UFO – Will the Yellowstone National Park Super Volcano Blow?

Xrytspet decided that I spend too much time on the computer keyboard and was kidnapped me from the Universe Inchkonval Olympic Games in her FnL7 Time to Craft, the FnL9.

Hack Writer: I was right in the middle of an article which would have cured all the economic problems of the world.

Xrytspet she said, flashing yellow eyes: you know as much about economics as McCain and Graham.

Hack Writer: Those are harsh words in this country. We are not allowed to vote for the DemocratsIdaho.

Xrytspet: McCain wants to remove the Federal Republic of gasoline tax. How long do you think that the fuel would hold down prices?

Hack Writer: I would be with the space for the oil companies foresee raising prices, about three weeks at the most. It would be a hole in the dike for another fuel costs eruption.

Xrytspet: Speaking of dikes, it probably will not matter anyway. How often does the super blow volcano in Yellowstone Park? Maybe you can fill up some free energy fromdass

Hack Writer: It blows about every six hundred thousand years after the good professor at the University of Utah. Why?

Xrytspet: When it blows, what will happen to North America?

Hack Writer: It is to be buried in the dust. Another Ice Age.

A chill went down his spine. I said: "God wants the Olympics? It's time to blow up the cause again."

A change in the universe was made possible with the FnL9. Xrytspet said that the Universe is not Inchkonvalof antimatter, then there should be no problems. The old time crafts FnL7 simply not enough to poop, but in the new spaceship we are in what seemed like three days even though the time to travel are mind boggling.

The Olympic Games on the planet Vigisasgyle, which was reserved for the Olympic Games take place. Only three reasons for their keeper lived during the seventeen-Earth-year period betwixt the games. We have found that God is sitting in the stands with some poor creatures eat all the sausages. GodWe are looking into the stands.

God: Oh, the Hack Writer! And you, Xrytspet! What problems have you always on?

Xrytspet are hazy purple book. She was always in trouble, especially with me.

Hack Writer: It's nice to see you again, honest and God Answers. We have come to you with a question that concerns us people in Idaho.

God: Ah, ha! The McCain / Graham economy?

Hack Writer: Not at all. It is the same as the Bush administration economy. No matter who winsthe election, Obama or McCain, the damage is already done. Our dollar is worthless. I would like to know is if you think the Yellowstone Super Volcano is blowing?

God is Ecomomics not belong to your strengths, it is Taylor Jones the Hack Writer. What does not expect the Yellowstone Super Volcano, if you. You've been to Pompeii.

I thought that the fear I experience when Pompey, while in the Coliseum with Vesuvius smoking away. I said, "would be Australiagood? "

God: It is at least in the right hemisphere of the earth. It would give you the time. Oh, did your ever astronauts back to No Name Moon?

Xrytspet: Why would anyone go to No Name Moon twice? Such a desolate Hell Hole!

God: But it could be better than the earth.

I have no claim to the Olympic Games!

Fly Old Glory!


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