The Last World Champion

A Sporting Miracle

On 23 March 1977 could not qualify for the universal Uruguay tournament in Buenos Aires, Argentina. For the first time, Uruguay was eliminated by Bolivia. What happened?
Before the military coup came to power in 1973, Uruguay, it is about the size of the State of Missouri and has won numerous world championships and international medals. For example, have only Hungary and the United Kingdom over Olympia title Uruguay. Like Real Madrid (Spain);Juventus Turin (Italy) and Manchester United (UK) won Peñarol, one of the best clubs in Latin America, the Club World Cup (1961 and 1966). In addition, the entire Latin American nation's more players than any other nation produces the world.

Several football players, including Jose Nasazzi, Alvaro Gestido and Pedro Petrone, have acquired international fame. Was certainly the most famous quote is: "If we are world champions in football, then we will most of them are world champions ineverything ".

50 years ago, Uruguay-it gained its independence in 1825 – was one of the highest living standards in the world the best education and health care on the South American continent. During this time, it was as "the Switzerland of the Americas". Montevideo, the capital, was one of the most beautiful cities in Latin America.

The democratic government offered favorable conditions for the game of sports.There were several sports camps and clubs forChildren and young people-the visible legacy is the Centenario Stadium. This was the second Republic of Uruguay in Latin America to win an Olympic gold medal in 1924.

The golden age of the Uruguayan Football was during the 1910s and 1950s. At the 1924 Summer Olympics added to the team gold medal of the men, second to Switzerland and Sweden, finishing third. This was the first time when Uruguay won the Olympic Games and won the gold –Medal. Later, in 1928, the Uruguayan team won the Olympic gold medal at the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam (Netherlands). In his first game against Holland, the host country Uruguay posted a 2:0-win. In the second round, they defeated Germany 4-1. Finally, the Uruguayan team of Hector Pedro Scarone defeated team led Argentina 2-1. To the surprise of probably the whole world, Uruguay never again participate in the Olympic Games (Berlin 1936-Beijing 2008).
The country won 10South American Championship title in 1916, 1917, 1920, 1923, 1924, 1926, 1935, 1942, 1956, 1959. In the meantime, Brazil won only three regional trophies from 1916 to 1988.

On the other hand, the Uruguayan "super" team was the first national team in the world, winning the FIFA World Cup in 1930. In the tournament in Montevideo, defeated the locals Romania (4-2), Peru (1-0), Yugoslavia (6-1) and Argentina (4-2).

In 1950, the national team made history when he won theglobal title in Rio de Janeiro. Under the direction of Obdulio Varela, the Uruguayan team team defeated Brazil, the host country. Since Obdulio became a national hero in the South American country. Strangely, he was a ballboy when Uruguay beat Switzerland in the Olympic Games of 1924.

The latest crisis in Uruguay

In the late 1960s, a civil war broke out in Uruguay between Tupamarus, a terrorist group and the government. In 1973, militaryHeads of State and Government took control of the government of Uruguay. In the mid-1970s, the South American country had one of the highest per capita foreign debt in the world. 1968 to 1976 by about 400,000 Uruguayans emigrated to Europe, Canada and the United States.

Unlike Jorge Rafael Videla (Argentina, 1976-1981), Idi Amin Dada (Uganda, 1971-1979), Chiang Kai-shek (Taiwan, 1949-1975) and Juan Velasco Alvarado (Peru, 1968-1975), the dictatorship in Uruguay not support theSport.

Under the dictatorship of Velasco Alvarado, Peru has won many international titles in football, volleyball, water sports, tennis, boxing, wrestling, track and field.

At the FIVB World Cup in 1973, lost the Uruguayan women's team, with players such as Margarita Fernandez, Deborah Menonatti and Beatriz Araujo,) to Canada 3-0 (15-2, 15-5, 15-3. A year later, the team presented at the 13th FIFA World Cup in Munich, Germany.

The national team has beenRunner-up qualify for the South American Olympic Qualification Tournament, in Recife (Brazil), and for the Olympic Games in Montreal (Canada). For economic reasons, but they have not at the 1976 Summer Olympics competition in Uruguay has been replaced by Cuba.

In 1979, the athletes did not win any medal at the Pan American Games in San Juan de Puerto Rico. Ironically, the football team, South American champions, could not competitors of the Games. Months later,the military government, an anti-communist dictatorship, is boycotting the Summer Olympics in Moscow.

Since the mid-1980s, sport does not take an important position in the country, it is a democratic country since 1984. The Uruguayan soccer men's team won in the 2002 World Cup, where she placed 26th …


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