Time to End Cuba Embargo

The United States has had an embargo against Cuba since 1962. In 1992, this embargo was codified as the as "The Cuban Democracy Act. This is the longest economic embargo and travel restrictions in U.S. history. It is time to end this trade restrictions and open the doors to trade and travel for the people of Cuba. The question is not whether the embargo was always justified, but there is no rational reason to keep them?

On 19 Fidel Castro announced in February that hehas resigned as president of Cuba. At 81 years old and his health has long reign of the dictator, all but come to an end. While the mantle of power was handed over to his brother Raul, aged 76, and his position as head of state can not be lived too long. The Heritage Foundation, argues that "The United States should keep existing policies in place, as far as Cuba is real progress on political reforms and human rights." This is shearIgnorance.

Embargo never an effective tool to change the internal policies of another government. The U.S. embargo against North Korea has been a farce. Our embargo against Iran have been ineffective. Everyone seems embargo is to be done to entrench anti-American feelings, while black-marketers, often American controlled, making huge sums of money to provide the very means that the target is such an embargo. Such measures can continue to pursue the beneficiaries of theseineffective embargo in the hands of those we distrust,
such as Russia or China. History has shown that the best way with which we are suspicious of the channels of trade and communications dealing keep them open. Look at China. While it is certainly far from a bastion of democracy, a large proportion of goods consumed in the Americans' Made in China. " They have only limited progress on human rights and democratic reforms, and yet they are one of our largest trading partner.

Weall aware of America's cultural imperialism. " Those who succumb to the comprehensive trade with the U.S. often the American way of life. Coca-Cola and McDonald's is no stranger to China, and while traveling is somewhat limited, Americans can go to China and share our lives and thinking. Change can be slow, but it is change. At the other end of the spectrum is North Korea. The fact that North Korea from participating with the rest of the world community, we have held thatCountry into the dark ages.

With economic and cultural contacts, we see that many countries have at least taken the first steps towards improving human rights and political rights. If we take the door to the Cuban people and increase our economic and cultural relations, we see change in a positive direction. If we wait to continue considering the Cuban government as our arch enemy, then the new leadership that behind the scenes will have little choice but continue to oppose the American laborInterests. To demand a change before we can contact you and facilitate trade is hypocritical. One has only to some of our trading partners to see that this is not the main rule of American foreign policy.

By the end of the embargo, now we are in raising a new generation of Cuban leaders who are friendly to our interests. The people of Cuba have suffered long enough. End the embargo now, and maybe we will even be a boost for our ailing economy.



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