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How do I become a girls basketball All-American

November 29, 2009

You hear about the McDonald's All American team and game. You hear about the WBCA High School All-America team and game. You also hear about the Parade All-America team. But what is the secret question on these teams. Let me fill you in.

You must play outside the regular school schedule

Long gone are the days where you just play from November to March. After the McDonald's All American site increases many seniors this list based onexcellent junior year or with an outstanding summer participating in summer camps and AAU tournaments.

You've got media coverage

Long gone are the days when you will not hear about girls basketball in the newspapers, on radio, the Internet and on television. McDonald's All American website also says in the selection of names submitted by the members of the Selection Committee as well as government representatives who religiously follow the prep scene in their fields. InIn addition, Sports America to all the major basketball publication record and must be read very carefully by its staff to ensure that some players do not deserve to be overlooked.

You must be a national player

Long gone are the days where you only play basketball in your city and your school team. You have to play in events and tournaments that you put your talents on a national level. For example, for over 25 years, Blue Star is one of the most influential organizations in the selection has beenand advising such publications rankings and listings, as in The Sporting News, USA Today, Gatorade Circle of Champions and MCDONALDS ALL AMERICAN TEAM found, to name a few. I became a national player after attending an event Bluestar.

If the listing to guarantee you a Girls Basketball All America? No, it will not. But in the course of the debate on this, you have a lot of college coaches want to put your skills on their roster.

This Isn’t Cape Cod: How Texas could become the nations leader in clean energy (Michael Webber)

November 4, 2009

and purifies water as it grows. Texas has all the ingredients to make it work: plenty of sunlight, the unused land on which the establishment of tanks, the official collection of algae at the University of Texas, contaminated water, and a pipeline system already in place, by courtesy of the oil industry . Texas is also the national leader (by far) in wind resources, with three times more than in any other state. And it has a legal system to forgive. In Texas, says Webber, we trade and late blight money. This isn't Cape Cod, …