American English Teacher in Japan, Korea, the Middle East and in the remotest parts of the earth

While applying for an English teaching position abroad with a company that provides services Japan, I was asked to write a letter to / essay indicating "why I want to live and work IN JAPAN"

Here below are a few secrets to success when you are prompted such a letter, write, followed by the letter itself.

1. Express a heartfelt interest – employers want people who are passionate about their work.

2. Communicate the love of the arts – be it foreign or corporate transactions.

3.Highlight your professional skills, abilities and achievements.

4. Do they differ from the other candidates. What makes you so unique?

5. Convey the depth of your commitment. The companies want loyal and dedicated employees, it will be long term.


I want to live and work in Japan for the cultural experience and make a difference. My world travels have taken me that taught every nation, ethnic group and culturesomething special to teach and to communicate to mankind. Therefore I would like all of Japan an economic power and masterfully innovative country with enormous global influence of experience.

I have a TESOL Certificate (Trinity College London), over 3 years experience in teaching English, (15 years teaching / lecturing experience worldwide in over 50 countries, and I am the author of 14 pounds are both nominated for the Pulitzer Prize) .

I love living mainly in the East Asia andFor over three years. Japan is a country has always been that I am definitely intrigued and would like to see more. My grandfather, who was U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel, in Japan during World War II stationed. "Pop-Pop" as I affectionately call him, always spoke well of the Japanese and his experiences there.

I enjoyed teaching Japanese students at a language school here in Orlando, Florida. They were very polite, hardworking, and with a lot of fun.

As a former fitness trainer, I oftenGym and very enjoy receiving a shiatsu deep tissue massage. I also grew up playing baseball is often what I know is a very popular sport in Japan. It would be a thrill to a baseball game in Japan to visit, as I have seen through television, how exciting and solemn, the fans are about their national sport.

I am also very interested and experienced watching sumo wrestling. Maybe I'll get in a position to a photo with one of the national champion in Japan. TheAkito martial arts is also of great interest to me. During his time in Taiwan, I studied various forms of martial arts. The Japanese style Akito combines a unique blend of physical and defensive disciplines, which I feel would be useful to learn.

A trip to Japan would not be complete without a visit to Mount Fuji, a natural beautiful and spiritual odyssey. I seen it coming for a long time on this experience, and the sun until it horizons beyond the picturesque.

I feel is an enormousTeachers and profit for all languages in school, university or company. My worldwide travels, the understanding of Asian culture and genuine love for students to make me a wonderful teacher. Moreover, the fact that I am a published author, creative writer, poet, and it allows me to use the English language in a variety of ways and inspire learning in every academic capacity.

Please consider my sincere appreciation for a job in your company, to serve schools throughout Japan. I believe that a long-termCooperation between us will be forged remarkable results and bring mutual rewards. It is my desire to partner with a reputable company for which I can proudly for many years of work, an important contribution, and leave a legacy for other generations to follow.

In an era in which nations scramble for power, positioning to each other are military, and grow in hatred, it is important that we in the international community to build bridges to learn together and workpeacefully. I am working as an English teacher in Japan is one way we can begin to merge and come together at international level, as we share each other's language and culture.

I wish you happiness, success and fulfillment.


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