Obama Citizenship Status – A Matter of U.S. Constitutional Order

The question of the constitutional authorization Barack Obama as President of the United States is obvious. There is a significant qualification to the age in the U.S. Constitution that it fits correctly, and also a clause that he is a natural born U.S. citizen, is currently, and questionably, in the air. Is a natural born citizen simply means that he will be born on American soil. That was very well could mean a U.S. embassy anywhere in the world,or a U.S. military installation, but not a hospital or a clinic in a strange city or village. If a person is to an American citizen born in a hospital, for example, to Bonn, Germany, this person is qualified in a certain age, a U.S. senator or U.S. representative, but not President.

Barack Obama has a grandmother who lives in Mombasa, Kenya, who according to reliable sources, said that she was in Kenya at the birth of her grandson. The Kenyan ambassador toThe United States has allegedly said that Obama is born in Kenya reminded by the establishment of a statue in his hometown. Given the mistrust between the two statements, I believe that any judge or justice to be worth / her salt would be if the motion, granting a writ of mandamus ordering Barack Obama dominated to an original birth certificate clearly stating that the hospital of birth and the names / produced by the attending physician's signature. Certainly when a citizen mustproduce an original birth certificate in the Commonwealth of Virginia to obtain a driver's license, a presidential candidate should not be required to show an original birth certificate that he is a natural born citizen and qualified to produce the president of the United States?

Since this question came to my attention in October of 2008 I took an active exploration of reporting by the "World Net Daily" said that Mr Obama has paid off, the Perkins Coie, LLP, the law didFirm in Washington, DC, especially DC lawyer Robert Bauer, forcing about one million U.S. dollars from the application of attorney Philip J. Berg to the newly elected president, an original birth certificate marked to reveal the American public. According to all available information that is absolutely correct. For some, not so obvious reason, Mr Obama said that the payment of one million U.S. dollars to a high-powered law firm to produce a movement to fight in court to compel him to aOriginal birth certificate, is also worth the money. Yet, when Obama was in Hawaii, born in 1961, is an original birth certificate clearly the name of the hospital and the attending physician, that is, shows the person who delivered him. For example, my original birth certificate shows that I was in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, was born at the hospital of St. Anthony's, and that the doctor who delivered me was named Max Wade. It bears the stamp of the state. If Obama was born in Hawaii, allhe should have done, is the original birth certificate, copied, published front and rear, and in all major newspapers across the country. That would put an end to the controversy, and to create, once and for all that he meets all the requirements set out in the U.S. Constitution.

It is a "World Net Daily on the Internet petition has so far been signed by more than 300,000 Americans and demanded that Barack Obama to produce either an original birth certificate orto admit that he was not born in the United States, and step-down from the Presidency. When Barack H. Obama is not a natural born citizen, the only right thing to do would be for him to step down .. Of course, since his previous questionable role in Illinois politics, do not put that could light during the presidential campaign he did not voluntarily vacate the office of U.S. president, even if he does not qualify as, but only by court order, if it comes .


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