CNN's God's Warriors

"God's Warriors" production, and recently by CNN as a wake-up call to ask to serve all, why the world is in a state of political, social and religious unrest. Based on interviews conducted by Christiane Amanpour, the talk makes the world traveled to the Jewish, Muslim and Christian "warriors", the documentary, why organized religions are a major divisive force on the Earth.

As the show explains, in their efforts around the world to save themReligions have caused deep divisions. While the emphasis of the fundamentalist elements of these religions has been made, it is clear that even the mainstream is just as responsible for the great religious divide. According to Amanpour, fundamentalists in these different faiths into a political force, with the aim of re-take the company in its own image and God back in power over the affairs of men. With a campaign against modern secularism, the "evil", have their activitiescreated unprecedented fear and division.

The fundamental questions are obvious. If God does not impose his will of humanity, to do what these people think they should do it for God? If everyone acts according to some divine will, then why are they killing and condemning each other? Is there more than one divine will? In his review of the novel, "Waking God said," by Christopher Friesen, "What if any truth you ever told was actually a mosaic ofLies? What if every religious institution, the redemption was announced, actually an agent of oppression? "These issues are the focus of this novel, and they are the focus of reporting Amanpour in" God's Warriors. "It is taught that you can not take heaven by force, but that is exactly what the fundamentalists seem to be preaching.

What about the mainstream faithful? Extremism in any religion is condemned by religious leaders. They say that they abhorViolence. While the words come easy termination, you can surely know them by their deeds. What do religious leaders to stop the violence and hatred? It seems that very little is being done. Remove If Muslim leaders condemning extremist actions "and threatened that the perpetrators of these actions by faith I could imagine we would see a strong reduction of terrorism. When Protestant ministers announced violent actions a sin and actively condemned such actions, perhapsit would be a little less hate. The problem is that both Christian and Muslim leaders are trying to spread their ideas and their version of the moral authority to impose on the rest of the world. Judaism differs from the others in this category. In an important elitist do, not Jews trying to convert others or to spread their faith. Do you really want to be left alone to live in peace, what they claim their Holy Land. Yes, commit acts of violence, but not with the intention ofTransformation of the world to their faith.

In a book titled "If the church leaves the house," by David Frederickson, we see that there is a growing movement of those who guided the spiritual, to leave the religion of their fathers. It is provided on its website "Is it possible that the Church of Christ promised to build looks different than much of what we call" church "today?" It is estimated that millions of former churchgoers have left the building inSearch for a meaningful and personal relationship with their God. The growing disdain for the violence perpetuated by extremists and can prevent the lack of measures to promote such actions by religious leaders to one day become their undoing.

Amanpour says that we must take note of the actions of religious extremists, because they have infiltrated and in many cases, the control of political debate in many nations. In my eyes there is no question that it is correct. These institutions are pitting brotheragainst brother in a power struggle to shape the world economy in their image. Their actions and words mean that divine intelligence is incapable of dealing with the affairs of man, or that it is the arm that intelligence as "warriors of God." What kind of God needs warriors? What kind of God sanctioning car bomb women and children or blowing up clinics? And what God is right: the God of the Jews or the God of the Muslims? It makes no sense.

BestsellersAuthor and inspirational speaker, Dr. John Demartini, in an interview published a new book, "Jesus had taught, Too: The Early Roots of the Law of Attraction to say" this about religion: "If we focus on the sub-religious system We stop at bottom of opening our religious heart. If there is a divine order, divine intelligence and divine love and divine wisdom and beauty in everything, where God is not it? "It is clear that" God's Warriors "is notascribe to this philosophy. Their passion for violence, hatred and contempt for those of differing opinions are typified by their actions and deeds. It is clear that we are on the message that was contained in the CNN report heard. These people want and have the power and spread a little and to impose their views on others to do. As a major character in the novel, "Waking God" says: "It's not about the salvation of mankind and never has been." It is necessary to a "great awakening"when humanity begins responsibility for the world in which we live growing more frequent.


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