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Financial Speaker Boyce Watkins: Pay College Athletes pt 1

December 13, 2009

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Are California's prep athletes to the best in the nation? Well, yes, absolutely

November 22, 2009

There is a reason why California is always the top-producing state in the nation for the athletic talent. For this reason, a population would be 36 + million people, the highest in the nation.

If you know that Texas is the second largest state in the nation with 24 million, and New York with 19 million, yes, you get the point.

So, how big is 39 million people in California? Well, you take the combined population of Wyoming, Vermont, North Dakota,Alaska, South Dakota, Delaware, Montana, Rhode Iceland, Hawaii, New Hampshire, Maine, Idaho, Nebraska, West Virginia, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, Kansas, Arkansas, Mississippi and Iowa, and the result is still less than a combined state + than 36 million people in California.

In other words, the population of the 21 states no more than the population of California.

All this makes the California talent pool the best of the best, if not before the rest in any event. Undershow the 49 boys and girls events, California is the current national leader in 12 (24%) and 2 new American high school record champion this season.

Among the 25 Heads of State and Government every California boy is Reggie Wyatt started in 3 events, the 400, the 300 hurdles and the 400 hurdles. Randall Carroll doubled in the 100 and 200, Mac doubles fleet in the 800 and 1600, and Mason Finley doubled in the shot put and discus.

Among the 24 individual California GirlsLeaders, Jordan Hasay is cited in 3 events, the 1500, 1600 and 3200 Ashton Purvis doubled in the 100 and 200, doubled Kori Carter in the 100 and 300 hurdles, and Anna Jelmini doubled in the shot put and discus.

All athletes in individual events for seniors that she named after her. There are 6 juniors, 1 sophomore, and no newcomers.

Among the boys and girls relay teams, Dana Hill High School is tops in 5 events, the boys 4×800, 4X1600, and the distance 4000Medley relay and the girls away layers 4000 and 4×100 shuttle hurdle relay. Serra High School leads in 4 events and Rancho Verde High School in 3rd Here is the complete run-down:

California Only – High School Boys:

100 to 10.30 from Randall Carroll of Cathedral – Current National Leader.
200 to 21.06 from Randall Carroll of Cathedral.
400 to 46.13 by Reggie Wyatt of La Sierra.
800 – 1:50.31 by Mac Fleet of University City.
1600 – 4:01.49Mac Fleet of University City.
3200 – 8:51.60 – Chris Schwartz of Foothill.
110 hurdles – 13.76 by Dale Morgan of Taft – Junior.
300 Hurdles – 35.02 – Reggie Wyatt of La Sierra – Current National Leader and a New American High School Record.
400 hurdles – 49.78 by Reggie Wyatt – Current National Leader.
4×100 Relay – 40.67 from Serra.
4×200 Relay – 1:27.32, at Rancho Cucamonga.
4×400 Relay – 3:13.75 from Rancho Verde.
4×800 Relay –7:40.30 by Dana Hill.
4×1600 Relay – 17:21.67 by Dana Hill.
800 Sprint Medley Relay – 1:31.18 Serra.
1600 Sprint Medley Relay – 3:27.49 from Rancho Verde.
4000 Distance Medley Relay – 10:01.50 by Dana Hill.
4×110 Shuttle Hurdle Relay – 61:11 by Valhalla.
High Jump – 7-03 Nick Ross Mountain of Vista.
Pole Vault – 16-09 by Michael Woepse of Mater Dai Catholic – Junior.
Long Jump – 25-02.25 by Chase Wheeler, De La Salle.
Triple Jump – 50-04 by HammedSuleman of Deer Valley.
Shot Put – 69-06.25 – Mason Finley of Buena.
Discus – 207-02 by Mason Finley of Buena.
Hammer – 256-09 by Conor McCullough of California – Current National Leader.

California Only – High School Girls:

100 to 11.48 by Ashton Purvis of St. Elizabeth – Junior.
200 to 23.46 from Ashlton Purvis of St. Elizabeth – Junior.
400 to 53.10 by Turquoise Thompson of Serra.
800 – 2:07.45 by Aly Drake of Valencia in Ventura.
1500 –4:16.80 by Jordan Hasay of Mission Prep – Current National Leader.
1600 – 4:42.63 by Jordan Hasay of Mission Prep – Current National Leader.
3200 – 10:05.29 by Jordan Hasay of Mission Prep – Current National Leader.
100 hurdles – 13.59 Kori Carter of Claremont – Junior and Monisha Davis of Etiwanda – Both are in a 3-Way Tie as the current National Leader.
300 hurdles – Kori Carter of Claremont – Junior – Current National Leader.
4x100Relay – St. Mary's Academy 45.50.
4×200 Relay – 1:37.30 Serra.
4×400 Relay – 3:42.91 by Serra.
4×800 Relay – 9:01.89 from Poly High School in Long Beach.
4×1600 Relay – 20:31.56 by Sagus.
800 Sprint Medley Relay – 1:45.08 from Rancho Verde.
1600 Sprint Medley Relay – 4:01.37 by Poly in Long Beach.
4000 Distance Medley Relay – 11:47.39 by Dana Hill.
4×100 shuttle hurdle relay – 1:02.09 by Dana Hill.
High Jump – 5-11 by Tara Richmond of Long Beach Poly –Junior.
Pole Vault – 13-04 by Kortney Ross Westview – Junior.
Long Jump – 20-02 of Alitta Boyd of Moreau Catholic.
Triple Jump – 42-11.50 of Ciarra Brewer of James Logan – Sophomore – Current National Leader.
Shot Put – 54-04.75 Anna Jelmini of Shafter – Current National Leader.
Discus – 190-03 by Anna Jelmini of Shafter – Current National Leader and New American High School Record.

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