Oprah Misses the Mark – the secret

Is The Secret just about money, lose weight, with better sex, or you find your soul-mate? " Although I 8 Oprah show in February, I received an e-mail said, it was a shame that The Secret was all looking for money. The emailer was disappointed to find a "meditative experience" and was. To bring up-to-date, The Secret is both a film and a best-selling book. It claims to have demonstrated long-hidden truths that guide individuals andto create the human race into a new era in which everyone is their own reality. Oprah guest were the driving force of the film and book, Secret Rhonda Byrne and teacher Mike Beckwith, Jack Canfield, Lisa Nichols, James and Ray.

As explained in the Larry King series, The Secret is "about positive thinking" and shows people how from the unlimited universal energy all that they can claim want. The concepts are supported by recent findings of quantum physics,All things are energy, and that the mind can bring this energy in the form and is an expression of wishes, whatever they may be. The main components of the intelligence "are asking to welcome and thank" for the fulfillment of one's own desires. The universe, like the Genie in Aladdin's lamp, then organize your energies and bring into reality the things that you want. Using the Law of Attraction, a known scientific principle, the idea that you prefer to thinkThese circumstances or events necessary to fulfill your wishes. The sentence is basically is the wish of the universe command and it will respond.

It is clearly in the secret that explains the human race has always created his reality. The problem is that it unconsciously by most done, and consciously aware of only a few. The result is a lopsided society with a small percentage of the control of the majority of the world's wealth and power. In essence, reveals the secret ofaccumulated wisdom of great religious avatars and mystics of the past. But those who have long been afraid of such power in the hands of many, such as religious leaders, kings, nobles, robber barons and political leaders tried to prevent this knowledge not see the light of day. Apart from a few secret societies, suppressed their efforts to have the secret of success for thousands of years. The Secret says that the universe is ready, willing and able to give, to eachHealth, wealth, love, happiness and peace, but that the age-old dogma and were misleading interpretations of sacred texts used specifically to prevent what seems too good to be true.

Why not show like Oprah sometimes miss the mark? If the secret is true, and there is much evidence and experience say that it is, its profound nature and potential impact is minimized. While many have given testimony to the power of the Secret, it's a shame that the focus is always onwith more money and better sexual relations. I think that meant nothing to deny anyone, including welfare, health and a better personal relationships. If we live in a universe based on the love of it are all meant to live happy and successful. However, as many would attest, if these things are sought as the primary purpose of life, happiness is often difficult. Keep in mind, is one of the main reasons that people are not all these things, because most havewere told that these things are false and that real reward is waiting in a mythical heaven. Of course, these statements from those who "must have" and are afraid because of the false concept of scarcity, the others like it, they get robbed of their wealth and power.

The secret is the most profound concept of our time. His way of thinking and wisdom is not new, has been created and made available to the whole world. The appearance on Oprah was that it's just some new self-helpor inspiring his book, hailed as a new fad of Hollywood stars. Even if the guests a very deep view of the issues that followed about better sex and weight loss were the focus. There is no question that Oprah is a force for positive change in the world and I am not in the least minimize their dedication to helping humanity. Perhaps our society is so open that material opportunities, to promote prosperity o get that, get a better job, more attention from a TV audience.I hope that those who buy the book and the film come to see that, in addition to offering material happiness and abundance, The Secret, a spiritual revolution that could reshape the world. Given the state of world affairs, this seems to draw greater attention by the authors and promoters of this wonderful gift to humanity to justify.


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