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AAFL – Another American Football League

December 1, 2009

With the growing excitement around the new AAFL, the U.S. is ready for a new American football league? The All American Football League thinks so.

What is it?

Football by another name. The AAFL hopes to win on football fans need a power outlet for professional football in the NFL season.

What makes the attraction?

In addition to a spring and summer, the AAFL association with universities for football is well knownattract college football fans in their off-season. This is crucial to the approach because it intends to recruit players from the universities. The idea is that if you followed closely by a player's college career and they are now playing for the AAFL, you will want to follow her career as well. Each college graduates, and local fans offered ticket packages and other perks.

Where will the teams be?

So far, Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Michigan,Tennessee and Texas.

Try-outs for Arkansas, Alabama, Florida and Michigan have already taken place, and depending on the source and have some players who have already signed the teams. A regular season and playoff schedule is already fixed, although, again, depending on the source, not all the venues for the Games have been finalized. Among the locations that are expected to host at least one game Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, FL, War Memorial Field in Little Rock, AR, and Ford Field in Detroit,MI.

Is there anyone connected with the famous league?

Although the league commissioner and operations executives are not yet set, is the Chairman of the Board of Managers Cedric Dempsey, former NCAA president. There is also representation from the former college president and chancellor of the university system, known as Jack Lengyel, better known as the character of Matthew McConaughey in We Are Marshall played.

Wait, it's not even football in theNFL Offseason?

Arena Football League (AFL) runs from March to June. NFL Europa has folded. The Canadian Football League (CFL) runs roughly from late June to November.

Will it work?

Many leagues have come and gone. The problem is that too much to run and maintain a football league costs. There are players, and executive salaries, stadium leases and television contracts just the beginning. The AAFL is a non-league and if they are not at a higher powerProfit, it will not stop for a short time. It is worth noting that the concession AAFL not from sales, as do some professional benefit teams to increase their profits, because the concessions at the games will be run by and for the host stadium. For what it's worth, the beer is not available.

Another hurdle is the need to keep costs League for the fans. Ticket prices for professional sports are a big exit, and the AAFL have a way to keep ticket prices affordable and availablehandsome. Ticket prices were announced, to around 13 U.S. dollars and it will be a big boost for the locals to buy "memberships" to them special privileges such as VIP parking and special screenings of out-of-town games.

The AAFL has said it will transfer the games on television at the national level, but there are nationally televised coverage and then there is the state television. Just ask the NHL, are effective, buried on Versus, a channel that most people have never heard of it.

The league is atremendous boost when the quality of the game is too high. Then she stands a good chance of it after the first season.

The real question is whether the model can work from AAFL stay on site, and whether it even needs the support of a national fan base. And one might also ask, why bother at all? Is there really a gap in the world of American football, which is served by a new league? The AAFL thinks so. If not, it is just another football league, which comes andgoes in a flash one season.

Soccer Versus Football: Sports and Sponsorship the American Way

November 18, 2009

There is a reason why the Americans are with what the rest of the world calls football disillusioned. In addition, sometimes a low-no-scoring game football, lacks the aggressiveness that defined so that the American culture. The methodical focus and relative politeness of soccer makes matches monotonically the American sport-breed sense.

Absent in soccer are demanding – and brass – players who know this part of the game, ending with one, a good show for theSpectators and sponsors. In football, cheerleading and marching bands sometimes help to slow the momentum of games. In football, cheering and spontaneous Sing-A-Longs which are the sole fan. Also shown is the fan-driven sea of national pride by the individual countries and the camaraderie between the teams and their players. In America, as equivalent from the same country only rarely, the unity between the states. Football is a competition not an opportunity to fraternize.

MoreMore interesting than the first hour and ten minutes of a football game are the fans and sometimes even the commercials. More interesting in the first hour and ten minutes of a football game is the game.

In many ways, the international football audience is very much like the brands that support them – self-promotion. In America, everything brand gypsum mobile and stationary, but people tend to go by word of mouth promotions. In an ad overdosed society, it takes a lot more to GarnerViewer attention and ultimately the brand loyalty of consumers as the "Because I said so" approach so prominent in American sports, especially football. Football seems to carry a contagious, "Because we said" free-for-all. It makes a difference when a whole country calls for a national holiday, reacted civil wars, and shifts the major elections in. for what they believe no American sport has that kind of influence.

It is a little moreWorld Cup 2006, when the Americans convinced that the leading football game of your choice. In addition to appease an international fan base is realized, sponsors that lead the Americans often easier to believe than to follow.