Moderate drinking women suffer from breast cancer

Everything that we do eat, and think about impact on our health. When we look for ways to combat a variety of diseases, the annual report of the American Association for Cancer Research 2008 meeting proposed that can have a continuous involvement in bad habits such as eating fatty foods and drinking lead to cancer, melanoma and other diseases.

The group is stressing the need to control our thirst for liquor and beer, especially for women, and food, which ultimately contribute to health risks in May –Future. It was noted that women may increase to consume moderate amounts of alcohol may increase the risk of breast cancer. Comparing a heavy drinker wife three or more glasses per day from a nondrinker consumed increased, the former has a 51-percent risk of ER + / PR + breast cancer.

Although links are not yet established why women drink alcohol, have a greater risk of breast cancer, but showed the results of the findings that many drinkers have suffered from breast cancer. At the same timeTime, women, hormone replacement therapy may suffer from the disease.

This was after Jasmine Q. Lew, fourth-year medical student at the University of Chicago, which this research is a recipient of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute-National Institutes of Health Research Scholarship at the implementation of the National Cancer Institute (NCI) Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics.

In a study conducted on the NIH AARP Diet and Health in 1995, Lewand her colleagues were 184,418 postmenopausal women who joined the research and were open about their daily alcohol consumption. After seven years of follow-up, they found that women who drink moderately have a higher risk of breast cancer too.

But Lew said several studies have not yet considered in order to validate their results. She added that there could be other factors on breast cancer, apart from drinking alcohol. However, she advised that cut drinking by womento avoid their consumption of alcohol breast cancer.


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