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Why do students leave college

December 17, 2009

Abrasion, which means shrinking, is a commonly used term in the school. Student attrition generally refers to the number of students who have not completed their program of studies. These "dropouts" are considered failures of schools and reduce the "failure rate" typically measured by all the schools themselves, the accreditation agencies to national publications (such as U.S. News & World Report).

The dropout rate in American universities is 50%for traditional students and 60% for online learners. (National Dialog on Student Retention, 2008)

Validity and reliability

How to tell every student or statistician, you can create a statistic is only useful when there are two important criteria: (valid both "meets construct" and "Content"), and Reliability. Validity, the most important of the two, simply means that the test measures "what it claims (to) should be measured." And reliability means that itdoes so consistently over time.

How valid is this measure?

With attrition, there are a number of concerns. If the retention rate is calculated programmaticaly, but there is a lack of account for inter-program transfers. If it is applied to the institution as a whole, it still has problems. For example, we really need to measure if a student completed their training at a particular institution or should be our primary concern that the students receive their degree orDegree? It could easily be argued that this measure is very important. When the Census Bureau reports on the percentage of "graduates" are not particularly about how many schools visited the relevant graduates. Whether the student from "Podunk U trade" or "retention of college is" no role. The large number is the percentage of graduates.

The carrier perspective

Of course, universities are always looking for ways to measuretheir success. Is it the quantity, the reputation of the faculty / student ratio, etc.? All these measures, and more, in the college rankings, which are so eagerly consumed by potential students, parents, alumni, administrators and the College acquired community. Take a look at the latest U.S. News college rankings.

But how meaningful are these measures and rankings? Probably not much. From one perspective, especially in the two years (Community College)Level of success could mean that there are a large number of transfers to four-year colleges. That would be true whether the student completed her Associates degree. A broader view of institutional success can mean a longer perspective. Longitudinal studies that can track students throughout their academic life, a better perspective. For example, if a student attends "Lousy U" and has such a horrible experience that he is off from school for the restLife that would clearly be negative. If they win on the other hand, students at the College Success "trust and experience academic success, but expanded due to increased confidence and prospects to other schools before completing their program of studies, this could be extremely positive.

Student Retention Research

The reversal of student turnover is student retention. Perhaps the best model of student retention comes from the research and atheoretical perspective provided by Vincent Tinto (Tinto, V). Although there is limited empirical evidence to Tinto theories, his work clearly shows the complexity of the topic. Some of the factors in the retention equation are: academic integration, teaching, learning, support facilities, [students] qualifications / preparation / motivation, individual attributes, family attributes, as in [ B.,] mother's education, finance, debt, medical, family events, social integration, etc.Be taken in the interaction with the main factors of Goal commitment and institutional commitment, drop-out decisions (or not done).

After the various grounds for departure can be attributed to two categories: 1) volunteers (student decision), and Tinto, 2) Involuntary (poor academic [and / or service] performance). Tinto (and other researchers on) refine this model by emphasizing two overarching decision-markers: 1) Academic integration, and 2) social integration .. In otherWords: 1) How is the implementation of the student academically, how much do they enjoy their subjects and how she herself as a student, 2) how many friends of the student has in school, the quality of interaction with faculty and staff and how much they are the games in the school.

What can we do?

The admission of students who are not willing to inadequately prepared, or do not have sufficient involvement in a college program will significantly increase the success of attritionvote, and although intervention can lead to a weakening of the problem, the stage is set for non-compliance. And many students lack the self-motivation to perform adequately in the less-structured post-secondary setting.

The students left school for a number of reasons. You can not do well in school, or they have competing priorities that lead to attendance problems. They feel socially isolated or at school to feel disconnected from the institution. They had financial problems, familyProblems, learning disabilities, transportation, childcare or persistence issues. You can have a combination of problems, and might find themselves all that apply. If they minority, foreign, adult learners, re-entry students, students with low incomes, single parents, etc., they have further complications. Students may not feel supported by the institution or do not relate well with their staff. A major factor is the relation of students with their teachers.

Only the measurement of abrasion cannot the whole story to tell. And, are some factors that control the non-administrative or faculty level. However, can help to create a supportive culture and a pleasant environment.

What can be done to increase student retention?

The literature provides a number of suggestions and we intuitively know that some approaches that work. Here are some ideas:

– Provision of services for students stress a system to support students (eg, orientation, counseling, guidance, studentOrganizations, social events, support for carpooling, tutoring, etc.)

– Establish systems to proactively identify problems and intervene quickly to resolve them (e, g, grades, attendance, distraction, etc.)

– Take advantage of the support retention of the faculty in improving the student. Inform them about the problem, expressing recommendations, and especially their contributions to beg. – Promotion of student input, such as student satisfaction surveys.

– Allow the students to gain some success beforeWeed enroll them in "" / bottleneck courses (eg mathematics and science). – Arrange your student events (eg charity events, pizza sales, Holidays)

– Promotion of "belonging" through student government, associations, clubs, etc.

– Recognition of student achievement and success (attendance and academic awards) – Keep students informed regularly about their progress.

– Collect and analyze student attrition data. Benchmark data and compared to similarInstitutions.

– Linking with employers and potential employers of students and graduates. Ensure better career placement for all students. – Assign mentors to assist incoming students for students.

– Oriented to promote development and maintain a friendly, customer service atmosphere.

– Continuously review, analyze and upgrade programs and services.

– Make every student feel welcome and necessary.

Finally …

Students leave college for a variety ofReasons. Sometimes the body is powerless to influence these decisions. However, the ideas can be presented in this article valuable administrators seeking to reduce wear and tear. It is definitely worth a try.


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Lawrence, Kansas – Living in a Great College Town

December 17, 2009

Home to a major university to its basketball program, Lawrence, Kansas is a liberal, college community, has its start protesting slavery before the Civil War became famous. If you opt for an idealistic college town, which is a hidden gem.

Founded in 1854 and is the headquarters of the Lawrence Douglas County. The hotel is situated on the banks of both Kansas and Wakarusa rivers, there were 88,587 people in 2006, according to U.S. Census estimates. The number of residents have lived heresince 1990, has exceeded 65,608 were counted urban boundaries. Lawrence is located near a large city, about 50 miles from Kansas City, MO, and its population of 441,545. The state capital of Topeka is about 20 miles to the east. White non-Hispanic inhabitants of this city dominated by racial profile, from which 81% of the population. The remaining 4.7% African American, 2.2% Native American, 5% in Asia and 4.6% Hispanic. More than one quarter of the population claims German ancestry.The average age of residents was 26.6 years, about 10 years younger than the national average. Despite the many students from families up to 50% of urban households. Poverty was significantly higher, almost 11 percentage points above the national average it is 24%. About 12.5% of families were below the poverty line, while the national average was 9.8%.

The median income of households in Lawrence was $ 41,321 in 2006, slightly below the national average of $ 48,451. However,Families fared much better, so that on average $ 55,144 compared to the U.S. figure of $ 58,526. About 30% of jobs in education, health care and social assistance provided to sectors. The most frequent were jobs in the administrative, professional, and related fields in 41% of urban workers. Educational Service was tops for men (17%) and women (24%). Unemployment was slightly higher than the national average in 2005 to 5.1%. In the smaller at 28 square miles, 3154People can be found per square mile. The population fluctuates greatly with the many students than 7293 people live in school dormitories found. Living in this area did not provide for a peaceful city, crime in the vicinity or below the national average. In fact, it can appeal to those thinking about moving to Lawrence. As a university town of Lawrence is for its liberal philosophy and distinctive culture known. A well-educated community, more than 95% of the 25Years and older, at least from high school, while 52% had a bachelor's degree or higher. Founded in 1865, the University of Kansas, the largest institution of higher education in the state, with over 30,000 students.

Lawrence home prices in recent years has risen to an average of $ 163,400 per apartment in 2006. This exceeds by far the rest of the state, but the city about $ 20,000 below the national figure was home value. With 62% of all housingFamily houses, owner occupancy was 52%. Lawrence has seen a lot of new construction with 36% of housing units built since 1990. The average monthly cost for mortgage owners was $ 1201, while the tenant had to pay up to $ 734. Almost 60% of tenants were spending 30% or more of their household income on housing, not just 35% for homeowners with a mortgage, and 15% for owners. The weather in Lawrence sees average lows around 20 in January to record highs reached 91 in July. The area receivesnearly 37.7 inches of precipitation in an average year. The median duration of snowfall is 9.6 inches. Measurable snowfall occurs an average of 10 days a year. In a hot zone for tornadoes, the city is 148% more of a twister than the average price in the community to see. The nearest town is a category 5 tornado was in 1966, will kill about 24 miles from downtown to 16 people.

Many moved to Lawrence were greeted with open arms. While Kansas is strong as a Republican, has Lawrenceleaned against the Democratic candidate in the last four presidential elections. Douglas County was the only one to reject an amendment banning gay marriage in 2005. The city of Lawrence is the vote. The City Commission later approved a domestic partner registry to give same-sex couples recognition. The city liberal roots go back all the way to stop the bleeding Kansas era. Pro-slavery forces sacked the city and destroyed two newspapers slavery in 1856. During the Civil War was about 200killed in Lawrence Massacre. Most real estate Lawrence, and commercial buildings were set on fire by the Confederate conspirators. With its college-town liberalism Lawrence was known by Rolling Stone Magazine and The New York Times for its music scene. In the early 1980s, Lawrence was in the middle of a movie to present the results of a nuclear attack. The Day After depicted what would happen if the country was destroyed by nuclear weapons. Among the famous people with connections to this city, theInventor of basketball, Dr. James Naismith, was the first basketball coach at the University of Kansas.

Knowshon Moreno College Highlights

December 15, 2009

Knowshon Moreno is an American football running back for the Denver Broncos in the National Football League. He was chosen, 12 Place overall in the NFL Draft 2009 by the Broncos. He played college football at the University of Georgia.

Newberry College basketball coach Steve DeMeo 24th Press Conference June 2009

December 14, 2009

New Mexico. He worked closely with the 2008-09 Conference USA Player of the Year Jermain Taylor, the support of senior guards in third place nationally in scoring (26.2) and received Associated Press All-America Honorable Mention honors. Taylor also received all-district recognition from the National Association of Basketball Coaches and the United States Basketball Writers Association. "We are ecstatic to have one of the top Division I assistant coach's attracted to Newberry College," said Edwards. "…

Financial Speaker Boyce Watkins: Pay College Athletes pt 1

December 13, 2009

Williams Experience, CNN, FOX, BET, CBS and other networks.Your Black World is the top black news and commentary site in America. You can find news and commentary from all the major networks: CNN, ESPN, BET, CBS, CNN, and on all African American leaders and public figures in black America: Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, BET , Hip Hop vs. America, rappers, Tavis Smiley, Cornel West, Michael Eric Dyson, state of the black union, state of black America, naacp, …

Civic-minded Co-Ed solemnity veterinarians; blames youth for college apathy

December 4, 2009

University journalism major, describes why she attends the LA National Cemetery on Veterans Day. … Patriotism americanism chauvanism Veterans exceptionalism freedomFreedom chloe American history, politics society culture war hero veteran "Los Angeles"

The Royal College of Surgeons

November 24, 2009

The various Royal Colleges were established to set and maintain standards of excellence in the field of surgery. In the past there was a distinction between barbers who simply cut and shaved hair and the barber surgeons, who practiced beyond the more skilled craft of bloodletting and other forms of surgery. The barber surgeons cut hair and shave eventually abandoned, but there were frequent disputes between the two branches of the profession on the legal framework of thetheir work.

The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh

In 1505, the Barber Surgeons of Edinburgh were formally incorporated as the City of Edinburgh Chamber of Trade. As such it is one of the oldest institutions of its kind in the world.

The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh in Edinburgh's city center and is mainly involved in preserving and promoting the highest standards of surgical practice.

In the first two centuries its existence, gave the surgeon's membership to the students who trained for six years by a master surgeon, and had been satisfactorily performed. As time went by the form and content of the tests is to gradually adjust to changes in surgical science and practice.

The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI)

The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI) was built in 1784 and is one of the five recognized colleges of the National> University of Ireland. Located at St. Stephen's Green in central Dublin, the RCSI and a supervisory body for postgraduate medical training. The RCSI is a sister institution of the Royal College of Surgeons in the United Kingdom (Edinburgh, Glasgow and London).

Since the 1980s, Beaumont Hospital in Dublin has been the main center for medical education with other hospitals, such as, for example, Connolly Hospital have been linked, too.

The Royal College of Surgeons(London)

The college was founded in combined 1540, as the Fellowship of Surgeons and the Company of Barbers by Henry VIII was the Company of Barber-Surgeons form. In 1800, the Company of Surgeons was granted a Royal Charter to the Royal College of Surgeons in London, later in England.

Located in Lincoln's Inn Fields, London, the College is by a President and Council elected Fellows, and invited representatives regulated. A separate court investigator shallInvestigations. The University participates in the Senate of Surgery of Great Britain and Ireland, the coordinates of specific professional activities and national bodies.

End the Electoral College – John Koza

November 10, 2009

a course on genetic algorithms and genetic programming at Stanford University since 1988. He is currently a consulting professor at the Biomedical Informatics Program in the Department of Medicine and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at Stanford University. He is co-author of "Every vote Equal: A State-Based Plan for the election of the National Popular Vote President Barry Fadem, Mark Grueskin, Michael S. Mandell, Robert Richie, and Joseph F. Zimmerman. … National …

The Great Debaters – Oprah & Denzel Bring Black History to the College Campus & University

November 5, 2009

"Debate is combat, but the weapons are words." A memorable quote from The Great Debaters produced by Oprah Winfrey's Harpo Productions and the Academy directed by award winning actor Denzel Washington.

"You must destroy the enemy – not only verbally but also physically." So said controversial debate coach Melvin Tolson at Wiley College in East Texas almost three quarters of the century before us.

"I'm here to help you and keep your righteous mind." Professor Tolson told his debateTeam that lost only one contest in 75 debates over 15 years.

Wiley College, the first accredited historically black college disturb west of the Mississippi, the impossible in 1935 by way of the debate team, the renowned team at the University of Southern California and Harvard University.

Undoubtedly, intelligence has much more to do with determination and preparation as a skin color. The film shows Debaters The true strength does not need violence whenit can exert strong influence and articulate with the knowledge heartfelt expression.

As Black History Month approaches, we must honestly recognize African-Americans have always led the way and at the tip of the spear has been penetrated by evil and injustice. Without confronting Africans out against injustice, there would be no human and civil rights in America.

In this hour, more than ever, African Americans must fight for the people of all colors, are being exploited and disenfranchised.The voice of African Americans in our country must be heard once more in order to confront injustice! We can never correct what we refuse to confront, too.

Professor Tolson, whom the movie "The Great Debaters has been evaluated, an accomplished poet and provocateur, passionately and prophetically with fire in his eyes, raised his voice to speak of his generation.

Our nation is in need again, not only the inspiration but the confrontation of leadership. Those profiting from the Government have decided toTo serve the nation instead of the corporation and not we, the people. Therefore, we have the people who are brave and bold arise and will need to define a voice of conscience, and the re-processing of the identity of America.

We can no longer engage people through patriotic rhetoric and flag waving disappointed politicians who ignore harms our national security and unnecessarily send our troops into his way to the imperial wars with people we know nothing to fight and have done us no harm at all . We can no longeras a nation to demonize other peoples and nations, and called us good and pious.

This self-righteousness is hellishly fast and heading to a day of reckoning with the global community and international economy. Consequently, America and its currency are rapidly losing international influence and credibility.

May God the Almighty increase our voice to the multinational media corporations that are trying to influence the minds and fight the Americans. By the way, whatis America? What values are we or have we forgotten all about them rather win and win "the war – whatever that means. There are no winners in war, only losers and drug addicts.

We must once again demanding a national debate each and every person in the university and college campus of America is an open forum, town hall debate and intellectual dialogue on key issues paves the way for our national debate destruction orReformation.

Not only the dollar to an all-time low, so is America's international credibility.

The Americans, flattered and offer in their nationalism, but what we need is to be questioned. If America is not self-aware and brutally honest with themselves, their tendency to live in their past glory, it will end.

Personal soul searching and national political assessment is what we as a country need most. If with public opinion in disagreementpublic policy, we the people can not remain silent. The Great Debaters, speakers and authors have historically always came through the darkness to light and lighting in the eyes of the people to open.

In fact, in line with the words of The Great Debaters: "The time for justice is always now!"

Keep crying aloud and spare not until justice flows like a mighty stream, and justice done enough!

Contact Paul F. Davis to debate on the issues of the dayMy college campus, in your city or in your home.

Paul builds dreams, transcends limitations, and reconciles nations. Paul was helped at Ground Zero in New York during 9 / 11; rebuild a house at the tsunami epicenter, comforted victims of genocide in Rwanda, spoke to leaders in East Timor during the war, inspired students and monks in Myanmar; addressed audiences across India, China, Pakistan, and parts of theAfrica where they’ve never seen a white man. He is a highly sought after worldwide professional speaker, prolific author, human rights activist, provocateur, and minister.

Filmmakers and producers interested in United States of Arrogance (Paul’s book) can contact Davis who owns the U.S. Trademark for movie rights. Davis, a worldwide professional speaker has touched over 50 countries & 6 continents empowering people throughout the earth to live their dreams!

Davis has written 12 Books, 2 nominated for a Pulitzer Prize.

College Sports at Emory: Academics + Athletics

October 22, 2009

love it. In fact, Emory is one of only five universities in the country among the top 20 for both academics and athletics. NCAA Volleyball Champions are just one of the youngest national champion at Emory athletics. For more, visit / scholar athletes … Emory University College-Sports-Athletics-Volleyball "national champions" D3 DIII All-American Division D1 DI 'D1 vs. D3 "DI DIII vs." Volleyball Student Athlete "Student Athlete" NCAA UAA "sport and science …