Simple statistics Proving the injustices of capitalism

Use and consumable goods and services produced, manufactured, bought and sold through the interactive components of an operational economic system, the ordinary workers, form the core of the market economy. But the control over the means of production of goods and services remains the crucial factor in determining who ultimately profits from the system.

For example, John, American capitalism, has inherited the financial capital for a factory to a productionConsumable entertainment product that would easily be bought by millions of impulsive American people. Before the construction of the factory, John has realized that each product is manufactured required ten dollars of materials purchased wholesale, twenty percent of their actual value, from sources outside the United States, where the firm for the purchase through a London broker provided. John then hired fifty employees working an assembly line through which eachProduct is assembled and packed in five minutes time. John sets a sale price to the point five to one hundred percent on the amount required for its production, and only pays its employees, the lower unskilled men and women, the assembly package and ship the finished products to the buyers, the federal statutory minimum wage for their work.

Then, in a week, John is currently unemployed, in which all begins after the production, unless an extremely efficient rentalAccountant / plant manager to lead the factory to pursue its claims and liabilities, and to ensure that its employees are paid on a weekly basis. John stays at home, communication with his manager through the Internet.

In a month, John, the capitalist, sells 50,000 products for a gross of $ 5,000,000, while four six-day week, working eight hours per day. After his gross payments by the buyers, John pays its employees a total of $ 56,000, whichUtilities (electricity, water, telephone, Internet, etc.) – $ 4000, the building owner – $ 5,000 and send / receive through FedEx and UPS – $ 10,000. He pays his raw material resource / material suppliers $ 250,000 and his loyal accountant $ 10,000 for his services. Advertising, over time, adds one months, on average another $ 200,000.

Let us now add up the numbers and see how much profit is derived from John, the lower work of its employees, on whom he relies for its revenue.The total expenditure for John is $ 535,000. That from his gross income of $ 5,000,000 to $ 4,446,000 revenue gain for the emerging capitalist is removed. After deduction of $ 699,750 for federal taxes on his business, John takes home $ 3,765,250th In some countries it could create state tax, a tax office, city taxes, but they would not be more than an additional $ 500,000, would leave John with an incredible $ 3,265,250 of net monthly income.

That's pretty much money for aMonth of industrial operation, but twelve times that amount, or the annual net income, is an even-more-stunning figure, $ 39,183,000th That is, if the demand for a product John's will remain stable for at least a year. This is entrepreneurial capitalism at its most productive mode of operation. Nevertheless, considering that only a little more than two percent of people in a population of slightly more than 300,000,000 have the financial resources on a continuous basis in order to invest in start-upCompanies, like John, you can clearly see the gross inequality that can enforce systematically in a globalized economy. The entire working area of the market economy philosophy is based primarily on the productivity of a worker, and in the course of a single, increasingly, profit by the work, the work force available. This principle simply means that the control would not be 2 percent of the population of rich and prosperous without the 98% that of the labor force.Therefore, one or more rich capitalists always remain dependent on the work of other people for the further acquisition of wealth. That's basically why slavery was so attractive, in the southern United States for such a long period. Southern cotton growers could not take her great wealth without the involuntary servitude of the black slaves. Free slave labor from southerners as a gift from God to the spread of capitalism seen.

The development of today's freeMarket economy began in ancient times with the practice of bartering goods and services to share what later on mercantilism. The lean-old farmer in Gaul could have offered a poor hunter five-live egg-laying chickens for a dead deer or a cobbler, a blacksmith could have offered a pair of boots and shoes for the shoeing of horses. Prior to the establishment of standard national media was most common when people learned how a service or runproduce a good to for other needed goods and services in order to survive from day to-to-day. Although precious metals first were introduced into state economy, and decorated in coins, for clothing, food and shelter, there was exchange of a large number of peasants or serfs (the working class) who never like this. Instead, allow them to beds, food and clothing in exchange for their service to the king, queen, emperor, or nationalLeaders. Pre-and Post-Medieval Medieval economies were structured so as to keep the money (gold and silver away) from the hands of the working class people, and in the hands of the nobility, gentry, and the priests to perpetuate the prevailing caste system.

This Pre-20th Century economic philosophers such as Adam Smith and David Ricardo pushed vigorously the systematization of investments and the dynamics of individual investors to reap dividends from the re-investment ofProfits. From Ricardo's theory of comparative advantage, with Adam Smith's laissez-faire doctrine of free market economy, the working class idea that a nation-state fares best when business and personal investment remains unregulated by the government together, has gone directly of American corporate CEOs LED multi – million dollar received annual salaries and the spread of the belief that the economy, the investor always does what is best for themselves at the expense of others.Nevertheless, the economic gaming staggered theory later, in the early 1950s, through the negation of the rule of Adam Smith that a person is not always what is in his own interest from the Princeton mathematician John Nash. Nash theorized, and won the 1994 Nobel Prize in order that a person goes better when he does what in the best interest of the entire group, but by themselves. This principle of momentum for stressing the "best interests" utilitarian principle taught inPhilosophies of Jeremy Bentham and John Stuart Mill, that the greatest happiness should be realized to the greatest number of people in all economic and political aspirations. It is unfortunate that Nash theoretical principles only to groups of competing companies, trusts have been used, and monopolies within a capitalist economic system instead of receiving the majority of the population, the end result of capitalism.

Return again to John and realized its enormous profitsthe work of fifty workers over a month, the money, which he produced, if legal, just barely, when he freely shares the profits with its employees with justice. Why? I mentioned that John is not the medical care or other benefits for its employees, but only at the federal level, current minimum wage level prescribed by law. The average 2 percent of the U.S. population that controls 98 percent of the money ever in the United States from approximately 3,000,000 people. That's enoughPeople to populate the three cities the size of Seattle. But if you also claim that there are about a total of 110,000,000 adult males and females (both 98% and 2%) in the American workers who are constantly required to make enough money just to pay rent / mortgage, electricity bills making food, clothing and transportation for themselves and their families, 98 percent of this figure is a staggering 107,800,000 people. These are the people who are for the wealthy 2 workPercent. From this number, you can deduct 7848484 people around the country, the federal government, the state, municipalities and employees. These people do not receive salaries from revenues produced by their government employers, but rather from the tax money from the income of most private sector employees gathered. This is 99951516 private individuals who earn on average U.S. $ 60,000 or less in annual wages.

These statistics are heuristically static, in fact,unless you continue to examine other specific socio-economic conditions can understand how those findings, the 2005 one-out-of-five people in New York City is not coming where his next meal, and that an out – Of six people in Los Angeles does not have proper shelter, food, clothing or get to a person over the years maintained a week. The same conditions can be fairly applied to the U.S. cities of Philadelphia, Boston, Washington, DC, Houston, Pittsburgh, Oakland, etc. (which have populations of more than500,000). When you consider that, at present, 38 large companies in the United States, who prefer to outsource 60 percent of its staff from Third World countries that employ only U.S. citizens as decent, livable wages, you can see why the Unemployment in the 50 states on average by 5 percent from year to year. This means that there a certain date are approximately 6000000 people in labor force are unemployed. Free market capitalism, leading to chronic, with whom she theserelated socio-economic problems. Federal laws will be perpetuating these problems by the freedom of enterprises and companies to exorbitant profits at the expense of the physical security of their lower paid workers produce poorly aligned. I have found in other essays, described the political process, and the purpose for which the conscious introduction of high inflation in a market economy. Consuming Social, political and financial power over the lives of the people is the endResult of a capitalist system, which is ultimately placed in the hands of private bankers (Federal Reserve) to manipulate for their own, and businesses benefit.

Equitable settlement of a nation-state economy can only be done properly if the tax money collected from the citizens for the utilitarian purpose of providing for the safety and happiness of the greatest number or majority of the population of the state are used. Maybe if the citizens are charged standard servingsFederal taxes should be their minimum wage salaries, he will receive the same benefits of health insurance, accommodation, food and clothing provided by the government because the individuals making $ 1,000,000 per year to receive, especially if the work efforts of the minimum — citizens directly pay the salaries of $ 1,000,000 per year, and citizens. Why is that fair? If a man is luxurious lifestyles directly from the work product of other people who are forced, supported by theirWages and salaries, living in poverty, should be limited in the opulent detail, good distribution of right of his income for the greater public. You could call that state socialism, but I see it as the only just and moral use of voracious greed, a simple feature of human nature. If someone rises to wealth and prosperity on the backs of the poor people pay unjust, a serious moral crime has been committed to or greater than the crimes committed serious crimes, now deceased, former CEOEnron, Ken Lay.

Most of the capitalists (the 2 percent of the nation) to avoid democratic socialism as an aberration of economic theory and application. Economist John Kenneth Galbraith, however, pointed out the socio-economic inequalities emanating from unregulated capitalism in his book "The Affluent Society." Moreover, Galbraith highlighted the rise of chronic social problems in the United States in a purely capitalist society. If Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid were introducedby the federal government as a means of providing for the health and safety of elderly and sick retirees, the inequities that result from prevailing corporate capitalism hardly resolved. In 2006, 17,000,000 Americans, 65 years-of-working age and not more older, to receive their earned income on social security entitlements. The average monthly Social Security payment will be issued, these millions of Americans in retirement was $ 1,200, hardly enough to provide a meager check toSubsistence.

Thus, Mabel began a 65-year-old unskilled women without high school education for the federal minimum wage in force in 1980, for a small company in Florida that began with a staff of twelve and grew to fifty employees until the year 2007. Mabel wages topped out in 2000 at $ 12 per hour and moved in 2002 with 22 years of work service. The company refused to provide health or pension benefits for its employees and their job Mabel announced to levy a monthlySocial Security check of $ 1,500 per month, which are $ 420 each month was less than lead their company payroll check up. Two months after finishing the work, Mabel, a chain smoker was diagnosed with malignant lung cancer. She applied for Medicare and Medicaid, but later learned that the medical services and medicines they expected was not sufficient to deal adequately with its life-threatening illness. Within a year, Mabel, who had no family care for them, takes a turn for the worse and was forced toto accept to supply a state-run convalescent home, where she died three years later. Not a sad story, right? Now it is much more common than you'd expect.

Now we see each other again a moment in this society, for the Mabel spent most of her working life. The entrepreneurial capitalist owners of the company name was John, who in 2000 was its highest annual profit record of $ 250,000,000 through its merchandise in constant demand by the public since 1980. Inthe millennium, John, and its aging plant manager realized a net profit of $ 180,000,000 U.S. dollars, which they shared equally. His staff, he will be constantly adapted, replaced and which were for a period of twenty years, all middle-aged, unskilled and poorly educated citizens who are quite happy to receive their wages, without health and pension plans. The only benefits associated with the work were annual increase in labor costs, a $ 100 bonus at Christmas and Thanksgiving together for baked hamall employees. What John had not recognized from the beginning was that without the dedicated efforts of its employees, its gross margin, he could not be derived. Therefore, the intrinsic value of employees remained, and remains the main problem.

In 2006, offered only 4 percent of the Fortune Five Hundred companies in the United States, lucrative profit-sharing plans for their employees. None of the other thousands of corporations and businesses in the United Statesoffered any kind of profit-sharing in their benefit packages. Why not? Voluntary redistribution of wealth the company is not simultaneous and pleasant, with a free market economy. It is considered heresy and is not endorsed by the people, by the experts of capitalism. In fact, communism was like in the early 1950s, it is mocked and desecrated in the most pro-capitalist economic journals. Most CEOs, how will capitalist John, Sit back graze easily in their office chairs, and their profitsearned on the backs of their employees, and say that their employees should be satisfied with their wages.

For a democratic federal republic, to install as the United States, and operated in a democratic-socialist economy, the institutions of government, which allegedly consist of elected representatives who reflect the needs and the voters. The Constitution of the United States was not mentioned at all, the economy or the creation of a federal bureaucracyAdministrative staff, who are appointed by officials from the executive, will assume the Article 1, Section 8 Duties of the legislature. ) For example, the U.S. Congress (House of Representatives and the Senate is empowered by the Constitution characterize money and determine its value, as it is authorized to provide for crossing the land, air and naval forces. The executive or the President, which is only authorized to execute the laws and rulescreated by Congress. Thus, James Madison said in the Federalist Papers. "The simplicity of the set of representative government is necessarily the letter of the Constitution and explains how simply by Madison, Hamilton and Jay in the essays they wrote the federal system, which makes the tortuous creations of Franklin D. Roosevelt, with the consent of Congress to explain appear at this age extremely ridiculous and unnecessary. If 98 percent of the population of a country is controlledsocially and financially opulent from the 2 percent and 98 percent to start speaking out in small numbers until most of them maintain their economic power as the backbone of the capitalist system.

The story recalls how the French Revolution was primarily about hard economic, social and political injustice by a monarchy, took care not created for the fate of his subjects. The days in 1789, when the Bastille was stormed by French citizens screaming freedom, equality, fraternity rangDeath of the despotic control. Today people are living in a basically French socialist system of high taxes and government benefits, which provide for the health and social security of the entire population. Of course there are the rich and the poor in France, but essentially no French citizen is now the basic necessities, which represent the needs of life bereft. Higher education is also of the Government of French citizens who aspire to the professions available. That,Unfortunately, this is not as it is in the United States, the richest country in the world and capricious. Nevertheless, the story is repeated constantly, and another revolution, in the form of the French Revolution, is bound to occur again.


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