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Google Gatekeeper: The Most Powerful Woman on the Net

December 10, 2009

Claims, has more control over free speech than almost anyone in the world. —– In 1787, Thomas Jefferson put a stuffed American moose in the lobby of his Paris residence. As the U.S. ambassador to France, Jefferson appears the elk too powerful symbolize the enormous possibilities of America. The new world of the Internet has enormous potential, and as in North America Jefferson days, the landscape remains largely unexplored. In his new book, In Search of Jefferson's Moose …

Leading @ Google: Rodrigo Jordan

November 15, 2009

challenging mountain economy and education. Dr. Jordan is a civil and industrial engineering, received his doctorate in Organizational Administration from Oxford University and is a lecturer in innovation, processes and management at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. In January 2008, Rodrigo will be a National Geographic team for the Larsen Ice Shelf Expedition, which seeks the impact of climate change on the less known side of the Antarctic Peninsula document. This event took place …