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Torture: A History of the Present – Jameel Jaffer

December 27, 2009

Torture: A History of the Present Jameel Jaffer – Director, ACLU National Security Project 14th April 2008 4:30 pm – 5:30 Clock Since 2003, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has been in litigation for records regarding the treatment of prisoners by the United States at Abu Ghraib and other facilities abroad, and the documents they will tell a story that is in striking ways from the one the Bush administration has said otherwise. Jameel Jaffer, director of the ACLU's …

Conversations With History – Jack Citrin

December 27, 2009

happens when this kind of trust is lost. [HK:] And then follow up on that then, as your career and your identity is evolving, the American identity, and the American Experience and American citizenship really very important that you do in your resume. [JC:] Well, I was an American, I changed my citizenship 1976th I would have done so previously had. I was a little hesitant, my British passport, just because in some ways what I was, but I knew …

History of British Military Uniforms

December 25, 2009

The color red was the standard color by the first permanent regiment of the British Army, the Yeoman of the Guard, the Beefeaters, during the reign of Henry VIII passed. In 1645 the color was adopted when the first permanent army was raised. Red was not used to hide the blood stains. Rather, each army has certain colors than their national colors. French soldiers more likely to wear blue, Russians wore green, the British wore red.

With the infantry with a luminousred color, were crossbelts white and shiny brass, they are not easier to achieve goals? But in the 1860's tactics were very different from those used today. Before 1866 were British Longarm muzzle-loading weapons. To load these weapons to a soldier in need:

1) sustained load a cargo of gunpowder and ball down into the muzzle.

Received 2), very close to the enemy to beat them, because of the inaccuracy of the musket.

3) are closely related to VolleyballFire.

It was a lot of bullets, which count, not camouflage.

By 1867, however, were war and the times are changing. With the advent of the closure load guns to the British army in 1866, the
Quality of small arms has changed considerably. Faster rates of fire,
a much more accurate weapon that could be loaded into the prone position, sat down slowly in the tactical doctrine of the Army change. The change in tactics was not as fast as he could have been becauseduring the last half of the 1800s, the British army not to fight a modern army equipped similarly. In essence, the tactics were those that make sense with the older type of firearms, yet to develop the tactics to take advantage of the newer weapons.

It was surprising that recently, the lessons of the new weapons
shown in the American Civil War (1861 – 1865), which is not absorbed by the British. Although most European nations had observers on both sides,Lessons learned have, would have been dismissed because it was felt that this war was an isolated case of a geography determined differently than all of Europe. In addition, it was considered an "unseemly brawl between undisciplined armies."

It was not until late in the 1800s that a khaki uniform was issued to recognize the British army, finally, that drab colored camouflage uniforms, improved in response to precise, fast firing weapons with smokeless gunpowder. Again tactics satResidue and it was the carnage of World War I to convince the authorities that there is an obligation to provide coverage of, and remain hidden, to find standing in battle formation, in contrast to.

Women's Uniform

Women of the crew had a uniform, but less legitimate one, that the class structure and social order of the time of exposure. The wives of the men in the ranks wore a simple cotton dress with apron and a hair part called "frost." Her shoes were plain leather made commonthe period. It was worn in sharp contrast to the more ornate dress of the wife of an officer, in accordance with its status as a citizen of the upper class.

Similarly, the civilians had to bear by the army in 1867, employed their own kind of clothes that determines their role within the army. The teacher wore a black knee-length coat, while the teacher a skirt, blouse and jacket cut, worn in a style known as "Zouave" jacket, similar to the uniforms of the "Zouave" units contributedserved in the American Civil War.

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The history of the NASA Ames

November 21, 2009

Washington High School in Danville, Virginia, the aeronautical engineering program at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech), and Sloan Executive Master of Business Administration at Stanford University. Jack began at Ames in 1947, when it was the Ames Aeronautical Laboratory, and still a part of the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA). He first worked in the building N207, elbow to elbow with some of the most aerodynamic of …

History of Duke University

November 18, 2009

Duke University in Durham, North Carolina. The university was founded by Methodists and Quakers in the present town of Trinity in 1838. The school moved to Durham in 1892. In 1924 founded tobacco industrialist James Buchanan Duke The Duke Endowment, prompting the institution to change its name in honor of his deceased father, Washington Duke.

The University has two bachelor's and eight graduate schools organized. The Bachelor –Students come from all 50 U.S. states and 106 countries. In its 2009 edition, ranked U.S. News & World Report, the university's undergraduate program eighth among national universities, while the medical, law and business schools were rated among the top 11 of the country.

Duke's research expenditures are among the 20 largest in the U.S. and its athletic program is one of the elite of the country. The Athletic teams compete in the ACC and won nine nationalChampionships, including three of the men's basketball team.

Besides academics, research and athletics, Duke is too good for its large campus and Gothic architecture, especially Duke Chapel known.

Duke began as Brown's Schoolhouse.

In 1924, with headquarters in Washington, Duke's son, James B. Duke, The Duke Endowment Trust Fund with 40 million U.S. dollars.

Engineering was a separate school in 1939. Duke hosted and competition only in the Rose Bowl ever played outsideCalifornia.

The Levine Science Research Center is the largest single-site interdisciplinary research facility of an American university.

Duke University 's growth and academic focus have contributed to the university's reputation as a university and research institution.

In fiscal 2004, the research surpassed more than $ 490 million.

Duke's student body consists of 6244 students and 6844 graduate and professional students.The student body contains 40% of ethnic minorities. They come from all 50 U.S. states and 106 countries. This year, Duke received 20,400 applications and accepted only about twenty percent of them.

Duke University 's Foundation was estimated at $ 5.9 billion in 2007.

Duke has 36 arts and science majors, four engineering majors and over 46 additional majors, as part II program has been approved. II program allows students to design their own interdisciplinary major.Sixteen Certificate programs also are available. Students pursuing a combination of up to three majors / minors / certificates.

The Allen Building, opened in 1954, is home to many of the university 's top-level management.

Duke University owns 220 buildings on 9350 acres of land. These include the 7200-acre Duke Forest. The campus is divided into four main areas: western, eastern, middle and high schools, and the Medical Center.

Duke students are oftenrefer to the campus as the "Gothic Wonderland." The nickname refers to the Gothic revival architecture of West Campus.

West Campus, the heart of Duke University, houses all the sophomores, along with some juniors and seniors.

East Campus, the original location of Duke University, functions as a freshman campus as well as the home of several academic departments.

Central Campus is between East and West Campus. It houses around 850 juniors and seniorsand 200 professional students in apartments.

The Duke Forest today consists of 7200 acres in six divisions west of Duke University's West Campus.

Duke's 26 varsity sports teams are known as the Blue Devils.

In the past ten years, Duke has finished in the Top 30 every year in the NACDA Director's Cup, which is a general measure of sporting success of an institution.

Duke's Men's basketball team is one of the nation's most successful basketball programs in theCountry.

The team's success has been particularly prominent during the past 25 years under coach Mike Krzyzewski. Since his name is hard to pronounce, he is known as "Coach K." called

The Great Debaters – Oprah & Denzel Bring Black History to the College Campus & University

November 5, 2009

"Debate is combat, but the weapons are words." A memorable quote from The Great Debaters produced by Oprah Winfrey's Harpo Productions and the Academy directed by award winning actor Denzel Washington.

"You must destroy the enemy – not only verbally but also physically." So said controversial debate coach Melvin Tolson at Wiley College in East Texas almost three quarters of the century before us.

"I'm here to help you and keep your righteous mind." Professor Tolson told his debateTeam that lost only one contest in 75 debates over 15 years.

Wiley College, the first accredited historically black college disturb west of the Mississippi, the impossible in 1935 by way of the debate team, the renowned team at the University of Southern California and Harvard University.

Undoubtedly, intelligence has much more to do with determination and preparation as a skin color. The film shows Debaters The true strength does not need violence whenit can exert strong influence and articulate with the knowledge heartfelt expression.

As Black History Month approaches, we must honestly recognize African-Americans have always led the way and at the tip of the spear has been penetrated by evil and injustice. Without confronting Africans out against injustice, there would be no human and civil rights in America.

In this hour, more than ever, African Americans must fight for the people of all colors, are being exploited and disenfranchised.The voice of African Americans in our country must be heard once more in order to confront injustice! We can never correct what we refuse to confront, too.

Professor Tolson, whom the movie "The Great Debaters has been evaluated, an accomplished poet and provocateur, passionately and prophetically with fire in his eyes, raised his voice to speak of his generation.

Our nation is in need again, not only the inspiration but the confrontation of leadership. Those profiting from the Government have decided toTo serve the nation instead of the corporation and not we, the people. Therefore, we have the people who are brave and bold arise and will need to define a voice of conscience, and the re-processing of the identity of America.

We can no longer engage people through patriotic rhetoric and flag waving disappointed politicians who ignore harms our national security and unnecessarily send our troops into his way to the imperial wars with people we know nothing to fight and have done us no harm at all . We can no longeras a nation to demonize other peoples and nations, and called us good and pious.

This self-righteousness is hellishly fast and heading to a day of reckoning with the global community and international economy. Consequently, America and its currency are rapidly losing international influence and credibility.

May God the Almighty increase our voice to the multinational media corporations that are trying to influence the minds and fight the Americans. By the way, whatis America? What values are we or have we forgotten all about them rather win and win "the war – whatever that means. There are no winners in war, only losers and drug addicts.

We must once again demanding a national debate each and every person in the university and college campus of America is an open forum, town hall debate and intellectual dialogue on key issues paves the way for our national debate destruction orReformation.

Not only the dollar to an all-time low, so is America's international credibility.

The Americans, flattered and offer in their nationalism, but what we need is to be questioned. If America is not self-aware and brutally honest with themselves, their tendency to live in their past glory, it will end.

Personal soul searching and national political assessment is what we as a country need most. If with public opinion in disagreementpublic policy, we the people can not remain silent. The Great Debaters, speakers and authors have historically always came through the darkness to light and lighting in the eyes of the people to open.

In fact, in line with the words of The Great Debaters: "The time for justice is always now!"

Keep crying aloud and spare not until justice flows like a mighty stream, and justice done enough!

Contact Paul F. Davis to debate on the issues of the dayMy college campus, in your city or in your home.

Paul builds dreams, transcends limitations, and reconciles nations. Paul was helped at Ground Zero in New York during 9 / 11; rebuild a house at the tsunami epicenter, comforted victims of genocide in Rwanda, spoke to leaders in East Timor during the war, inspired students and monks in Myanmar; addressed audiences across India, China, Pakistan, and parts of theAfrica where they’ve never seen a white man. He is a highly sought after worldwide professional speaker, prolific author, human rights activist, provocateur, and minister.

Filmmakers and producers interested in United States of Arrogance (Paul’s book) can contact Davis who owns the U.S. Trademark for movie rights. Davis, a worldwide professional speaker has touched over 50 countries & 6 continents empowering people throughout the earth to live their dreams!

Davis has written 12 Books, 2 nominated for a Pulitzer Prize.