Free market economy and free-market University

Cambodia was drawn into the "free market" after the radical agreement in Paris on 23 Done in October 1991. And these "humanitarian trend is" of course, mostly accepted by Cambodians. From this, Cambodia has boosted integration into the regional and international communities their economies.

Education is today one of the most or probably the most urgent agenda of the Cambodian people and the government. I myself and most of the Cambodian people, rich and poor,formed, showing low levels of education and illiteracy, negative perceptions of mushrooming universities in Cambodia.

I've seen that almost all the universities do not play like the "human resource developers", it seems like the commercial competition, profit-oriented. " University can play the role of 'for-profit entity? " It would be too dangerous for the university to turn in the profit-oriented businesses, because the whole nation wouldsuffer in the future. Do in this short article, I do not want my content from the presentation and analysis of existing or imminent disadvantages that the universities will lead to profit-oriented view enlarge.

Many apparent problems were seen and complaints by the students were ubiquitously heard, unemployment, not quality of training, lack of clear academic curriculum. So who or what those problems are created. Are universities, which play role of profitdramatically, to the problems mentioned above. Obviously, we see that almost all the sectors that have economic, political, social and analyzed by the international movement of people or institutions. And why is that? Universities are not convinced that the production of human resources, replacing those of foreigners.

I see that there are two possibilities, unemployment is rising in Cambodia;

1. Truly educated people are not with an opportunity to express their skills and provided

2.Although the vacancy is available, we did not occupy the qualified persons.

I have no analytical resolution to the chaos, because I keep this article short and simple like. But I'm only one point command: improving the quality of universities is the first step, and especially from all the other improvements and we'll see how it will always continue. Under Article 6 of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR),Everyone has a right to work and earn a living, not just the ICESCR, Cambodian Constitution and other international instruments that have entered Cambodia, guaranteed to do the same and self-employment is entitled, but the quality and the possibility of the problem in Cambodia, as the pursuit of this international instrument is very difficult to achieve.

"Quality is everything, but that's all plotted on the willingness and the government, of course, is thatWillingness to provoke "(Coined by Lay Vicheka, 2005).


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