National High School Cross Country Champion and of course, remains the record holder. Fairchild was the first high school girls up to 10 minutes break for 2Miles.

Other girls indoor records were set by:

Diana Richburg of Lansingburgh High School in Troy, NY in 1000 Yard-2: 26.3.

Sarah Bowman, Fauquier High School in Warrenton, Inc. in the 1000-meter-2: 43.40.

Debbie Heald from Neff High School in Miranda, CA in the Mile-4: 38.5.

Cathy Schiro of Dover (NH) High School in the 3-mile-16: 20.9.

Brianna Jackucewicz by Howell North High School in Farmingdale, NJ in the 5000-meter-16: 43.02.

Copyright © 2009 EdBagley

English National Language: Our shows senators their racist prejudices

November 13, 2009

English National Language: Our shows senators their racist prejudices

When the English were as our national language, why not make it as our ancestors? Maybe it was because they recognized that immigration brought in people from foreign countries and that the English language would take care of themselves.

Danes, Swedes, Poles, Italians, German, French, Russians, Jews from many countries, and the Irish came to our country. It descendants now speak English. Yes, afew Italians are bilingual, but in most cases, English is the language.

I spent a few years ago, the herding a flock of Spanish-speaking Mormons in Atlantic City. I noticed that said those who were in the country, the longest of the best English and their children in English. It's just a matter of time, in our environment, that is the language for a Spanish-speaking families English.

Here in Idaho, where we have many Spanish-speaking people that I'm justchange the language again. When I say "Como esta?" Say, "I often find answers:
"I'm fine. How are you?"

The Spanish-speaking people want to speak English and they love to show their skills. It is true that the older a person is, the harder it is to learn a new language. Some experts say that the ability to quickly learn a foreign language diminishes after the age of twenty-five years. I am sure this applies to most people. Only old people do not learn herethe English language.

In Europe, people often speak English and the languages of their neighbors. I went to a restaurant in Luxembourg late one evening and I was welcomed in French, German, English, and then before I could return an answer.

In Norway, I was on a tour of Viking artifacts and the guide speaks Italian, German, met English, Spanish, Norwegian, and their homeland. Language is not a big deal among the civilized nations. In Japan, English is widely spoken as in Hollandand most European countries. Why we do not speak French and Spanish? Colorado has been teaching children in kindergarten begin to year, but Colorado is an exception.

Creation of a state language of the law, if one already exists is only a pup practice presents youthful prejudice. If our senators have a brain between them, they would find the emphasis on the public debt, the trade deficit, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Osama bin Laden.

Poland,Italians, Russians, Jews, Africans, and the Mexican have so far only in low esteem in this country at different times. Some of these groups have some of the stigma, the loss brought them small-minded guys who lurk but for the most part, still prejudice. The American Indian was regarded as subhuman view of many Americans for decades. Some still do. Such feelings of sadness, arrogance and bloodshed. Race riots have not been eliminated in the United States. It seems that the Senatedoing everything possible to create a new one.

Immigration is a fact of life in our world. Many people had been displaced after the Second World War. Migrant workers are a fact of life in Europe and they are a fact of life in the United States. We need these workers, the work we do not want to do. In Idaho, the economy would shutdown without these workers who work hard and for long hours. When I see the dairy and irrigation workers from playing football (soccer), having spent a very long timeDay of hard work, I am amazed at their endurance. I know that a good portion of the money they earn each day goes back to their families in Mexico, Central America, and South America.

I said in another article that this is a form of development assistance. The difference is that the immigrants have come here and work to get it. I think this is better than just sending money across the border, which would never get over the fat hands of foreign bureaucrats.

We must control our borders. I do not knowYou have a problem with it. I do not understand why we did not get an agreement with Mexico and other countries, the immigration of workers into an organized and efficient process. There should be a way for many of these workers to become citizens. We need them as much as we need immigrants during the early development of our country. If they are citizens, they stand a better chance to serve the country have to fight our wars, and teaches us some good manners.

The president is on the right sideTitle with immigration. He is not the greatest thinkers of the world, that he never details of his plans. But we have to assist him in resolving this issue with care and understanding, and according to our laws.

The world has taken a place. Move over!

The End

Immigration, Bush, Mexico, Jews, Poles, Italians, the Senate, National, Language, English, tolerance, Spanish

Copyright © 2006 John T. Jones, Ph.D.

JKA American Federation National Camp

November 7, 2009

New Orleans, Louisiana, 28-31 May 2009. Tulane University. Instructors Takayuki Mikami, Osaka, Yoshiharu and Taniyama Tayuka. For more information, visit or contact Music "Noble Ninja" made free by Partners in Rhyme, Inc., purchased

Oklahoma City National Memorial

October 24, 2009

To educate the Oklahoma City National Memorial and museum visitors about the impact of violence, and with them the events surrounding the bombing of 19 April 1995 paid.
It is one of the best monument "parks" were ever created. The design is flawless and the story beautifully.

Outside is the Outdoor Symbolic Memorial. There, the area will see the empty chairs – one for each person who lost their lives in the bombing. All chairs are in rows.This means that the floor of the building, the person was when the bombing took place. There are five chairs to the side, the five people who are not called into the building, but who died as a result of the explosion.

The 24,000 square meters of interactive learning Memorial Museum tells the story of the 19th April 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. You can hear the only known recording of the explosion and seeing the chaos that followed the bombing. There are alsoArea where you will learn about the individuals who died who is seeing their photos and sign of love from the families of those available. It is a very moving part of the museum.

Oklahoma City National Memorial honors the victims, survivors, helpers and all those who are always to 19 April 1995 as amended. The Outdoor Symbolic Memorial, which consists of the following segments on 3.3 hectares, can be visited:

The Gates of Time: Monumental twin gates closing the moment of Destruction – 9:02 – and mark the formal entrances to the Memorial.

Reflecting Pool: visited, even with a lot of people, this is a quiet and peaceful place.

Children's Area: One wall was painted from hand-painted tiles by children from all parts of the United States presented to Oklahoma City in 1995 and displayed in this area. There are also several chalkboards on the sidewalk with the museum, in which both adults and children can share their feelings.

The "Survivor Tree," A 90-year-old> American Elm bears witness to the violence of the 19th April and now stands as a profound symbol of human resilience.

Nobody can change what happened that day, but everyone can understand what took place and hopefully help prevent such a thing ever be useful.

Author: Carla Vaughan

Carla is the owner of a website to share the joy of visiting Oklahoma City, Oklahoma dedicated.

For more information about the bombing, click here:Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum

Karen Steen Shatters World Steeplechase Record at the 2009 National Masters Meet

October 12, 2009

Karen Steen traveled from Olympia (WA) to the University of Wisconsin at Oshkosh intent on setting a world record in the 2,000-meter steeplechase, and did exactly that in one of the most exciting races at the 2009 USA Masters Outdoor Track & Field Championships. Six world records and 21 American records were set at the meet.

Steen, an outstanding runner at Pacific Lutheran University and now one of the premier runners in the Pacific Northwest, bolted to the Front at Titan Stadium, when the gun sounded her 45-49 age group start event. It was from the beginning that if Steen set a world record in the searing heat of Wisconsin realized it would only run at the front.

She was among more than 1,000 athletes aged between 30 and 95 +, the competition in this 4-day combined to determine the best of the best runners in the nation, jumpers and throwers to.

The spectators at a record level Steen efforts, including myself, were immediately aware of their presence asSpeaker of the track was quickly pointed out that after the first 400 meters from this grueling 5-round trial over 3 hurdles and a water obstacle Steen each round was on world record pace.

Watching their progress for 3 more rounds of the fans shouted words of encouragement as they passed, and then a rousing crescendo, she welcomed into the home stretch, when it was realized that their protocol for entering and roared home in 7:07.49 to break the old record by more than 9 seconds (7:16.90 by JulieLeonard Switzerland in 2004).

Almost at the moment of triumph Karen Steen lost power, was the fact that both the runner-up in the race Andi Camp (30-34 in 7:17.28) and 3rd Place finisher Lisa Valle (40-44 in 7:17.36) – were within 1 seconds to break the world record.

Steen, who has averaged about 5:42 per mile, no stranger to world records. In 2005 she established the world mark for 2000-meter steeplechase in the group 40-44, by 7:05.06.

Steen, who runs Club Northwest, would be 2 days later returned to win the 1500 in an American-record time of 4:48.08 to. Your individual performance was probably the best of the times of pure athlete in the Nationals, with 98.85% of the age-grade rating.

A close second attempt to Karen Steen came Sabra Harvey of Houston, is running in the group 60-64. Harvey Steen voted world record with its own, won the 800 in 2:34.66, and then again in 1500 in a recording > American-record 5:22.50.

Harvey is a graphic designer, jogging began 9 years ago and only started to compete in the Masters last year, proving once again that you never know what you are until you try.

Other world records were set by Audrey Lary (75-79) in the 400 (1:27.41), Florence "Flo Meiler (75-79) in the 80-meter hurdles (18.63), Frank Levine (95-99 ) in the 5,000 (50:10.56) and Leland McPhie (95-99) in the long jump (1.93 meters/6-04).

> American records were set by Flo Meiler in the 200 hurdles (46.68) and pentathlon (4783 points), Becky Sisley (70-74) in the 80 meter hurdles (17.32), 200 meter hurdles (43.87) and spear (26.09m / 85-07); Leland McPhie of 3 kg shot put (6.87m/22-06.5) and triple jump (4.00m/13-01.5), Max Springer (95-99) in the 100 (29, to throw 31) and 400 (2:45.36) and Audrey Lary (75-79) in the triple jump (7.43m/24-04.25) and weight (10.40m/34-01.5).

More American records in the fieldEvents were Bruce McBarnette (45-49) in the high jump (1.93m/6-04), Robert Ward (75-79) in the discus throw (41.18m/135-01); Harriett Blömker (75-79) set in the javelin ( 22.54m/73-11.5) and 4 others in the weight class objection Jennifer Stephens (35-39) on 10.49m/34-05, Myrle Mensey (60-64) to 15.73m/51-07.75, Lillian Snader (80-84 ) on 6.92m/22-08, and Ronald Summers (55-59) to 18.18m/57-07.75.

Two American 5000-meter run-walk records were from Shirley Dockstader (75-79) and placed in 34:34.60John Starr (80-84) in 33:57.72.

Kathryn (Kathy) Martin (55-59), which will meet at the same time last year and win gold medals in the 800, 1,500, 5,000, 10,000 and 2,000 meter obstacle, again won the 4 events she entered this year, 1,500 (5 dominates: 22.93), 5,000 (19:46.47), 10,000 (40:04.03) and the 2000 barrier (8:26.86) they finished 5th in the overall standings of the church tower and 1 Place in her age group. Last year, the American Record Martin sat in the bell tower with a 8:23.20 clocking.

UnderNon-bests that have caught my eye Lonnie Hooker (45-49) in the 100 (10.93) and 200 (22.46), Bill Collins (55-59) in the 100 (11.56) and 400 ( 54.87), Steve Robbins (65-69) in the 100 (12.66); Antwon Dussett (30-34) in the 400 (47.17), Steve Gallegos (50-54) in the 800 (2: 10.70) and 1,500 (4:22.47), Christine Olen (40-44) in the 1,500 (4:45.98), Jan Frisby (M65-69) in the 1,500 (5:09.25) and 5,000 (19:20.54), and Tom Bernard (55-59) in the 5,000 (17:06.84).

Others wereRichard Cochran (70-74) in the discus (47.79m), Cochran won the bronze medal at the 1960 Olympics in Rome, and Ed Burke (65-69) in the hammer (50.62), Burke was a 3-time and Olympic flag bearer for the United States team at the opening ceremony of the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles.

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