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The Impossible Made Easy – How feedback Tames the Restless Mind

December 28, 2009

"Restless Spirit of man,
How is he to tame it?
Truly, I think the wind is no wilder. "

The same plea resounds through the centuries. We sit down to meditate. We try to concentrate, try to visit, try to subdue the restless spirit. In most cases, not our time spent dreaming and drifting. Attention is hard to keep, not to be maintained.

One big surprise is that this problem has a solution, and that the solution there was on the whole right before our eyes andunrecognized. If you meditate (with eyes open as in "open view" of Zen practice), you may have seen it myself. It is a sensation of light – the same "White Light" meditation or lighting reported breakthroughs: the light of enlightenment. This light, when it is efficient to use in meditation serves as an update for the error.

How is this possible? The key lies in the use of light as feedback: visual feedback – the information you need to know to ensure success. Here's howuse the light in a feedback method of meditation.

A small disc with a target placed on the floor. (You can use a cut out of paper and try this at home.) With a gentle look, you focus attention on the target. Attention fixes his eyes with his eyes still. Within seconds, this stare a slight optical distortion effects, usually halos of light. These distortions arise from the retinal fatigue, a harmless natural process that recovers the moment you look away. The light (or any otheroptical distortion) could be shown, provides feedback to tell you what you need to know. It tells you you are on course. He confirms attention. However, if you lose your attention and your mind wanders, wanders into the eye, and immediately terminates the distortion.

In this way, visual feedback and the rights of the signals that your course. Staring at the light makes the attention to easy, keep it simple to maintain. Like a faithful watchdog feedback you get drift and dream. This ensures feedbackSuccess.

The focus on feedback, you can literally watch out for your attention. Without feedback only seconds can expect perfect concentration. With feedback, the attention can be as long as you want to continue. You can turn to for the attention, how to handle a rope for a tow, and where does it take you? Feedback puts you in a straight line to enlightenment. Existence and in time you will be "light" both literally and figuratively.

In summary: Your attention isThe aim of meditation and the feedback is a direct hit. Just sit and watch the show your attention produced. For two thousand years, the light has been there. Amazingly, we missed the connection, and so missed a precision guidance system. Once you see the connection but it is obvious, and if you try the method, one or two minutes of concentrated attention feedback to prove himself.


Swine flu, SARS and kimchi

December 28, 2009

A few thousand years, would be makers of kimchi (a Korean pickled cabbage side dish), long before the emergence of SARS and the Swine Flu, never their staple diet could prevent and cure this viral infection may have imagined.

In April '09, the World Health Organization (WHO), the influenza pandemic raised his status to four warning phase.

What is infected, the difference between the annual flu season and the A (H1N1) flu? According to the WorldHealth Organization:

"Influenza A (H1N1) is a new virus and that most people have little or no immunity and therefore this virus can cause more infections than the seasonal flu can be seen. The new influenza A (H1N1) seems to be as contagious as seasonal influenza, and spreads quickly enough, particularly among young people (between 10 and 45). The severity of the disease from very mild symptoms to serious diseases that can lead to death. The majority of people whoExperience with the virus and restore the milder disease without antiviral treatment or medical care. Of the serious cases, more than half the people in the hospital care had underlying conditions or weakened immune systems. "[1]

"If it was somewhere in the world that a beating from SARS, it is Hong Kong," said Peter Cordingley, spokesman for the World Health Organization (WHO) in Manila. "The lesson was learned." Based on the past, Hong Kong has already issued travel –Advisories and strengthened controls at airports, including the use of infrared temperature scans, and the detention of travelers come with flu-like symptoms. [2]

The overseas countries and territories / municipalities reported their first pandemic (H1N1) 2009 confirmed case (s) since the last web update (July 6, 2009), 22 July 2009:

Afghanistan, Andorra, Belize, Bhutan, Botswana, Reunion Island (French overseas community), Haiti, Marshall Islands, Federated States ofof Micronesia, Namibia, St. Eustatius (Netherlands Antilles), St. Kitts and Nevis, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Seychelles, Solomon Islands, Sudan, Tonga, Turks and Caicos Islands (UK Overseas Territory), the United Republic of Tanzania, United States Samoa (U.S.), Guam (U.S.)

From 22 July 2009, led the total number of deaths on pig flu is 1154th The latest information of reported cases can be found on the WHO pandemic (H1N1) 2009 Website listed at the bottom of thisArticle. The below link to a Google Map shows areas of the swine flu outbreak of providing an accurate picture of geographical infection outbreaks.

How is it treated?

On suspicion of the virus, a five-day regimen of zanamivir alone or in combination with either amantadine or rimantadine, oseltamivir and will be launched. For the confirmed cases of swine influenza A (H1N1) virus infection, either oseltamivir (Tamiflu) or zanamivir (Relenza) can be administered.[3]

Will a face mask to protect myself from infection?

We have only very limited information about the effectiveness of face masks and respirators to combat and control of influenza. When used correctly, facemasks and respirators may help to lower the risk of influenza, but they should work with other preventive measures such as avoiding close contact and maintaining good hand hygiene along used.

"Unless otherwise specified, refers to" breathing "to an N95 or higher filtering faceEach respirator by the U.S. National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) certified. Three feet is often used by infection control professionals to define close contact and on studies of respiratory infections on, but for practical purposes, this distance between up to 6 meters. The World Health Organization "is used approximately 1 meter", the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration "is used within 6 meters." [3]

Every forecast for theFuture?

Approximately 90-95% of infected people recover in spite of severe symptoms are a 100 + degree temp. Headache, extreme tiredness, chills, diarrhea, sore throat, muscle pain, in principle, all common flu symptoms.

To date, must be given carefully, because pigs are taken flu (H1N1), is still widespread and can be a pandemic, all regions or countries. Annual influenza outbreaks are likely and foreseeable. But this did not follow the usual flu outbreak pattern. TheFuture prognosis is speculation among those who believe they will decline pig flu (H1N1), and this summer '09, and those who think they'll split the return to similar cases such as the influenza pandemic of 1918 claim.

So what is this potential wonder drug at the Korean table?

Since 2003, when SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) rolled across Asia, Koreans remained largely unaffected. As day and national leaflet that,Kimchi has been to support the status of transported natural prevention and cure of SARS, with virtually no scientific evidence for his assertion. Believe me, as someone who eats kimchi every day and she loves so much, I operate a web site dedicated to Kimchi and Korean food, I appreciate and listen to the suggestions and hope for further scientific study validating such claims. Imagine with a food-obsessed, that suddenly is the life in the face to save a new and deadly healthThreat.

Scientists at Seoul National University fed infects a kimchi extract to thirteen chickens with avian flu. A week later, eleven of the thirteen chickens apparently recovered. To date, such studies were not published, and certainly not by a medical or scientific community. Professor Kang recognized the Seoul National University, observed the thirteen chickens found found Leuconostoc (lactic acid bacteria) in kimchi had a positiveImpact on bird flu.

Hong Jong Hoon, a technical consultant with the Korea Development Institute Agriculture, suggested another possible and the starting point is the way the Koreans eat most of their garlic!

Hong began his studies in the research of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention Web site where he was a link between SARS and the corona virus. Then he made his way to Stanford University 's website, which lists – along with reducing stress, increasingSleep and wash their hands frequently – the introduction of drops of garlic juice on the nose as a means to fight infection. Put it all together, he says, and you'll see why South Korea has had to complain, only a handful of suspected cases of SARS and no casualties, despite its proximity to China, where the virus has emerged, and too hard to make Hong Kong and Taiwan. Hong admits that many other countries make extensive use of garlic in their diets, including Italy and China. But they cook their garlic; Koreanseat in their raw kimchi. His theory, it may prove difficult, but that does not mean it's not true, he says. [4]

Park Yong Woo, a general practitioner at Samsung Seoul's Hospital, welcoming required clinical trials, says he has convinced its healing properties.

"I want to compare it with an orchestra would," says Park, "It is the cabbage. But within this are many healthy ingredients, including garlic, ginger and chilli Peppers. It is very harmonious meal."

KimMan Jo, a food industry consultant and author of several books, including kimchi, kimchi, kimchi is considered a cure or management of real estate against a contagious disease will be created and found in the fermentation process – "They have not done experiments yet not, but harmful diseases can be dominated by the lactobacilli., "she says.

Depending on the variety, I know that has most often nappa cabbage kimchi variety, a strong combination of cabbage, red pepper powder, fish sauce, manyGarlic, salt, green onions, radishes, sugar, and, yes, more garlic – all fermented to provide heavenly taste and perfection of the strongest anti-microbial punch. withstanding, the lack of research in swine flu kimchi and identified as a preventative or cure, research has, that these friendly bacteria strengthen the immune system. Further research live indigenous bacteria and chemicals they produce can penetrate the intestinal wall and shown to promote growth and maintenance of the immune systemCells. Strains of Lactobacillus may also increase the immune cells and anti-viral chemicals like interferon.

To date we have given medical treatment and course of action despite no vaccine. While it irritates me, kimchi can be combative against certain strains possess characteristics to be found, until the claims are subjected to the "scientific method", it remains a folk home remedies in addition to chicken soup. Despite the lack of evidence, if a pandemic swept Conditionthe area where I live, I will certainly heed Western medical approaches and doubly especially on my kimchi consumption. Shall we say to each his own?

With the unfortunate number of those who died of SARS, or pig influenza (swine flu killed more than 1,100 victims worldwide in July '09 and claimed more than 700 SARS) pandemic, perhaps it will make a desperate state and in order to examine this time exploring beliefs and unfounded claims. Today, at least 168 countries and areRegions have confirmed pigs reported flu cases.

For the first time I ate kimchi in 1990, it remains a popular daily supplement that I always be curious. Whether it can heal or not, it certainly makes my taste buds and the entire system performance, I feel great. I can not just sit home or dine at a Korean restaurant without her.

While these flu strains come and go or remain (those who enjoy eating kimchi as one of the five healthiest foods in the world touted Health Magazine)may continue for more than their share of probiotic nature, which is a few days new flu strains to fight it to the long list of enemies can add.

In the meantime, for a variety of influenza strains, we have existing vaccines and for that we have not, or any other known bugs like the cold, we Gatorade, chicken soup and old-fashioned but very effective alone.

[1] TIME – The lessons of SARS – From Kayla Webley / Hong Kong – Monday 27 April 2009

[2] What is the new influenzaA (H1N1)? By the World Health Organization

[3] Swine Flu –

[4] The Daily – In the hope of a cure in kimchi – By Mark Magnier * pandemic (H1N1) 2009 * Google Map represent outbreaks of swine flu

History of British Military Uniforms

December 25, 2009

The color red was the standard color by the first permanent regiment of the British Army, the Yeoman of the Guard, the Beefeaters, during the reign of Henry VIII passed. In 1645 the color was adopted when the first permanent army was raised. Red was not used to hide the blood stains. Rather, each army has certain colors than their national colors. French soldiers more likely to wear blue, Russians wore green, the British wore red.

With the infantry with a luminousred color, were crossbelts white and shiny brass, they are not easier to achieve goals? But in the 1860's tactics were very different from those used today. Before 1866 were British Longarm muzzle-loading weapons. To load these weapons to a soldier in need:

1) sustained load a cargo of gunpowder and ball down into the muzzle.

Received 2), very close to the enemy to beat them, because of the inaccuracy of the musket.

3) are closely related to VolleyballFire.

It was a lot of bullets, which count, not camouflage.

By 1867, however, were war and the times are changing. With the advent of the closure load guns to the British army in 1866, the
Quality of small arms has changed considerably. Faster rates of fire,
a much more accurate weapon that could be loaded into the prone position, sat down slowly in the tactical doctrine of the Army change. The change in tactics was not as fast as he could have been becauseduring the last half of the 1800s, the British army not to fight a modern army equipped similarly. In essence, the tactics were those that make sense with the older type of firearms, yet to develop the tactics to take advantage of the newer weapons.

It was surprising that recently, the lessons of the new weapons
shown in the American Civil War (1861 – 1865), which is not absorbed by the British. Although most European nations had observers on both sides,Lessons learned have, would have been dismissed because it was felt that this war was an isolated case of a geography determined differently than all of Europe. In addition, it was considered an "unseemly brawl between undisciplined armies."

It was not until late in the 1800s that a khaki uniform was issued to recognize the British army, finally, that drab colored camouflage uniforms, improved in response to precise, fast firing weapons with smokeless gunpowder. Again tactics satResidue and it was the carnage of World War I to convince the authorities that there is an obligation to provide coverage of, and remain hidden, to find standing in battle formation, in contrast to.

Women's Uniform

Women of the crew had a uniform, but less legitimate one, that the class structure and social order of the time of exposure. The wives of the men in the ranks wore a simple cotton dress with apron and a hair part called "frost." Her shoes were plain leather made commonthe period. It was worn in sharp contrast to the more ornate dress of the wife of an officer, in accordance with its status as a citizen of the upper class.

Similarly, the civilians had to bear by the army in 1867, employed their own kind of clothes that determines their role within the army. The teacher wore a black knee-length coat, while the teacher a skirt, blouse and jacket cut, worn in a style known as "Zouave" jacket, similar to the uniforms of the "Zouave" units contributedserved in the American Civil War.

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Book Review on War of Words – Language, Politics and 9-11

December 23, 2009

• Book details:

Author: Sandra Silberstein

Paperback: 197

Publisher: Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group

Place of Publication: London

Publication Year: 2002

Language: English

ASIN: B000OT8284

Price: USD $ 22.95

• About the author:

Sandra Silberstein is Professor of English at the University of Washington, Seattle. So far it has on women and language, the choice of reading and technology and focusedResources in teaching reading through most of their books.

• Book Analysis:

The book "War of Words" is 197 pages long, divided into 8 chapters. The introduction to the first part of the book is a comprehensive summary attached an entire book in three pages.

This book can be recommended to all whose interests are in linguistics, even those who are not experts in this matter.

Sandra Silberstein focuses on the creation of nationalTransformations, including changes in American national identity and belief in post-9/11 by illustrating some examples of the situation in the U.S. is a time of crisis point after 9 / 11 events.

the author does not go deeply into the details of the field of linguistics, and to declare they do not, as is evident in linguistics to the many records she has cited can be used to convince, but the sentences and examples of readers to continue his reading,End.

Sandra Silberstein noted in her book "A War of Words: Language, Politics and 9 / 11" to the speeches of George W. Bush in the post-9/11 only because of linguistic analysis, so it is difficult to determine their political tendency, . She tries to focus more on the words created national transformations and the new American identity in post-9/11 when everything happened. As a result, Silberstein focuses on the representation of the terrorist attacks in the speeches of the President, MediaTexts and eyewitness accounts

The most interesting part of the book is in my opinion the coverage, the implementation of many important meanings and messages. For example, a sentence means in Persian about the image of two Afghans, that Iran is a supporter of terrorism.

"It is important to consider the diction of the special atmosphere surrounding the consequences, like Sandra Silberstein, in her book" A War of Words: Language, Politics and 9 / 11 (Routledge, 2002)

The initial rhetoricArea 9 / 11 was comforting to law, allowing Americans to heal. President Bush's reassuring words were Silberstein of the words of President Roosevelt in comparison to lay on Pearl Harbor in 1941. The exercise of trying to create is both a necessity and urgency. For example, Bush said the war on terrorism: "These measures are important. But the only way to defeat, terrorism as a threat to our way of life is to stop it, eliminate it and destroy it where it grows . He was inEffect lasts for a war rally, just as Roosevelt said in 1941: "… I have directed that all measures be taken for our defense. I believe I interpret the will of the people … when I say that we do not defend us only to the limit, but will ensure that this form of treachery shall never endanger us again to do. "(Dunkin, journalism after 9 / 11 review)

"This is vital reading today. At a time when hysteria is brewing beneath the surface, is Sandra Silberstein coolanalytical, highly readable – and healthy "
The Guardian, UK

• Summary:

The book's introduction is an imaginary window Silberstein, drawn, by which it shows as an applied linguist, that helped as "words a lot of things happen." (XIII) and also "how language can be used to make national policies …."( xiii)

From the introduction can be interpreted, requires that the writer feels on her shoulder, like a person born in New York to explain about the events thatoccurred on 11 September 2001 not only on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, but also affected American national identity under attack.

In the first chapter tries Sandra Silberstein, discuss in detail how to build a nation at war. To obtain their goal of a writer in the second chapter focuses on all speeches and statements by President George W. Bush made in the first moments after the terrorist attacks, changed his position as president, "the candidate with theperfect bloodlines [who came] the office under allegations that his presidency was a bastard, sired not by voters but by the courts "(p.40) to an American hero. The writer compares Bush speeches on the statements of President Roosevelt in the history of Pearl Harbor.

In chapter 3, which is the language of the book Silberstein focuses on the testimonies tried, "the role of television in the creation of September 11 stories and the establishment of socialIdentities. "(P. 61) by credit welcoming two linguistic tools:" The methodical analysis of News Discourse by Ron Scollon, the standards of the TV coverage issue, and the oral narrative structure of William Labov, the narratives observed as an eyewitness to the production of news of entertainment. "(He Xuelin, 2003)

She also stressed on skills of journalists in the definition of the events that had unfolded at Ground Zero. For example, in one of the interviews, journalistasked one witness the following questions: "Was there screaming? Was there violence? Was it scary? Are you scared?" Do you have people bleeding? " (P.79-80).

The book, in Chapter 4 also shows that, like New York to convert America (n) and Rudy Giuliani, an "America's Mayor" by exploring the rhetorical reconstruction in American culture in post-9/11.

By Chapter 5, "Selling America" and Chapter 6 "The New McCarthyism", turns the patriotism as aIssue. In the former chapter Silberstein ads analyzed in the context of the ongoing terrorist attacks, revealing that mourn in post-9/11 American people supported the government and showed their patriotism by shopping like the way lost to their fellow countrymen.

In the latter one, the author criticizes the emergence of McCarthyism, which can be exaggerating patriotism post-9/11. According to their opinion was of the ACTA, the "cultural wars" to a new level, transforming a "warthe words "to the" war on words "by the publication of 100 examples of unpleasant voices of American universities.

The next chapter is a comparative study on the ABC documentary, "The Minefield: The United States and the Muslim Word," by Peter Jennings and CNN documentary on Islam by Christiane Amanpour. Although in a former documentary Islam is a global problem, try the latter to the clashes between the two types of cultures to be avoided. "For the vast majority of Muslims, the terroristAttacks on the United States was a violation of the teachings of Islam. "(P. 155)

"Despite the claims of the militants," nothing justifies the Koran, the Islamic holy book, this kind of crime against humanity. … In fact, the Koran forbids suicide. "(P. 155)

And the final chapter, Chapter 8, deals with the new series of rhetorical transformations of the second anniversary, and then follows the march of civil discourse from New York to Baghdad. In this part of the book the authorextends to the war in Iraq and accusations against the U.S. president and former heroes for their mendacity.

Christopher Okigbo – Looking back at his short life and taking stock of his poetic legacy

December 22, 2009

Christopher Okigbo Ifekandu one of the first Nigerian poets who established for the short time in his life, he died fighting for the independence of Biafra, as a central figure in the development of modern African poetry, is one of the most important African poets remained at English writing. Generally recognized as a master poet is drawn despite the complexity of obscure allusions and symbolism, he also named Africa's finest poets and one of the most important modernistWriters of the twentieth century. "While other poets good poetry," wrote Chinua Achebe observed. "Okigbo conjured up for us an amazing poetic, haunting firmament of a wild and violent beauty .."

His birth and early life

Okigbo was on 16 Born August 1932, spent in the community Ojolo, about ten miles from the city of Onitsha in Anambra State, was a father, a teacher in Catholic missionary schools at the height of British colonial rule in Nigeria, Okigbo's earlyYears moving from station to station along with his father. Despite the fact that his father was a devout Christian, Okigbo felt a special affinity for his maternal grandfather, Ijejiofor of Oto family who always provided the priesthood to the shrine of the deity Idoto personified in the river flowed Idoto that through his village . Later in life, Okigbo came to believe that his grandfather's soul was reborn in him.

His Educatiiobn at Ibadan and Umuahia

Okigbofrom the Government College Umuahia graduated two years after the famous Nigerian writer Chinua Achebe, that earned a reputation as a passionate reader and a versatile athlete. The following year he entered the University of Ibadan to study medicine, but the transition to Classics in his second year .. He earned a reputation as a gifted pianist, accompanied Wole Soyinka, in his first public appearance as a singer. It is believed that he wrote original music at that time,but none has survived.

His first literary work and art

After graduating in 1956 he had a series of jobs throughout the country. He worked at the Nigerian Tobacco Company, United Africa Company, the Fiditi Grammar School (where he teaches Latin), and was a librarian at the University of Nigeria in Nsukka, where he helped the African Authors Association.

In 1958 his life came to a turning point, as he wanted to know, began to better.HePublication of his works in various journals, especially Black Orpheus, a literary magazine, was the bringing together the best works of African and African American writers. While his poetry was in part a major symbol of African nationalism, he was adamantly opposed to Negritude, which he denounced as compared to a romantic pursuit of the "mystique of blackness" for their own sake. He also rejected the idea of a commonality of experience between Africans and black Americans, even if itbreach the editorial policy of Black Orpheus. For Okigbo, poetry was a highly personal endeavor. Although he embraced the African culture, he rejects the concept of Negritude literary, because he thinks he was just a poet. "A poet writes poems, and once a work is published in the public domain. It is to whoever reads to decide whether to leave it in Africa or English poetry." Therefore, he said it did not try something like a poet African-ness as a way to express something. there A poet who simply expresses itself. In exactly those reasons, he declined the first prize in the African-American poetry awarded him the 1965 Festival of Negro Arts in Dakar.

In 1963 he became the West African representative of the Cambridge University Press in Ibadan, a position that activate hiim so you frequently to the United Kingdom, where he drew further attention to travel. In Ibadan, he became an active member of the literary Mbari club.For he was among the many young artists whosearched for a platform to share their opinions and their various talents. He and Soyinka, were also musicians in jazz clubs. Consequently, in 1961, the Mbari Writers and Artists Club was born in Ibadan was founded by the German writer and critic Ulli Beier. Okigbo invited to be one of the original members of the committee together with Mbari: Georgina Beier, Wole Soyinka, JPClark, Chinua Achebe, Ezekiel Mphahlele, Amos Tutuola, DO Fagunwa, Dennis Williams, Demas Nwoko, UcheOkeke, Frances Ademola and Janheinz Jahn, the ethnologist. The Mbari Club incooperated various activities such as exhibitions of visual art, theater, creative workshops and a publishing Okigbo was eventually an editor. It played a crucial role in the emergence of modern African literature. Publication not only the writings of their members and supporters, but also the South African writer Dennis Brutus and Alex La Guma. For the visual arts, she presented the pioneers, such as thePainters Uche Okeke and Yusuf Grillo, Demas Nwoko sculptor and painter and silk-screen artist Bruce Onobrakpeya. The Mbari Club promoted the creation of a genuine movement of contemporary African artists who are ready to create a new artistic culture of the compatibility of the continent's cultural traditions and the introduction of technical language.

Okigbo published his first poems in the student literary magazine Horn, JP Clark will be processed. although his work also appeared in the moreimportant literary journal Black Orpheus. In the same year he was also as a pamphlet Heavensgate and a long poem in the Ugandan culture magazine Transition, in Kampala .. Okigbo published since early poems reflect the shared cultural heritage of his country, although it had influences from Virgil, Ovid, Eliot, and Pound, which to be stronger than the oral literature of the Igbo seem.

He finished and published the works of his mature years, including limits (1964), silence(1962-65), Lament of the Masks (to commemorate the anniversary of the birth of WB Yeats in the form of a Yoruba praise poem, 1964), "Dance of the Painted Girls" (1964 to commemorate the birth of his daughter, Obiageli or Ibrahimat , whom he regarded as a reincarnation of his mother) and his latest highly prophetic sequence, "Path of Thunder" (1965-67), which was published posthumously in 1971, the labyrinth, which includes poems from previous collections.

The Biafra –Was

The 1960s was a time of great political upheavals in Nigeria with the country an independent republic in 1963 and four years later, the eastern Ibo tribal area experiment, 1966 secede.In of Nigeria's crisis came to a head following the massacre of thousands of Igbo in North. Okigbo, lives in Ibadan at the time moved to eastern Nigeria to expect the outcome of the turn of events in the secession of the predominantly Igbo-eastern region, culminatingeventually declared itself as an independent Republic of Biafra on 30 May 1967. .

Although Okigbo followed the sharp social and political events in his country, shifting his early poems on a personal and mythical level. Path of Thunder (1968) showed a new direction – the bloodthirsty attack on politicians ( "The politicians are back in giant hidden steps of howitzers, about the detonator") and neo-colonial exploitation ( "The robbers down upon us to strip us of our laughter that our / thunder ") reflectingthe rise of radical movements in the late 1960s.

At the outbreak of war Okigbo was working for an Italian business organization, Wartrade. Living in Enugu, he worked with Achebe to create a new but small publisher, Citadel Press. However, the events in his country made him change his plans and to give up his job. Then he went to the new military government as a volunteer, a field commissioned major. He has been reached as a soldier, but was killed in battlein September 1967 during a major offensive against Nsukka, the university town, where he found his voice as a poet, and what he had promised to defend his life.refusing safe position behind the front .. He was posthumously decorated with the National Order of Merit of Biafra. Back in July, destroyed his home hill in Enugu, where some of his unpublished writings have been in a bomb attack. Also destroyed was pointed arches, a poetic autobiography, as an accountfrom the experiences of life and letters, which conspired to sharpen his creative imagination.


Several of his papers, but survived the war. His daughter, Obiageli, d has its literary heritage, to perpetuate the Christopher Okigbo Foundation in 2005 to his heritage. The papers were assigned in January 2006 by Chukwuma Azuonye, professor of African literature at the University of Massachusetts, Boston, which supports the basis for the appointment of themshow for the UNESCO Memory of the World ". Azuonye preliminary studies on the documents that, apart from new poems in English, including drafts of an anthem written for Biafra, Okigbo legacy of poems in Igbo. The latter are in the development of new perspectives in the study of poetry Okigbo is fascinating, the views of the interventions, particularly Chinweizu, Onwuchekwa Jemi Ihechukwu Madubuike and that he sacrificed his only begotten African sensibility in pursuit of an obscureEuro-modernism.

"Elegy for Alto" is the last poem in the Path of Thunder, now widely regarded as "the poet's testament" embodied a prophecy of his own death in sacrifice for human freedom to read "

Earth, unbind me, let me be the prodigal, let it

Aries last prayer on the leash …

AN OLD STAR moves, makes us here at the coast

Looked at the sky for a new star approaching;

The new star appears, no one would know its going

Before a round -qualifying goes on forever ….

The two collections of poems, published in his lifetime Okigbo established him as an innovative and controversial poets.

Properties of Okigbo's poetry

Its difficult but impressive and prophetic poems show the influence of modernist European and American poetry, African tribal mythology, and Nigerian music and rhythms. "Prophetic, menacing, terrorist, violent, protest – his poetry was this," wrote SE Anozie inChristopher Okigbo: Creative Rhetoric (1972).

In "Distance" (1964), he celebrates his latest aesthetic and emotional return to his indigenous religious roots:

I am the only witness to my homecoming.

Okigbo poetry makes constant and repeated references to the mother Idoto. the "water goddess", notably in Heavensgate (1962) with a compelling opening lines:

Before you, mother Idoto,

naked I stand;

Such a link seems to be of central importance to the meaning of the poem."Idoto is" actually used a river goddess, a being in African cosmology, Okigbo, in fact, as a personal symbol, elevating it to a savior so increasingly as a force that the protection of indigenous cultures and religions from Westernization. Heavensgate marked his return to the African part of his heritage and self-renewal by the goddess of the earth:

Before you, mother Idoto, naked I stand before the watery presence a prodigal

was based on a oilbean lost inTheir legend …

A complaint to the Idoto spirit opens the ritual pattern of the poem on which the oilbean, the tortoise, the python and the Rainbow .. This last one could run a prophetic role as Sunday Anozie suggests. It could also serve as a snake capable of leading and devouring the poet to be seen.

Other god-heads, or prophetic essences could be seen in the poetry of Okigbo. Viii limits in the prophetic role is an important symbol of investing – the sunbirdRepresentatives of the sadness of the poet as the conscience of cohesive spirit of man is ultimately violated by the imperialists. Here, too, totem worship rituals "A fleet of eagles / over the shadows oilbeam / '" operating under a curse of the place of her breath, "" a blind dog to the power of prophecy known to howl', 'the tortoise and the python, which classified as a double-gods of the forest "," shrinehouse bamboo towers ',' egg shells, tiger mask and spear nude. "Dumbbells" and "elongatedLioness-headed "abound.

The two collections, Heavensgate (1962) and Frontiers (1964)-show a personal, introspective poetry through a familiarity with the Western myths with a rich, surprising images filled informed. Obscure is labeled by some critics, his poetry and allusions sophisticated drawing, free from modern poets like TS Eliot and Ezra Pound, as recognized by the Roman Catholic religion of his family in Ojoto. Okigbo said that his poetry regarded as an organic whole, as it should beExpression of his coming of age as a poet.

Okigbo's influence is not limited Africa.going Gerard Manley Hopkins, and a mixture of European, Asian and African influences. He borrows from various sources, such as African religion and Western religion. Romantic, pastoral and classical Greek and Latin influences, such as Vigil and Theocritus are very much in evidence, together with allusions to the Bible in Okigbo's poetry.

Its bonds, as Dan Izevbaye down, usually on an apparentlyBeauty and utility of the expression itself.with the "importance" or "experience" of the poem is often controlled by their immediate context. If such bonds or images in new collocations and associations are thrust, his poetry is surprising and fresh. This could be attributed to him, to be subject to adjustment, compression and conversion, before they absorbed.

The main source of darkness in the poetry of Okigbo is that references held by private symbols from a private world, notably byAllusions to characters who were part of his childhood as oblongs Kepkanly, Enki, Flannagan, Haragin, Ja'dun, Upandru, Anna of the panel and Eunice and dark places such as land and Rick Rock Point cable. Such references to repeat too often. You could no doubt a very personal meaning for the poet, who kept referring to them. But such an importance to the reader, completely ignorant of their origin is lost.

Suffered a similar loss when the reader has no personalExperience with such objects known as "Advent", "dumbbells", "Rock Point Cable ',' country rock ',' fucking angels ',' oval-headed lioness" and "a blind dog," which add up to all the darkness.

Okigbo Since the writing of complex and difficult issues is the need may be facial expression is rare and difficult to understand. This difficulty is of his either knowingly or unknowingly creating a language of ritual, to which the reader has to be initiated, so perfectly composed in theritual content of his work. This effect is enhanced by various aspects of his techniques, including its use of language. On the one hand it takes a broken syntax and usage of various obscure words and unusual collocations like "orangery solitude, broken monody'and" 'square gives the moron. The structure of the work itself to this end by a kind of syncretic musical patterns worked direction through the distribution of parts of the traditional Ibo musical instruments. Theinvocational and evocative qualities shown by the Rhythmn of lines is another good example of what in "Elegy for slit-drum."

In the world of Okigbo is the modern and the traditional approach in a tense conflict with the wealth of images and symbols are used Western religion and culture, rich with shibboleth of John the Baptist, "" preaching the gambit ',' cross ',' pilgrim bound 'and' the censer. In some poems, Christian rites so advanced that theyas dominant rituals are related to traditional African religion. The Omni-presence and destructive potential of the Western presence is seen through pictures such as "Thunder ironsteps huge tanks of the blast,''the distant seven guns', 'cable' open air '. And' magic birds with the miracle of lightning on their feathers.

This conflict rises to an explosive point as in the depression and repetition of the thunder motif. The resulting residue is thus covered:"Parliament has to wait for vacation," "The cabinet has gone to hell," "lie in the voters gone" and "the sound of sirened afternoon. The confusion of values and chaotic state could be captured any better way.

Thundering drums and cannons in palm grove, the spirit is in the ascendant. (from "Sacrifice")

Recurrent images in Okigbo's poems are dance ( "Dance of Death," "Dance of the iron-mortar"), thunder (thunder of tanks, "" Thunder in the Clouds "), and the sound of drums (" theDrums of the curfew, "" action of the drums). Okigbo started gradually as singers and musicians to see who is talking with the old, pre-literate language of the drums: "I have fed from the drum / I have drunk from the Cymbals … "In 'Overture' (1961) Okigbo a" watchman was on Parole / at Heavensgate "and" Hooray for the Thunder, "Urban Crier, together with my iron bell"

Okigbo, together with TS Eliot's vision of a spiritual quest, where the poet in the area of the old myths andhis spiritual self, "Before you, mother Idoto, naked I stand …" songlike often with repetition, with the rhythm of poetry and the words flowing melody, as if the poet were listening to and interpreting the distant sounds. Elect from the four elements of water Okigbo, float housing Idoto: "Under my feet the water / flood them with blows.".

Many of his poetry is the sound should be read (or even sing) – culminating in the application of the drums, and thenThe Path of Thunder (which begins as follows: "Fanfare of drums, bells made of wood). The mix of both African and external influences. When he worked at Heavensgate says Okigbo himself, he was working under the spell of the impressionist composers Debussy, Caesar Franck, Ravel …

To convince the sound and keep hitting, although it can sometimes obscure the meaning. Okigbo poetry is full of ellipses, not marked with scarcely a poem by sentences left to the drop-off in three points:

Andthere is

the errors of representation …

The pieces of the poems are striking frequency vibrations. "Gods grow / Exit" in fragments from the deluge, a sequence that ends: "and this is completed destroyed."

The poems – cut, split, just to impress in their fields – from line to line. The lines are repeated and some of the many poem-sequences. The Lament of the Silent Sisters, for example the question: "How does one say NO in Thunder" is of central importance- And the thunder appeared elsewhere. (The "NO, Thunder" is a "dominant motive" in Lament of the Silent Sisters. Okigbo Here also proposes:

Silence are melodies

Heard in retrospect

The final sequence, Paths of Thunder is a series of poems, prophesies war. and let the conflict between art and life, and the charged political climate of the day, bubble above. This could ironically serve forecasts of subsequent abandonment of the art Okigbo to the cause of Biafra, in the deathBattle. It was not his words, brought him into trouble, but also in Paths of Thunder, he makes a rare appearance, warning itself:

If I did not learn, I'll close my mouth now in hell,

I, Okigbo, town-crier, together with my iron bell.

Okigbo poems also seem to leap from the page.for his poetry, it was not possible congestion and he has not only remain a successful form and style. Although Okigbo exaggerated or sometimes misses the mark in the poemswhose importance the reader, he could still miss his interest. Although remarkably few words with Okigbo sometimes offer enormous complexity of his poems is certainly worth reading.In despite his many influences, he is endowed with a distinctive and interesting voice

Further reading:

• Sunday Anozie, Christopher Okigbo: Creative Rhetoric. London: Evan Brothers Ltd. and New York: Holmes and Meier, Inc., 1972.

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Interrogating Amiri Baraka's Poem "Something in the Way of Things (In Town)

December 22, 2009

Amiri Baraka's poem "Something in the way of Things (In Town)" clearly shows Baraka quest for social justice to explore interrelated issues of race, national oppression, self-determination and national liberation of the people he has long been addressing creatively and critically as In his first collection of essays in book form, The Essence of Reparations. The poem itself is in fact Baraka own lyrics in a rap song with the same title by the hip-hop groupRoots from their album entitled "Phrenology." But what I heard was the poem by Baraka, to the accompaniment of Stomp-like Hip-Hoppy beat from the group read. The Roots shares with a lot of Baraka's work, because it was a response to the subjugation and oppression of blacks in America. Therefore, looking to draw attention to creating the inequities of the system and thus the awareness of blacks and American society in general.

The poem is complicated, but characterizedcaptivating verse with scorn and extends biting satire on the course of events in the city. In the opinion of one of my students in practical criticism, it also suggests the vulnerability of people, a force beyond human control, but the remote is specific controller himself and his own destiny. First, the poem sounds like a dramatic monologue with the person, the only voice in the whole area very passionately as if he directly to us. But then you get the proposalthat he speak with someone directly involved in the situation of the poem. Through his use of the language of the person to the presence of this passive audience, he frequently and repeatedly requests to do things, to comply, he seems the most time.

Open your mouth, how you gon 'Say Somethin

Close your eyes and remember what you saw and what they made you feel like

Now you see nothing else

Something cold and ugly

But then it does not seem to likedramatic monologue in the form of Tennyson's "Ullysses" or Browning's 'My Last Duchess' as other essential features of the dramatic monologue as an opportunity not made clear. In addition, lack of any other features such as undercut known, the person makes his mistakes unknowingly, as he speaks.

The title of the poem itself suggests obstacles stand in our daily lives. A reader saw it as beyond the boundaries and obstacles stand between man and his goals. TheTitle could also mean that something stand in the way of things in the city in a way that one can not see these things clearly enough or even that these things are so simple obstacle preventing motion.

A note of desperation and frustration marks the tone of the person as he speaks prophetically to us, his audience, which seem what might have happened, or they are just complacent, or simply not to speak of what lost their lives. The persona,but passionately presenting his prophecy does not clearly state his vision. He instead, presents several situations that at first appear, since they are not independent, as the sequential ourselves the task to assemble them.

The sense of urgency and the ominous signals of impending doom are evident in the first lines

In the city

Something in the way of things

Something quit that and will not be started

Something you know but can not bear it

Can not knowwith

As death

Riding on the car looking through the windshield for his cue

Something entirely fictitious and true

It crawls across the path hallowing your evil ways

How do they themselves not by a smile

This sense of urgency and imminent danger is represented by the repetition of "something" and the paradoxical features of each row shows a thing that is slow, unpredictable and unreliable for even greaterwhen you say, you know you can not possibly put up, you can either with him or her, because suddenly it seems more like someone as one thing. It will also end a mystery, but it would not start, and although fictional, it is all at the same time true.

His character is most identifiable and slippery to be if not dangerous and life threatening. His death in a mysterious manner, "Riding on the car" and compared as if that's not scary enough"Looking through the windshield for his cue. These lines are invested with so much drama, suspense and mystery, that it inevitably arouses curiosity, if not fear of the reader, therefore, forced to read to unravel the mystery and puzzles to .

Represent the rest of the lines in the first verse of the person trying desperately to create awareness in Something his audience "to be entirely fictitious and true / It crawls across the path hallowing your evil ways .. 'suggests sychophancycould only be a holy and worship alien evil ways, through ignorance or flattery, or perhaps as an extreme case of compelled to praise what unpraiseworthy from being terrorized into it.

A difficult and confusing part of the poem, these two lines:

The dead guy you saw me speak to your boss

I have tried to put a spell on him, but his spirit is illiterate

If the guy is dead, one wonders how could he be talking about? If he is a literary man or a deadfiguratively dead? But then, if his spirit is said to be illiterate, they suggested that his spirit is dead's. But then one could survive in our collective traditional knowledge that the dead, because their minds. But if these people should be dead "spirit that survive it is to be doubled, then suffering associated with illiteracy to a death like mine. Therefore, the person's efforts is a spell cast on him to be useless, because he does not respond . One also wonders whether he was awareParticipate in the conversation. But then these dead men were made, the heavy task of leading an organization. How well he does it could be imagined.

The "something" Baraka says that much seems omnipresent, omni-powerful, all concerns and also greetings to all, like the good humor man, whose good humor seems forced and suspect.

The second stanza exudes genuine steam with the speaker talking about people, he talks about their heads in their houses, whileby the people he gathered around him with ice picks unaware that seems like a further signal of danger. For, while people over and over their heads, he speaks with others in their homes to the masses of ice are known to-pick-wielding men closing in menacingly at him, he is completely blind to their presence. But the person going to paint a picture of how they look, maybe in the eyes of the audience, then tighten the ominous signal of pessimism and despair.

ButShe saw the importance of Negroes on the way to the funeral

Looked like important jiggaboos on the way to your auction

And they shall sing the number and use an ivory pointer to count on the teeth

These lines continue on the idea of a burial place man, who spoke as if he wanted to build remains unresponsive. This also underlines that the dead man as his funeral to be postponed. You are in a sense, dehumanized, and the sense of refusingalive.

The third stanza of the poem brings an intensity clearly marked by the repetition of the same line at the beginning of the stanza.

I can see something in the way of our selves

I can see something in the way of our selves

This repetition can I find more significant in its emphasis on the ominous nature of what the person knows, has as in the repeated lines he shows gave him great understanding of people and things revealed, which allows him to say with much insightand wisdom "of what I do, that the audience knows, but completely ignored or underestimated. The personality seems so desperate to raise awareness in an audience to what is happening around them and lower case seems to create.

The concept of life-denial is also referring to "reinforced that niggga" that the machines are in the factory are sadistic desire "and to give up his life / Standin 'there bein' dissed and broke and troubled." The last three verbs "dissed""broke" and "disturbed" In summary, the nigga's lostness, a vessel for the rejection, disrespect, insults, humiliation and disorientation. In fact, his life no longer belongs to him that if he manages to survive certain death on the chances of it seems very much against him is the voracious Machine longing so much for his life when he seems eager to retain. The machine, which seems more alive than he, people who deliberately rejected the lower and position of the black man in societylongingly waiting to absorb his powers when his life was not in their system. African-Americans are therefore as an eternal victim of a harsh and exploitative capitalist system which values them only for the labor and energy they spend in the factories, which are presented as a virtual death traps to see. Another student described her as hopelessly manipulated and rejected. As such, he continues, the poet could visualize something or even better is the irresistible rise of the visioningBlacks. Because if pushed too far against the wall, there are certainly would a backlash.of unforeseen consequences.

In the fourth stanza, the person is that the above is proof that God did not exist. But then his interlocutor is quick to emphasize that it is rather an acknowledgment that the devil who rules. This explains the prevalence of evil. Prejudice, an evil in itself, is given notice in the fourth to last line, where the white boy takes more provocativea T-shirt celebrating his poverty and frustration, which in reality is the black identity, for only if you were in the skull is thick enough, you like to fall for these lies and it is derided as your soul mate. But his illness is different from the blacks, since it is not marked by racism. The RAG is to know what the boy with inscriptions show that he will die bears could the poor and frustrated, and that "crossing those dreams you walk the city couldgive blacks false hopes that their shared suffering and identified with another race and therefore could be solved without its pro-active measures. That which Baraka has a "garbage" you can not tell you shit that you could accept, as is the case in spite of your suffering with eternal pain.

These are just some of the feelings that they as black people swallow that makes them complacent about their situation. The Negro is thus synonymous with poverty andFrustration, because one is white-dominated racist society and denied him his rights as a human being. He must, therefore, the bitter realization that his dreams can never be realized, because he is only likely to be revised, even the garbage on the street come to seem to have more meaning.

Stop in verse five, rather than stalking the Blackman in order to show his progress. "What an ugly thing floating in the back calling us names. Thus, a constant annoyance, and humbug and trailingRidicule this book. These people could see and hear. But then the irony is that although it makes him such a threat exists, he justifies it as a right, because "God is' he is thereby contributing to his disparagement. What does he or results in its classification as false.

Broke and mistaken all the time

You know, some of the words, but it is not the correct

The nigga is thus in the words of the persona's: "the sadness" addicted The persona is characterizedas exceptional, since he is the only brave and honest enough to give voice to the things that threaten their existence. The nigga's landlocked position is depicted as a bird trapped in a cage. He is therefore free to oppose the evils of his society.

Remember the Negro squinting us through the cage

You saw what I see?

The smile that is not a smile but teeth flying against the neck

You see something, but can not give his name

The last twoLines get proposals from betrayal and hypocrisy of the two races. The injustices suffered by black youths is then fetched. They are seen as suffering for the crimes for which they are innocent, but they have to be answered and suffering, for being black. But then again, the inability to raise a voice about such abuses, is once again in the refrain "You see something, but does not complain tell his name.

The sixth stanza brings us the fate of a nice boy, always too goodhis mother and was always greeting people on their way to work, but it's joyful and pleasant mood suddenly changed, perhaps in expectation of his confrontation with the harsh and cruel judicial system.

But the last time before he locked up and hurt real bad

I have it Walkin 'to his house and he was not smiling

And he did not even say hello

This shows only revoke the power consumed injustice to humanity. A humane person is suddenly sullen andbitterly against his true nature. Unfortunately, his kindness and courtesy is not allowing it to escape the cruelties and injustices of this heartless world. And the person comes with his world-wise explanation as to what brought the change in the disposition of the boy.

But I knew he saw something

Something in the way of things that they worked on him like it to do,

Baraka now comes with the strongest moment in the poem with the coalescencethe images of the various victims with a plea for us to take a closer look at ourselves to see what we see in these objects of oppression and how these images could then be seen on our own.

And he

marching faster and faster kept away from us

And not even muttered a word

Then the next day he was gone

They want to know what

You want to know what I'm Talkin 'I am happy about

Sayin ' "I've seen something in the way of things"

And as the boys saw the face, the tagjust before they took him away

The is? in that face and remember now, remember all them other faces

And all the many places you’ve seen him or the sister with his child

Wandering up the street

Remember what you seen in your own mirror and didn’t for a second recognize

The face, your own face

Straining to get out from behind the glass

Open your mouth like you was gon’ say somethin’

Close your eyes and remember what you saw and what it made you feel as

Now you do not see anything

Something cold and ugly

Not invisible but blended with the shadow criss-crossing the old man

Squatting by the pharmacy on the corner

With the head resting uneasily on his

folded arms

And the boy that the girl went and he smiled with

And in my eyes

A waving craziness splitting them into the jet stream from a black bird

Wit his ass on fire

Or the solomNOTness, where we know we go all overbe happy

I saw something

I saw something

And you see it

See also

You can not just call them the name

Note: This is the first of a series of articles to highlight different aspects of the content and the skill of Baraka in his most recent poems. I am indebted to Rudolph Ludwig von CHICKEN BONES, initially for mailing me the poem and the link to the website for Baraka and his later pieces reflective of the general meaning of the poem and our firstInability to respond. That makes me think of jerk. I tossed the poem for the discussion in my practical criticism and American literature classes and suggested that much of my thoughts about the poem.

See the full poem below: / somethinginthewayofthingsbaraka.htm

Doc … I've Got a lot of pain between the shoulder blades – What causes it?

December 22, 2009

There are many causes of pain in the shoulder blades. Pain between the shoulder blades may occur as a result of secular issues, such as working at the computer too long without a break. Some reasons are serious and must be addressed immediately.

Here are some of them:

Gallbladder Pain

Sporadic pains in the middle of the upper abdomen, or just below the ribs on the right are perceived. The pain may be on your right shoulder or between the shoulder blades. The painmay be accompanied by nausea and vomiting and sometimes excessive gas. The attack can be from several minutes up to two to three hours before getting better. The frequency and severity of attacks is highly variable. Attacks can be triggered by eating fatty foods such as chocolate, cheese or pastry. It can be difficult to distinguish the pain from other diseases, such as: gastric ulcer, back pain, chest pain, pneumonia and kidney stones.

Neck source of arthritis or discDisease

This is a general pain in the neck area is located and can be accompanied with stiffness in the neck muscles. The pain radiates to the shoulder or between the shoulder blades. It may also radiate to the arm, hand, or up in the head, so that a unilateral or bilateral headache. The muscles in the neck are tense, sore and feel hard to the touch. Acute pain may be at abnormal neck posture in which the head is forced to give up the one side, turn, this condition is known,such as torticollis.
The pain at the base of the skull may be accompanied by a feeling of weakness in the shoulders and arms. It can be a prickly or tingling in the arms and fingers.


Angina pectoris is derived from Latin and translates as "tightness in the chest. It feels like a heavy, crushing pain or a constricting feeling in the middle of the chest behind the breastbone (sternum) or on the left side of his chest. The pain may radiate eitherone or both arms, more often on the left. It may in the neck, jaw, stomach and experienced, more rarely, between the shoulder blades.

Angina is often caused by:

• Physical Activity

• psychological distress

• extreme cold

• a heavy meal.

Once these trigger factors stop, the pain usually ends very quickly, usually within 2 to 10 minutes.

Liver Cancer

Liver cancer, an abnormal growth of cells in the liver shows twoWays:

• Primary cancer means the cancer started in the liver

• Secondary liver cancer occurs when a cancer starts out somewhere else and spreads to the liver.

The first signs of liver cancer:

A hardening of the abdomen, below the rib cage on the right side.

Discomfort in the upper abdomen on the right side.

Pain around the right shoulder blade, or pain between the shoulder blades.

Yellowish skin color(Jaundice)

Abdominal swelling causing a feeling of fullness

Esophageal cancer

Esophageal cancer appears as a tumor or abnormal growth of cells in the esophagus. The esophagus is the food passageway that connects the throat to the stomach.

Esophageal cancer usually causes no symptoms until the cancer has progressed to a stage that is too late for effective treatment. The main symptom is difficulty swallowing food. It is a common feeling of foodto get stuck in the throat or chest.

Signs of advanced esophageal cancer include:

Pain on swallowing.

Pain in the neck or back, behind the breastbone or pain between the shoulder blades.

Appetite and weight loss.

Hiccups with the feeling of food stuck forever in the neck or chest.

Vomiting and coughing up blood.

Aortic dissection

If the aorta, the main artery that can my heart, tears, a sudden andPain in the spine between the shoulder blades. This is an obvious surgical emergency.

Food sources of glutathione

December 21, 2009

Food sources of glutathione: glutathione (GSH) has demonstrated an antioxidant and detoxifying agent whose protective function has been in numerous clinical studies. GSH is rapid in the liver, synthesized kidneys and other tissues of the body, including the gastrointestinal tract. This process is caused by aging and disease, as these two conditions lead to reduced tissue and blood of glutathione. Diet forms of glutathione efficiently absorbed into the blood, butthe same is not true for glutathione supplements in humans.

In healthy volunteers a single dose of up to 3,000 mg Glutathione researchers found there were no increase in glutathione levels were observed in the blood. (Witschi A, Reddy S, Stofer B, Lauterburg BH. The systemic availability of oral glutathione. Eur J Clin Pharmacol 1992, 43 (6) :667-9.) Noted the authors of this study, "it is not possible to increase circulating glutathione to a clinically beneficial extent by the oralAdministration of a single dose of 3 g of glutathione. Johnson and colleagues (Johnston CJ, Meyer CG, Srilakshmi JC. Vitamin C raises red blood cell glutathione in healthy adults. Am J Clin Nutr 58:103-5 noted, 1993) that blood glutathione levels by nearly 50% in healthy people below 500 mg vitamin C per day. Vitamin C allows an increase in glutathione levels in blood by supplying the body with a nutrient that is involved in the production of it is of crucial importance.

In addition, vitamin C,Food sources of glutathione and several other nutritional compounds can help to increase glutathione levels, including N-acetylcysteine (NAC), alpha-lipoic acid, glutamine, methionine, and non-denatured whey protein (Bounous, G., & Gold, P., The biological activity of the denatured whey protein food [Immunocal]: The role of glutathione, Clin. Invest. Med (1991) 14 (4) :296-309.). N-acetylcysteine was used in combination with glutamic acid (or glutamine) and glycine (Clark, J. and was also the NAC in combination with dietary proteins (Quig, D., studied cysteine metabolism and metal toxicity, Alternative Medicine Review (1998) 3 (4) :262-270.).

HERBS: The herb milk thistle, an excellent source of antioxidant compounds Silymarin may help to prevent glutathione depletion in the liver. Silymarin is many times stronger antioxidant activity than the better known antioxidant vitamins E and vitamin C. The protective effect ofSilymarin against liver damage has been demonstrated in a number of scientific studies. Silymarin has been shown that against liver damage by extremely toxic chemicals to protect (produce this toxicity through its ability to be dangerous and destructive unstable compounds called free radicals), mediated by Amanita toxin, carbon tetrachloride, galactosamine and praseodymium nitrate. Silymarin promotes detoxification in the liver by preventing the exploitation of glutathione.

Glutathione in theLiver detoxification is essential for the ability of the liver. The higher the liver glutathione content, the greater the liver's ability to detoxify harmful chemicals. Chemicals that can damage the liver, (including alcohol and acetominophen), cause the concentration of glutathione in the liver is substantially reduced, so that the hepatocytes (liver) cells susceptible to damage. Silymarin not only prevents the depletion of glutathione due to alcohol and other toxins induced (Chrungoo VJ et al. Indian JExp Biol 1997 Jun; 35 (6) :611-7 increase.) But the level of glutathione in the cells of the liver (hepatocytes) (Valenzuela A et al. Planta Med 1989 Oct; 55 (5): 420 — 2nd), and possibly up to 35%.

Curcumin can also act as intermediaries in order to increase tissue glutathione levels (Dickinson DA, Iles, KE, Zhang, H., Blank, V., and Forman, HJ useful changes curcumin EpRE and AP-1 binding complexes and elevates Glutamate – cysteine ligase gene expression, FASEB J. (2003)17 (3) :473-475.)

Alpha-lipoic acid has also demonstrated it's ability to raise glutathione levels and as a potent antioxidant in numerous scientific studies.

Vitamins & Minerals: Vitamin B6, riboflavin and selenium are required in the production of glutathione, adequate food and consumption of foods rich in (or supplementation with) these vitamins and minerals can help the body to optimize glutathione production.

MILK PRODUCTS & MEAT: Dietary glutathione occurs inhighest amounts in fresh (raw) meat in moderate amounts in certain raw fruits and vegetables, and absent or only in small amounts in grains and pasteurized dairy products (Jones DP, Coates RJ, FLAGG EW, et al. (1992) Glutathione in foods in the health of the National Cancer Institute's habits and history food frequency questionnaire. Nutr Cancer 17: 57-75) listed. Foods rich in sulfur-containing amino acids are usually the best source of glutathione. Although undenaturedWhey protein is one of the best precursors (building blocks) for glutathione, it contains only moderate levels of naturally occurring glutathione. Freshly prepared (rare or raw) meat, raw (unpasturized) milk and raw eggs are also a very rich source of glutathione. Cooking and high-heat pasteurization, reduced glutathione content, and storage also affect the glutathione content of foods. In human breast milk aside for later use by breast-fed babies, a 73-79% loss of glutathionehave occurred if the milk was kept either chilled or at room temperature for two hours. (Ankrah NA, Appiah main character's destination-R, C. Dzokoto Human breastmilk storage and the glutathione content. J Trop Pediatr. 2000; 46 (2) :111-3.)

Fruits and vegetables: Fresh fruits and vegetables provide excellent levels of glutathione, but cooked foods contained far less or none at all, and highly processed foods contain less than minimally processed cooked foods. Glutathione testing of fruit and vegetables yield cancontrasting results because glutathione levels vary both diurnally (KOIKE S, Patterson BD (1988) Diurnal variation in glutathione levels in tomato seedlings. Hort Sci 23: 713-714, Schupp R, Rennenberg H (1988) Diurnal changes in glutathione content of spruce needles (Picea abies L.) Plant Sci 57: 113-117) with the phase of the development of the plant (BA Earnshaw, MA Johnson (1987) Control of carrot somatic embryo development by antioxidants. Plant Physiol 85: 273 -276;), and becausevarious environmental factors (DE KOK LJ, DE KAN PJL, TANCZOS OG, KUIPER JI (1981)-sulfate-induced accumulation of glutathione and frost-tolerance of spinach leaf tissue. Plant Physiol 53: 435-438; WISE RR, Naylor AW (1987 ) Chilling-enhanced photooxidation. The peroxidative destruction of lipids during chilling injury to photosynthesis and ultrastructure. Plant Physiol 83: 272-277).

Asparagus contains more glutathione than all other fruits and vegetables analyzed to day. (Jones, DPand others: Glutathione in foods in the health of the National Cancer Institute's habits and history food frequency questionnaire, Nutrition and Cancer 17 (1), p. lists 57, 1992.) In a study that compared the total antioxidant activity of potato compared , peppers, carrots, onions and broccoli, potatoes rank second highest after broccoli.

Per serving, asparagus, avocados, asparagus, squash, okra, cauliflower, broccoli, are potatoes, spinach, nuts, garlic and fresh tomatoeshighest glutathione content compared to other vegetables and are particularly rich dietary sources of glutathione (see Table 1 below).

Table 1 Comparison of Glutathione in Fresh vs. cooked foods

(in milligrams per 3 1 / 2 oz (100 g) serving)

Food glutathione content

Cooked apples: 21.0 mg Cooked: 0.0 mg

Cooked carrots: 74.6 mg Cooked: 0.0 mg

Grapefruit Uncooked: 70.6 mg Cooked: 0.0 mg

Spinach, cooked: 166 mgHot: 27.1 mg

Spinach (4) Uncooked: 9.65 mg Cooked: N / A mg

Tomatoes cooked: 169 mg Cooked: 0.0 mg

Asparagus (4) Uncooked: 28.3 mg Cooked: N / A mg

Avocado (4) Uncooked: 27.7 mg Cooked: N / A mg

Portulaca (4) Uncooked: 14.81 mg Cooked: N / A mg

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Visit San Francisco, California

December 21, 2009

San Francisco is the 4th largest city in California. From 2005, the population was estimated at 739,426.

San Francisco is known known for its hilly landscape, a mix of modern and Victorian architecture, and its famous sights like the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Iceland, Cable Car System, Chinatown, Coit Tower and the Transamerica Pyramid.

Attractions in the San Francisco area include:

– Alcatraz

– Aquarium of the Bay

– Cable carSystem

– California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park

– Chinatown

– Coit Tower

– Fisherman's Wharf

– Ghirardelli Square

– Golden Gate Bridge

– Golden Gate Park

– Grand View Park

– Japan Town

– Lombard Street

– Musee Mecanique

– Palace of Fine Arts and Exploratorium

– Pier 39

– San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park

– San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

– San FranciscoZoo

– The Cannery

– Transamerica Pyramid

– Union Square

– USS Pampanito

– Wax Museum

Here are some more information about the area:

– Some of the major companies headquartered in San Francisco are Gap, McKesson Corporation and Visa International.

– Major educational institutions in San Francisco from the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) and the University of San Francisco. The UniversityCalifornia, San Francisco (UCSF) is one of the University of California ten locations. The University of San Francisco is a private Catholic university, founded in 1855.

– The main airport for San Francisco San Francisco International Airport.

– Professional sports teams in San Francisco from Major League Baseball team, the San Francisco Giants, the NFL American football team, the San Francisco 49ers and the USL-1 soccer team,California Victory.

Plastic Is Killing Our Children!

December 20, 2009

Many are destroying our children with poison and they do it legally! If the scenario that follows represents the path of life, then do it. You have a baby and feed her milk in a warmed up plastic bottle. You give it plastic teething toys to bite on. All their toys are made of plastic and they often find their way into the baby's mouth. After some time passes, the child graduates to the "Sippy Cup", which also often heated. Cereal and mashed potatoesFruits and vegetables are heated in a plastic bowl. If the child is out of his food packaged in plastic containers. It is given water and milk from plastic containers. As parents on the go, the food is often quickly heated, plastic container in the microwave. In school, all food products consumed are bought and stored in plastic. The hot dog is topped with spices, wrapped everything in plastic. Any food in the house are in plastic containers. If this is yourLife, you are poisoning your child and yourself.

The average consumer is led to believe that all these plastic products are safe. The plastic manufacturers claim that they are safe and the government has sided with a lot of money. There are some stories in the news about the danger of some plastic products, but as a whole, the industry still claims that their products have little or no danger. However, there are some keys to information that has not been given adequate MessageCover. According to a study by the University of Rochester, many plastic products contain endocrine disrupters. This will disruptors in the system by drinking from plastic bottles and they mimic the effect of female hormones. Called polyethylene terephthalate, this substance increases female hormones in boys and leads to an increased risk of cancer and early onset of puberty in girls. The average boy today has a sperm count half of his grandfather.

An early red flagabout the dangers of plastic was increased in 1999 by ABC's 20/20.
Bisphenol A (or BPA) has been singled out in this particular chemical. In laboratory experiments have shown that union, that small amounts of the additive BPA leach from plastic baby bottles and end with baby milk. "The effect is of concern, here is an interruption of the development process. This could affect intelligence. One might influence behavior. It could affect the ability to learn. It can impair fertility,Fertility many years after the exposure occurs. "One can only wonder if the growing epidemic of ADHD is linked to the use of plastics.

Linked In an article by Jeremy Jacquot known as "Chemical Found in Plastic with reproductive disorders," BPA is the first time since the female reproductive disorders in a very clear statement of 38 scientists and published online in the journal Reproductive Toxicology published connected. "After checking in the vicinity of 700 studies, the scientistsfound that people who are regularly exposed to BPA levels that it is dangerous for the animals more vulnerable as a laboratory – separation infants and fetuses than most. The statement was by a new National Institutes of Health (NIH) accompanying study, which found that uterine damage caused by BPA exposure in newborn animals might predict a range of reproductive disorders in women – including endometriosis, cystic ovaries, fibroids and cancer . "

In December 2007 CNN's Health Watch found that"There is little doubt that the chemical can disrupt the hormonal system, but scientists differ markedly whether very low doses found in food and beverage containers can be harmful. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the side of the Plastics Industry, that BPA-based products do not pose a health risk. "The report noted that" With more than 6 million pounds produced in the United States per year, bisphenol A, found seals the vessels of food cans, CDs and DVDs, eyeglassesand hundreds of household goods.

Citing several studies in the United States, Europe and Japan, the chemicals industry maintains that polycarbonate bottles contain little BPA and leach traces considered too low to harm humans.

Critics point to an influx of animal studies linking low doses to a wide variety of diseases – from breast and prostate cancer, obesity and hyperactivity, to miscarriages and other reproductive disorders. "The report notes that phthalates found ineverything from PVC (water pipes) to shampoo also has a link to a full slate of diseases and deformities. A recent CDC study showed that phthalates were in a test group that they studied and propagated, that the level is again considered safe were found, not in deed. According to the CNN report, "studies have shown that BPA in polycarbonate containers made liquors and cans, and the exposure to BPA to cancer, in conjunction impaired, immune function, early puberty, obesity, diabetes and hyperactivity, amongother problems. "

According to an article in the California Chronicle, "More than 150 government-funded studies have shown effects on the health of the animals at extremely low doses of BPA – sometimes 2000-fold lower than (the Environmental Protection Agency EPA) is a safe level.

This flies in the face of conventional wisdom when it comes to establishing a so-called "safe level" of exposure to BPA. According to Environment California report, the contention that can harm only byhigh concentrations of a chemical is outdated thinking. If not revised to take into account the latest findings could cause such thinking in serious harm to the public health. "

The U.S. government seems to be alone on the poisoning effects of plastic stand. Japan and the EU have now banned certain plastic containers, and the San Francisco, Maryland and Canada have joined the anti-plastic movement. It all comes back, who do you trust? There is little doubt that these products from plastic to kill usand poisoning our children. Our government has been silent, as it wants "more testing." All one has to do is talk to each school system and ask them about the behavior problems. We have just become a nation of poor education, or is there something weird happen? Adding to put this issue other environmental stresses on our youth by poor diet, fast foods, high-energy drinks and environmental destruction, and there can be little doubt that we are poisoning our children-legally.