Lawrence, Kansas – Living in a Great College Town

Home to a major university to its basketball program, Lawrence, Kansas is a liberal, college community, has its start protesting slavery before the Civil War became famous. If you opt for an idealistic college town, which is a hidden gem.

Founded in 1854 and is the headquarters of the Lawrence Douglas County. The hotel is situated on the banks of both Kansas and Wakarusa rivers, there were 88,587 people in 2006, according to U.S. Census estimates. The number of residents have lived heresince 1990, has exceeded 65,608 were counted urban boundaries. Lawrence is located near a large city, about 50 miles from Kansas City, MO, and its population of 441,545. The state capital of Topeka is about 20 miles to the east. White non-Hispanic inhabitants of this city dominated by racial profile, from which 81% of the population. The remaining 4.7% African American, 2.2% Native American, 5% in Asia and 4.6% Hispanic. More than one quarter of the population claims German ancestry.The average age of residents was 26.6 years, about 10 years younger than the national average. Despite the many students from families up to 50% of urban households. Poverty was significantly higher, almost 11 percentage points above the national average it is 24%. About 12.5% of families were below the poverty line, while the national average was 9.8%.

The median income of households in Lawrence was $ 41,321 in 2006, slightly below the national average of $ 48,451. However,Families fared much better, so that on average $ 55,144 compared to the U.S. figure of $ 58,526. About 30% of jobs in education, health care and social assistance provided to sectors. The most frequent were jobs in the administrative, professional, and related fields in 41% of urban workers. Educational Service was tops for men (17%) and women (24%). Unemployment was slightly higher than the national average in 2005 to 5.1%. In the smaller at 28 square miles, 3154People can be found per square mile. The population fluctuates greatly with the many students than 7293 people live in school dormitories found. Living in this area did not provide for a peaceful city, crime in the vicinity or below the national average. In fact, it can appeal to those thinking about moving to Lawrence. As a university town of Lawrence is for its liberal philosophy and distinctive culture known. A well-educated community, more than 95% of the 25Years and older, at least from high school, while 52% had a bachelor's degree or higher. Founded in 1865, the University of Kansas, the largest institution of higher education in the state, with over 30,000 students.

Lawrence home prices in recent years has risen to an average of $ 163,400 per apartment in 2006. This exceeds by far the rest of the state, but the city about $ 20,000 below the national figure was home value. With 62% of all housingFamily houses, owner occupancy was 52%. Lawrence has seen a lot of new construction with 36% of housing units built since 1990. The average monthly cost for mortgage owners was $ 1201, while the tenant had to pay up to $ 734. Almost 60% of tenants were spending 30% or more of their household income on housing, not just 35% for homeowners with a mortgage, and 15% for owners. The weather in Lawrence sees average lows around 20 in January to record highs reached 91 in July. The area receivesnearly 37.7 inches of precipitation in an average year. The median duration of snowfall is 9.6 inches. Measurable snowfall occurs an average of 10 days a year. In a hot zone for tornadoes, the city is 148% more of a twister than the average price in the community to see. The nearest town is a category 5 tornado was in 1966, will kill about 24 miles from downtown to 16 people.

Many moved to Lawrence were greeted with open arms. While Kansas is strong as a Republican, has Lawrenceleaned against the Democratic candidate in the last four presidential elections. Douglas County was the only one to reject an amendment banning gay marriage in 2005. The city of Lawrence is the vote. The City Commission later approved a domestic partner registry to give same-sex couples recognition. The city liberal roots go back all the way to stop the bleeding Kansas era. Pro-slavery forces sacked the city and destroyed two newspapers slavery in 1856. During the Civil War was about 200killed in Lawrence Massacre. Most real estate Lawrence, and commercial buildings were set on fire by the Confederate conspirators. With its college-town liberalism Lawrence was known by Rolling Stone Magazine and The New York Times for its music scene. In the early 1980s, Lawrence was in the middle of a movie to present the results of a nuclear attack. The Day After depicted what would happen if the country was destroyed by nuclear weapons. Among the famous people with connections to this city, theInventor of basketball, Dr. James Naismith, was the first basketball coach at the University of Kansas.


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