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Latin Pulse: Colombia and rescue the hostages

December 24, 2009

American Studies. Previously, he taught and served as managing director of Latin American Studies program at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, and earlier as deputy director of the Institute of Latin American and Iberian Studies at Columbia University. He also worked for many years as a professor at the University of Los Andes and Universidad Nacional de Colombia, both in Bogotá, and was a Visiting Professor / Researcher at FLACSO-Ecuador in Quito …

End the Electoral College – John Koza

November 10, 2009

a course on genetic algorithms and genetic programming at Stanford University since 1988. He is currently a consulting professor at the Biomedical Informatics Program in the Department of Medicine and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at Stanford University. He is co-author of "Every vote Equal: A State-Based Plan for the election of the National Popular Vote President Barry Fadem, Mark Grueskin, Michael S. Mandell, Robert Richie, and Joseph F. Zimmerman. … National …