National Health Care System in Japan and Taiwan – would it be possible for us?

Every society is affected by changes in domestic or imported new movement, therefore, a problem that can be imagined, has no relation to its environment very well affect him through a chain of cause and effect.

Health care is an immediate problem that affects us all. We all experience it and need it. Let's seriously ask ourselves whether the current health care system is satisfactory and available to everyone. Should health, Medicare and treatments available to only selected groups?Many people vote for the presidential candidate who can restore the current health care system or who is a better health care sales leader for our country. I personally hope for a change, that is the health care available and affordable for everyone to see.

Being able to receive basic medical care is a basic need of all people. The fulfillment of this basic need, people feel secure, and it makes sense that people with better health may contribute more to society. Arealistic and attainable standard of health should be set for all people. These efforts need to establish a charitable institution of the journey and to claim. Life and health of the people should not be made for the profit of a few organizations in question.

Before moving to Japan, I was covered under insurance, my parents' policy in the United States. Their policy covered children in the family until the age of twenty-four. Upon graduating from university, I moved to Japan and started my first jobthere. I joined the Japanese national health insurance through the company I worked for. There are basically two types of health insurance in Japan: The national health insurance and employer-paid health insurance. In general, under the employer sponsored insurance is the insurance premium charged to income, number of dependents, and the company has received subsidies. For someone who is self-employed or unemployed, the cost of health insurance a minimum of 13,300 yen,or about $110 per month plus a small percentage of income for those who are self-employed. In other words, everyone can get insurance from around $100 dollars a month. Unlike the Medicaid program in the U.S. which is only available to certain low-income groups with specific requirements for eligibility, the Japanese health insurance is available to every citizen and legal residents. There is a ceiling to what the Japanese National insurance covers, but it covers all the basics and beyond.

In most cases in Japan, the patients choose their doctor or hospital. There is no restriction on the doctors or hospital she can visit. This is a real competition between clinics, hospitals and doctors, not for profit but for quality. The same assurance that the people in Japan gives them the freedom to get a second opinion, and of course remove those doctors whose practices in question. The doctor visits, treatments and medicines are not free, you areresponsible for thirty percent of the medical bills. Japanese health care costs are much lower than the costs in the United States. Thirty percent of the medical bill is still a reasonable amount you can afford. There are also special cases or groups of diseases, type of insurance coverage would be greater. If you are in default on his payments, his insurance will not automatically invalid. The insurance is still the person, as long as he makes up the missed payments. Nevertheless, somePeople are running into difficulties in their lives at one point or another. Sounds too good to be true? Well, it's true.

Taiwan, a place without recognition of world politics, has one of the best public health system in the world. After moving to Taiwan to go because of my husband's transfer of one years too, I have learned and appreciated the system in which the universal or national healthcare for all, more than ever before. When speaking of universal national health insurance, or shame, the peopleOften turn their attention to the well-debated and discussed health care in Canada. There are people whose views are negative, claiming that the medical service in a single-payer insurance system may not perform his last, and those whose views are positive that they do not live in fear of ever face bankruptcy for outrageous medical bills . From my informal inquiries, and more Canadian, I came upon the benefit of their national health system. Most of those whoCommenting on behalf of their national health systems that are more people living in Canada with their basic physical and psychological needs met secured.

In Taiwan, there are also government-sponsored universal health care not only for its citizens but also for foreigners living in Taiwan. Foreign citizens can apply for government-funded insurance prior to having their legal status of residence in Taiwan. Insurance fee starts from the basic 600NT or about $ 18 aMonth. For people in higher income brackets, is calculated to cover a certain percentage of their income on 600Nt. Fees are waived for former soldiers, those who are physically disabled, and people, the economic disadvantages.

Interestingly, Taiwan has established the National Health Insurance only been slightly more than two decades, since 1985. The government policy makers from various foreign countries studied health and composes the firstTaiwan national health care from the ideas and methods of the system in other countries. It was said that Taiwan's National Insurance system as a completed puzzle of pieces that will be made fit his country and people. This insurance now covers the entire population, including the legal foreign residents. According to one of Taiwan's National Health Research and Taiwan's Bureau of National Health Insurance, the cost of health care funded research had not increased afteruniversal coverage was established (Jui-Fen & Hsiao, 2003.) What does this tell us?

A basic health care program can significantly reduce the consequences of untreated disease. Primary health care does not mean free or senseless spending without control. To build a healthy nation, we should take a closer look at the current U.S. health insurance. Finally, a strong nation begins with the health of people.


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