The Great Debaters – Oprah & Denzel Bring Black History to the College Campus & University

"Debate is combat, but the weapons are words." A memorable quote from The Great Debaters produced by Oprah Winfrey's Harpo Productions and the Academy directed by award winning actor Denzel Washington.

"You must destroy the enemy – not only verbally but also physically." So said controversial debate coach Melvin Tolson at Wiley College in East Texas almost three quarters of the century before us.

"I'm here to help you and keep your righteous mind." Professor Tolson told his debateTeam that lost only one contest in 75 debates over 15 years.

Wiley College, the first accredited historically black college disturb west of the Mississippi, the impossible in 1935 by way of the debate team, the renowned team at the University of Southern California and Harvard University.

Undoubtedly, intelligence has much more to do with determination and preparation as a skin color. The film shows Debaters The true strength does not need violence whenit can exert strong influence and articulate with the knowledge heartfelt expression.

As Black History Month approaches, we must honestly recognize African-Americans have always led the way and at the tip of the spear has been penetrated by evil and injustice. Without confronting Africans out against injustice, there would be no human and civil rights in America.

In this hour, more than ever, African Americans must fight for the people of all colors, are being exploited and disenfranchised.The voice of African Americans in our country must be heard once more in order to confront injustice! We can never correct what we refuse to confront, too.

Professor Tolson, whom the movie "The Great Debaters has been evaluated, an accomplished poet and provocateur, passionately and prophetically with fire in his eyes, raised his voice to speak of his generation.

Our nation is in need again, not only the inspiration but the confrontation of leadership. Those profiting from the Government have decided toTo serve the nation instead of the corporation and not we, the people. Therefore, we have the people who are brave and bold arise and will need to define a voice of conscience, and the re-processing of the identity of America.

We can no longer engage people through patriotic rhetoric and flag waving disappointed politicians who ignore harms our national security and unnecessarily send our troops into his way to the imperial wars with people we know nothing to fight and have done us no harm at all . We can no longeras a nation to demonize other peoples and nations, and called us good and pious.

This self-righteousness is hellishly fast and heading to a day of reckoning with the global community and international economy. Consequently, America and its currency are rapidly losing international influence and credibility.

May God the Almighty increase our voice to the multinational media corporations that are trying to influence the minds and fight the Americans. By the way, whatis America? What values are we or have we forgotten all about them rather win and win "the war – whatever that means. There are no winners in war, only losers and drug addicts.

We must once again demanding a national debate each and every person in the university and college campus of America is an open forum, town hall debate and intellectual dialogue on key issues paves the way for our national debate destruction orReformation.

Not only the dollar to an all-time low, so is America's international credibility.

The Americans, flattered and offer in their nationalism, but what we need is to be questioned. If America is not self-aware and brutally honest with themselves, their tendency to live in their past glory, it will end.

Personal soul searching and national political assessment is what we as a country need most. If with public opinion in disagreementpublic policy, we the people can not remain silent. The Great Debaters, speakers and authors have historically always came through the darkness to light and lighting in the eyes of the people to open.

In fact, in line with the words of The Great Debaters: "The time for justice is always now!"

Keep crying aloud and spare not until justice flows like a mighty stream, and justice done enough!

Contact Paul F. Davis to debate on the issues of the dayMy college campus, in your city or in your home.

Paul builds dreams, transcends limitations, and reconciles nations. Paul was helped at Ground Zero in New York during 9 / 11; rebuild a house at the tsunami epicenter, comforted victims of genocide in Rwanda, spoke to leaders in East Timor during the war, inspired students and monks in Myanmar; addressed audiences across India, China, Pakistan, and parts of theAfrica where they’ve never seen a white man. He is a highly sought after worldwide professional speaker, prolific author, human rights activist, provocateur, and minister.

Filmmakers and producers interested in United States of Arrogance (Paul’s book) can contact Davis who owns the U.S. Trademark for movie rights. Davis, a worldwide professional speaker has touched over 50 countries & 6 continents empowering people throughout the earth to live their dreams!

Davis has written 12 Books, 2 nominated for a Pulitzer Prize.


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