Muslims Invade Europe, Latin invasion of the U.S. —

Referred to this time in history has the age of terrorism. While the concept is appropriate to the age of culturalism could a better fit. Culturalism is comparable with the rise of "nationalism" in the late 19th and early 20 Century. As we recall, saw the growth of nationalism, the destruction of empires and the emergence of many nation-states. It also led to international conflicts.

Culturalism is the pride and devotion to a culture, but as a nation. In the mid to late 1900, the> American culture has the world by storm. Jeans, rebels without a cause, rock and roll, hippies and fast food, penetrated the American culture in the remotest corners of the planet. No bombs, troops or missiles were needed to be able to a Big Mac, Pepsi, Coca-Cola or Kentucky Fried Chicken in countries that were inclined to be hostile given the interests of the United States. Pax Americana was basically the Americanization of the planet, much to the chagrin of foreign cultural traditionalists.

The historyBooks are also filled with cultural invasions during the colonial period. The cultures of places like India, China, Latin America and Africa, the brunt of Western cultural assault, which glorify the "white man's burden", as it destroys traditional societies. Native religion barely survived the missionaries who set out to save the name of God to the heathens from their pagan worship.

The tide has begun to shift. Muslims have culturally receptionEurope. Latinos are striking back in America. Fast Food in the U.S. is now promoting the burrito, and many other Latin-sounding meals. Even under the guise of "you like it 'the taco or some form of spacey Latin dish adorns the menu Marquis. The European Union bloc, according to the AP, now numbers less than 13 million Muslims, and the growth of Islamophobia is on the rise. In Spain, thousands of Africans to flee, after its banks in search of work. Some are now pushing in BritainBritish schools to teach traditional values, so that they lost in the new cultural invasion.

It could be argued that the turn to play fairly. For centuries the West has dominated the cultural world. And now, slowly, are the ones who colonized and their culture under threat once faced extinction in motion, changing the structure of Western society. There is no question that the message, with an ever-growing number of hate crimes performed by Western countries to their newImmigrants. Only time will tell whether these new cultural invasions will remain relatively peaceful, which will be repeated if the violent scenarios played out during the civil rights movement in the U.S. and perhaps even exaggerated.


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