Why I Am A Conservative

First, we should begin to get the dictionary definition: preserve from becoming damaged, lost or wasted to keep, store or maintain. In politics, a conservative is defined as someone who tends to conserve or preserve established traditions or institutions.

Now we ask a leading question. Is it worthwhile to conserve or a conservative? George Santayana, Spanish-American poet and teacher of philosophy at Harvard University, wrote in his book "Reason in CommonSense: "Those who can not remember the past doomed to repeat it."

I am a child of the Depression – the oldest child of a mother Set Adrift in the economic disaster with three teenagers. For a week we lived on a peck of dried peas – morning, noon and night – which my mother in great humiliation to receive from the government surplus food depot.

I mention these painful, personal memories, so that you understand, I am am aware of the hardships of poverty andCircumstances or the role of government in mitigating the disaster.

I believe my first vote for Franklin Delano Roosevelt – then, and still today – that the government has the responsibility to "prime the pump" in big emergencies.

Unfortunately, when Democrats discovered the vote – getting power of free social services, they would not return to the requirement of individual responsibility. In 1951, during a luncheon at the National Press Club in Washington, DC, PresidentTruman and his press secretary came in and took stools at the bar next to our table. After sandwiches and soup, the president turned and said hello to my host. With this, we're engaged in conversation, the President.

This morning was a headline on the front page of the "Washington Post" – "inflation hits 3 percent." None of us have heard in the group of inflation ever. So I said: "Mr. President, excuse my ignorance, but what about inflation?

Truman smiled and replied: "Do not apologize. Iwas asked that same question today in the Cabinet meeting tomorrow. I told him it was like a hunter stung by a bee – and he said to a Cabinet-room wit, the core of which was the hunter's desire for an ointment that would have removed the sting, but the swelling.

I laughed, but I noticed that he intentionally inflating inflation for political purposes – by running the printing presses overtime at the Bureau of Engraving.

Truman had already confiscated the real money in the Social SecurityInsurance Fund to pay for World War II to help replace the Insurance Reserve IOU s. Thus, the hedge ceased on retirement, insurance and became a "trust." Some of you may remember, the liberal argument: "There is nothing to fear. We owe it to ourselves."

I was worried because common sense told me that Social Security, and the nation go bankrupt if inflation – at 1 percent, or whatever next – would be for an indefinite period. That's when I became oneconservative.

If the social security went up to the first short-term decline in the early sixties, I wrote a column warning about the impending crisis. Should have realized the amount of angry responses from readers, including some close friends, the facts, I was amazed. I was irresponsible for suggesting that Social Security was in difficulties.

However, the politicians in Washington fessed, a year later brought the employee / employer contributions for the first time. Suchhave increased, as each appeared at regular intervals. Another reason is now necessary, such as Medicare and Medicaid.

The crucial problem is that labor and Save-Americans to cough up to government – federal, state and local level – at least one third of what they earn. I am a student of history, and I've learned that all previous civilizations have collapsed when about 40 percent of the fruits of the producers go to support non-producers – the biggest government officialsnon-productive consumers.

We are closer to the edge, as our politicians want to admit. In our time, the Soviet Union slipped over the edge. Manifesto of the Communist Party – "each according to need, from each according to ability" – has a wonderful, compassionate ring. But socialism has always been a nation is killer, and liberalism is nothing more than slow-motion socialism.

The U.S. national debt is 5 and 1 / 2 trillion U.S. dollars. The interest on this debt is the top-35Percent of federal taxes. Social Services, the borrowed money was made available consumed and forgotten.

When we balanced the federal budget for next year and every year forever, we were never out of the 35 percent of overburden on our federal revenue, without denying the guilt or the confiscation of you and my savings through a drastic devaluation of our money.

Do not laugh! President Nixon had it over night in a small way. Mexico and Russia has great time last year. Inflation, it means moreSlowly, but surely. How much did you pay for your last car or home, which 20 years ago will cost one quarter as much?

We still need to continue to offset the budget and work seriously to reduce the national debt. It's the economy, stupid.

After the economy, the main problems of the country's liberal center around the loss of established traditions and institutions.

We have the family and the work ethic destroyed with no-questions asked welfare,Promotion of out-of-marriage, teenage pregnancies, with free condoms in school and well after birth, that the disappearance Holzimprägnierer We have dumbed down education in the hope of reward hold children in school – but still the drop-out rate in inner city schools 45 percent and unemployment of young black males is 55 percent. A lost generation.

Pornography and gutter language on prime-time television disseminated. Teen-age drug addiction upward leaps. Violence is on the roadon the agenda.

Liberals laugh at morality, family values, religious faith, hard work, high standards, courtesy, patriotism, chaste sexual behavior, personal responsibility, premarital abstinence, polite language.

To receive, one must be smart enough to know what to keep and the maintenance of 10,000 years of civilization, so that we do not think, not to repeat serious mistakes. Our people, our culture, our civilization depends on to save conservatism – either what is good andpracticable, or save us from anarchy when the nation goes belly up.

I conclude with the recommendation of the "Serenity Prayer," delivered at the height of the Great Depression – by Reinhold Niebuhr, the famous American pastor:

"God grant us the courage to things that we tolerate things that we know can not change, and the wisdom to know the difference."

25. September 1996

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