English National Language: Our shows senators their racist prejudices

English National Language: Our shows senators their racist prejudices

When the English were as our national language, why not make it as our ancestors? Maybe it was because they recognized that immigration brought in people from foreign countries and that the English language would take care of themselves.

Danes, Swedes, Poles, Italians, German, French, Russians, Jews from many countries, and the Irish came to our country. It descendants now speak English. Yes, afew Italians are bilingual, but in most cases, English is the language.

I spent a few years ago, the herding a flock of Spanish-speaking Mormons in Atlantic City. I noticed that said those who were in the country, the longest of the best English and their children in English. It's just a matter of time, in our environment, that is the language for a Spanish-speaking families English.

Here in Idaho, where we have many Spanish-speaking people that I'm justchange the language again. When I say "Como esta?" Say, "I often find answers:
"I'm fine. How are you?"

The Spanish-speaking people want to speak English and they love to show their skills. It is true that the older a person is, the harder it is to learn a new language. Some experts say that the ability to quickly learn a foreign language diminishes after the age of twenty-five years. I am sure this applies to most people. Only old people do not learn herethe English language.

In Europe, people often speak English and the languages of their neighbors. I went to a restaurant in Luxembourg late one evening and I was welcomed in French, German, English, and then before I could return an answer.

In Norway, I was on a tour of Viking artifacts and the guide speaks Italian, German, met English, Spanish, Norwegian, and their homeland. Language is not a big deal among the civilized nations. In Japan, English is widely spoken as in Hollandand most European countries. Why we do not speak French and Spanish? Colorado has been teaching children in kindergarten begin to year, but Colorado is an exception.

Creation of a state language of the law, if one already exists is only a pup practice presents youthful prejudice. If our senators have a brain between them, they would find the emphasis on the public debt, the trade deficit, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Osama bin Laden.

Poland,Italians, Russians, Jews, Africans, and the Mexican have so far only in low esteem in this country at different times. Some of these groups have some of the stigma, the loss brought them small-minded guys who lurk but for the most part, still prejudice. The American Indian was regarded as subhuman view of many Americans for decades. Some still do. Such feelings of sadness, arrogance and bloodshed. Race riots have not been eliminated in the United States. It seems that the Senatedoing everything possible to create a new one.

Immigration is a fact of life in our world. Many people had been displaced after the Second World War. Migrant workers are a fact of life in Europe and they are a fact of life in the United States. We need these workers, the work we do not want to do. In Idaho, the economy would shutdown without these workers who work hard and for long hours. When I see the dairy and irrigation workers from playing football (soccer), having spent a very long timeDay of hard work, I am amazed at their endurance. I know that a good portion of the money they earn each day goes back to their families in Mexico, Central America, and South America.

I said in another article that this is a form of development assistance. The difference is that the immigrants have come here and work to get it. I think this is better than just sending money across the border, which would never get over the fat hands of foreign bureaucrats.

We must control our borders. I do not knowYou have a problem with it. I do not understand why we did not get an agreement with Mexico and other countries, the immigration of workers into an organized and efficient process. There should be a way for many of these workers to become citizens. We need them as much as we need immigrants during the early development of our country. If they are citizens, they stand a better chance to serve the country have to fight our wars, and teaches us some good manners.

The president is on the right sideTitle with immigration. He is not the greatest thinkers of the world, that he never details of his plans. But we have to assist him in resolving this issue with care and understanding, and according to our laws.

The world has taken a place. Move over!

The End

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Copyright © 2006 John T. Jones, Ph.D.


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