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The India Abroad Person of the Year – Fareen Zakaria

October 14, 2009

Nair and in 2007. India Abroad is published by the oldest and most widely distributed weekly newspaper serving the Indian-American community in New York, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles and Toronto made. It is owned by opening times award went to a trio of extremely gifted children: Sameer Mishra, the national winner of the Scripps National Spelling Bee, Akshay Rajagopal, an equally prestigious National Geography Bee won, and Shivani Sud, who won the national Intel Science Talent …

Revealing the Real Barack Obama

October 12, 2009

Claimed recently in an interview of Barack Obama, by George Stephanopoulos, Obama, that he would meet as executive decisions if elected president, on his own perception of national and international issues, regardless of how much the decision would be through the American electorate to rely. This kind of rhetoric is not arrogant, what should be provided by a candidate for the U.S. presidency. Obama might reply that his decisions of the executive and the resultingMeasures that would clear the consensus of the majority of the American people. Perhaps he is just on reflection, that it becomes more about the state of the nation, as the voters who know him could be held in a position of federal leadership change. Maybe he and his financial supporters regard the Presidency an opportunity to try out the "Obama Doctrine" of autocratic authoritarianism, in defiance of the collective will of the voters in favor of the destructive foreign policyAgendas, as George W. Bush 's invasion and occupation of Iraq. If you remember, was John F. Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson and the collective leadership of the party, which is responsible for the Vietnam debacle. Is it possible that Obama is just another wolf in sheep's clothing?

The concept of presidential doctrine, as was historically claimed by James Monroe, James Polk, Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon,Ronald Reagon, and of course, George W. Bush, reflecting an almost sacrosanct worship of power by improperly intrusive foreign policy unilaterally drawn up by the presidency, mainly through the efforts of the federal non-elected officials, like the example of Paul Wolfowitz and Donald Rumsfeld. Like fueled what the Vietnam war, the unnecessary cost the lives of over 58,200 GIs over a period of fourteen years, the presidential hubris, responsible since 1975 forthe ongoing persecution of covert foreign policy objectives, which certainly would have condemned and refuted by the U.S. electorate, they had known about them.

The president is not alone be elected to an autocratic father to the American people into the hands of the majority of the voting population suggest and insist that wisdom and prerogative of the President (usually in the heads of federal officials with the exception made by the President ) trumps the collectiveWill of the people. This is not the way of a true Republic, the nature of the constitutional Framers created.

When I speak of Barack Obama's future intentions, as president, the immediate abolition of the quasi-legal traditions, the constitutional limitations of Article 2 of the executive, as executive orders have exceeded, military police activities, signing statements, and ultimate control in the House United States Armed Forces, I would regard his words more seriously.Instead of him talking in euphemisms and sparkling generalities, is looking to sparkle in the eyes of voters who believe the ignorance of a candidate Television attitude was much more important in a presidential election as statements of truth, justice and the fact that Obama with a clear alternative to the President in office have done in the past sixty years, in order to be illegally crossing its limited authority in the U.S. Constitution specified amounts. Since no conference action, even U.S. Supreme CourtDecision at the executive branch to give more power than those expressly provided for in the Constitution of the United States would have to do all the newly elected president to abolish such an illegal traditions, it would be all over it. In direct contradiction to what George W. Bush said the U.S. Constitution that it "just a piece of paper," a true American is his loyalty to the document forged a new nation in 1789 as an experiment in maintain democraticRepublicanism.

I remember Richard M. Nixon 's Arcane declaration of war against demonstrators in the early morning at the Lincoln Memorial, where for a few moments, he had to defend its policy in Vietnam without the help of Henry Kissinger, allegedly the world of the smartest people. When asked by a well-educated young women are very close to Nixon why he stubbornly refuses to end the fighting in Southeast Asia, he replied: "I can not stop it. I wish I could." I amsure that this young woman went out from these spontaneous meetings with Nixon the crook of thinking is much less than before the face-to-face encounter, knowing fully that if an American president the authority to combat operations, To begin with, had a new president could be so easy, you call putting an end to.

Any serious student of the history of America and the world clearly requires detailed research and the evils of the American President, since the time James Polk sentGeneral Zachary Taylor to the Mexican border, the end of 1845, creating a deadly war with Mexico for the mere sake of Manifest Destiny. Polk tried unsuccessfully to enter into history as the President and added that the cost of more than 40,000 lives, three states, the area of the federal union. Further, the Abraham Lincoln, who as a U.S. representative from Illinois, refused to shake the hand of President James Polk, during a reception at the White House, saying, "I do not have to shake your hand, the wageso much blood on them, "was very different from the Abraham Lincoln, as president, created a civil war that killed more people than any other war in American history. Although supposedly limited authority endorsed presidential elections as a member of Congress, Lincoln hardly practiced what he preached when he was elected president. After his inauguration, he proudly joined in the south, so they rebel military force. Then he went autocratic suspended habeas corpus, martial lawLaw and gave dictatorial executive orders, audacity, of what Congress or the Supreme Court left standing against him. That was at a time when the majority of the voting population, North and South, wanted only the inner peace instead of conflict cut. The small minority of rich vocal abolitionists and social reformers, who were released and pleaded for an immediate end of slavery at the expense of the states, the autonomy and the creation of a powerful federal government, those whoLincoln favored.

Like the constitutional amendment that established Prohibition, where the concerted action of a small minority of vocal supporters, which can be used to enforce a federal ban on the production and consumption of alcoholic beverages, the American Civil War, and hundreds-of-cause thousands of deaths avoided been if the will of the majority had the foresight not been observed. Hindsight, in the case of Prohibition, was twenty / twenty years ago when the 18th Amendment to the U.S. –Constitution was abrogated. "It would never have been passed in the first place," was the typical comment of the typical American after its repeal.
As gathered from a serious study of history, put the grip felt awesome political and military power, but the concerted effort to ensure the greatest good for the greatest number of U.S. citizens through the proper implementation of the objectives set out in the Preamble to the U.S. -Constitutionthe ultimate goal of the men who have the U.S. president, George Washington has completed his tenure as chief executive. Like the little old lady from Pasadena, which is perceived by all as they consider weak and harmless geriatric before she gets behind the wheel of a car and becomes a fanged DevilDriver, Obama, and someone like him, does see a potential threat whether the Office of the President elected.

Samuel P. Huntington, the Ivy League academics, who, as a non-elected Pandit,had a significant, behind the scenes on the implementation of the unchallenged practice of unconstitutional executive, in 1945 further suggested in his book, "The Soldier and the State…," If an American President, not the military use as a means of defining foreign policy, he is neglecting the power of attorney, which can be derived from the role of Commander in Chief. Huntington's commitment to King-like powers and authority elections wouldhave served the all-powerful emperor very good, necessarily, since the Roman influence in the ancient world against weaker nations and cultures has been implemented by military superiority. The foreign policy objectives of the Roman Empire, before, during and after the Pax Romana, were to share, to conquer and enslave the weaker nations and cultures. Even if the U.S. invades and bombs wrong a nation like Iraq, in a stone-age state, decimating theInfrastructure and the ability to care for themselves, it has shared largely conquered and enslaved the people. Such behavior often claimed that the authority is from the American post-modern presidency, of a crime, the crimes against humanity is equal. Without much doubt that Obama, if elected, not far from the traditions that have accentuated commonly known as unconstitutional, the extensions of the executive branch always stray because Congress abandoned its Article 1Authority to consider, a runaway presidency. In fact, the only possible candidate for the Democrats to try that could, if elected, is to establish a constitutional balance of power in the federal government once again, Al Gore. But he was once robbed of the presidency and just do not like back to a terrible travesty.

Norton R. Nowlin took MA and BA degree in Social and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Texas at Tyler, studied law for one year at Thomas Jefferson School of Law,San Diego, California, and received an ABA-approved advanced paralegal certification from Edmonds Community College in Lynnwood, Washington. Mr. Nowlin, La Jolla, California, and attend the National University in Malibu's Pepperdine University to attend business knowledge and marketing reach. Mr. Nowlin also attained a Texas state teachers in social studies and psychology at the University of Texas at Tyler. Paralegal,published essayist, poet and freelance fiction writer, Mr. Nowlin live in Northern Virginia with his wife, the renown math tutor, Diane C. Nowlin, and their two very intelligent cats.

Karen Steen Shatters World Steeplechase Record at the 2009 National Masters Meet

October 12, 2009

Karen Steen traveled from Olympia (WA) to the University of Wisconsin at Oshkosh intent on setting a world record in the 2,000-meter steeplechase, and did exactly that in one of the most exciting races at the 2009 USA Masters Outdoor Track & Field Championships. Six world records and 21 American records were set at the meet.

Steen, an outstanding runner at Pacific Lutheran University and now one of the premier runners in the Pacific Northwest, bolted to the Front at Titan Stadium, when the gun sounded her 45-49 age group start event. It was from the beginning that if Steen set a world record in the searing heat of Wisconsin realized it would only run at the front.

She was among more than 1,000 athletes aged between 30 and 95 +, the competition in this 4-day combined to determine the best of the best runners in the nation, jumpers and throwers to.

The spectators at a record level Steen efforts, including myself, were immediately aware of their presence asSpeaker of the track was quickly pointed out that after the first 400 meters from this grueling 5-round trial over 3 hurdles and a water obstacle Steen each round was on world record pace.

Watching their progress for 3 more rounds of the fans shouted words of encouragement as they passed, and then a rousing crescendo, she welcomed into the home stretch, when it was realized that their protocol for entering and roared home in 7:07.49 to break the old record by more than 9 seconds (7:16.90 by JulieLeonard Switzerland in 2004).

Almost at the moment of triumph Karen Steen lost power, was the fact that both the runner-up in the race Andi Camp (30-34 in 7:17.28) and 3rd Place finisher Lisa Valle (40-44 in 7:17.36) – were within 1 seconds to break the world record.

Steen, who has averaged about 5:42 per mile, no stranger to world records. In 2005 she established the world mark for 2000-meter steeplechase in the group 40-44, by 7:05.06.

Steen, who runs Club Northwest, would be 2 days later returned to win the 1500 in an American-record time of 4:48.08 to. Your individual performance was probably the best of the times of pure athlete in the Nationals, with 98.85% of the age-grade rating.

A close second attempt to Karen Steen came Sabra Harvey of Houston, is running in the group 60-64. Harvey Steen voted world record with its own, won the 800 in 2:34.66, and then again in 1500 in a recording > American-record 5:22.50.

Harvey is a graphic designer, jogging began 9 years ago and only started to compete in the Masters last year, proving once again that you never know what you are until you try.

Other world records were set by Audrey Lary (75-79) in the 400 (1:27.41), Florence "Flo Meiler (75-79) in the 80-meter hurdles (18.63), Frank Levine (95-99 ) in the 5,000 (50:10.56) and Leland McPhie (95-99) in the long jump (1.93 meters/6-04).

> American records were set by Flo Meiler in the 200 hurdles (46.68) and pentathlon (4783 points), Becky Sisley (70-74) in the 80 meter hurdles (17.32), 200 meter hurdles (43.87) and spear (26.09m / 85-07); Leland McPhie of 3 kg shot put (6.87m/22-06.5) and triple jump (4.00m/13-01.5), Max Springer (95-99) in the 100 (29, to throw 31) and 400 (2:45.36) and Audrey Lary (75-79) in the triple jump (7.43m/24-04.25) and weight (10.40m/34-01.5).

More American records in the fieldEvents were Bruce McBarnette (45-49) in the high jump (1.93m/6-04), Robert Ward (75-79) in the discus throw (41.18m/135-01); Harriett Blömker (75-79) set in the javelin ( 22.54m/73-11.5) and 4 others in the weight class objection Jennifer Stephens (35-39) on 10.49m/34-05, Myrle Mensey (60-64) to 15.73m/51-07.75, Lillian Snader (80-84 ) on 6.92m/22-08, and Ronald Summers (55-59) to 18.18m/57-07.75.

Two American 5000-meter run-walk records were from Shirley Dockstader (75-79) and placed in 34:34.60John Starr (80-84) in 33:57.72.

Kathryn (Kathy) Martin (55-59), which will meet at the same time last year and win gold medals in the 800, 1,500, 5,000, 10,000 and 2,000 meter obstacle, again won the 4 events she entered this year, 1,500 (5 dominates: 22.93), 5,000 (19:46.47), 10,000 (40:04.03) and the 2000 barrier (8:26.86) they finished 5th in the overall standings of the church tower and 1 Place in her age group. Last year, the American Record Martin sat in the bell tower with a 8:23.20 clocking.

UnderNon-bests that have caught my eye Lonnie Hooker (45-49) in the 100 (10.93) and 200 (22.46), Bill Collins (55-59) in the 100 (11.56) and 400 ( 54.87), Steve Robbins (65-69) in the 100 (12.66); Antwon Dussett (30-34) in the 400 (47.17), Steve Gallegos (50-54) in the 800 (2: 10.70) and 1,500 (4:22.47), Christine Olen (40-44) in the 1,500 (4:45.98), Jan Frisby (M65-69) in the 1,500 (5:09.25) and 5,000 (19:20.54), and Tom Bernard (55-59) in the 5,000 (17:06.84).

Others wereRichard Cochran (70-74) in the discus (47.79m), Cochran won the bronze medal at the 1960 Olympics in Rome, and Ed Burke (65-69) in the hammer (50.62), Burke was a 3-time and Olympic flag bearer for the United States team at the opening ceremony of the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles.

Copyright © 2009 Ed Bagley

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National American University

October 12, 2009

Promo withered to a Wichita, KS College

The University Of Louisville Libraries – A Library of the 21st Century

October 12, 2009

While Louisvlle attending a seminar on contemporary American literature and touring various places of cultural interest of the University Library was one of those sites that had a never fading impression left me, not only because of its unique architectural plan, but for other ineffable qualities that study it a perfect place for quiet and serene. My first visit was as the director of our program took us here for inclusion in the use of computers and the Internet inLiterature research. The room we were in the class was fully equipped with computers, all led more than fifty tables for students and a master monitor for the teacher. Many other areas, including the state of the art auditorium was equally well equipped.

I went through the library on many other occasions. But what was most important, when on the road from the university post office, the idea came to me the inclusion of the beautiful view of the campus inImages as well as in the head and that was the Ekstrom Library, which I represented the focal point of all other libraries from different ends of the sprawling campus spread.

I have two views of the building and I was still gaping in surprise especially at the enchanting splendor of the facade with the readers of a combination of eating and relaxing. I was particularly struck by its inviting, comfortable and open space is teeming with students and bustling with activity, a beautiful terraceequipped with furniture, warm with pleasant views of lush inviting outdoor space, the use of the favorable climatic conditions here, to enjoy the nature. Taking advantage of the usually mild weather Kentucky with her big, inviting green spaces, students can study or just catch a break in a series of outdoor tables on the terrace. On fine days, there are few better places to study, and certainly makes for an inviting entry

I found myself walking to see better. When II walked through reminded me of my mission in search of support for our resource-hungry university libraries in Sierra Leone. My search led me to the head of the office of Mr David Hogarth, who now in a position of a mediator allows me to take my job within a week the dean of libraries.

In anticipation of my appointment with her, I was on a tour of various parts of the Ekstrom Library. This library, I learned, holds more than 1.1 million and 5100 Magazine Subscriptions supporting research and curriculum in the humanities, social sciences, economics and education. It also contains large collections of microforms, government publications, multimedia, and current periodicals, Granville A. Bunton Pan African Collection, Barbara S. Miller Children's literature collection and multi-racial and the Bingham collection of poems.

The Rare Books and Photos provide rare sources of research for scientists and other researchers. Africa> American Collections, English, European and American collections of literature, together with the essential place to refer to and reserved pound given to make this library a very important research, and dissemination of information tool. But it is also a repository and exhibitors of the many valuable manuscripts and other documents such as the outstanding 1482 first printing of Euclid Elementia and a copy of the Principia with notes in the hands of Newton. The working groupTo preserve collection of Richard M. Kain, and the first editions and manuscripts of James Joyce and WB Yeats, a lot of Irish Literary Renaissance heritage. There is also a good collection of modern British and American writers with significant expenditure of 1890 authors and books and letters signed by members of the Bloomsbury Group.

A famous and ever-growing and rich collection of special materials, archives and photography include:

Roy and Dela WhiteCollection of Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Arthur J. Slavin. Collection of English history.

Hattie Winston Collection of African-American scripts and screenplays.

Irwin Hilliard Archive Fine Bindings.

Billy Davis 111 Collection of Aerial Photography.

Other special collections include the James Chandler World War Posters and LaFin Allen Kentucky Maps.

The photographic archive contains more than 2 million photographs and manuscripts, as well asFine art prints. It also offers printing services and a rotating series of exhibitions.

Roy Stryker, the papers are photographs and manuscripts from the documentary film projects directed by Stryker at the Farm Security Administration, Standard Oil Company and Jones & Laughlin Steel. The Royal Photos and Cautfield and Shook Lin Caufield collections consist of photographs from past Louisville. While the Lean Thomas Matlack Studio, Arthur Y, Ford and Henderson Settlement School libraryDocument life and culture in the Appalachian Mountains. 2000 impressions of many notable American artists such as Paul and Gary Winogrand Caponegro form the Library Fine Print Collection.

The library serves a much larger community about the campus.Through e-mail, phone or in person and ask for help, or also could fix a meeting with a research librarian here. A cardinal card allows you to check out up to 99 elements simultaneously and to renew books on-line. Are visiting entitled to the interlibrary loan of up to 15 pounds. A University of Louisville students enjoy the privilege of searching for items reserved for his class on-line. Minerva provides online access to catalogs, and gateways to many collections. University of Louisville distance students could access outside the campus by their ULINK username and password assignments from their professors, both library and electronic databases of library resources for self-directed research from non –> University of Louisville Internet addresses.

Ekstrom Library houses and provides funding for the dolphin and the writing center. The Delphi Center helps teachers use technology in teaching and preparing them to teach online courses. The writing center helps students, faculty and staff with writing projects, and holds workshops to improve writing skills. Could be processed through this center an appointment with a consultant and writing time-critical resources writingfound.

The University of Louisville Libraries, a conglomerate of libraries stocking books on a few selected disciplines such as music, fine arts, health, technology, science and technology at the time of my journey in the process of moving into the main Ekstrom Library, over 149,000 volumes, the part the engineering, physics and engineering books and journals.
Besides the main William Ekstrom Library, University Library Networkconsists of: The Kornhauser Health Sciences Library, the Dwight Anderson Music Library, The Margaret M. Bindwell Art Library and the University Archives and Records Center.

The Kornhauser Health Sciences Library a comprehensive and current Health Sciences Information Resource Center is also a "regional resource library" in the National Network of Libraries of Medicine. It represents an important resource for the entire health sciences community of LouisvilleMetropolitan region and the western half of Kentucky. It has more than 250,000 volumes, 2,700 periodicals, audiovisual materials and a variety of electronic formats. The stocks of numerous articles on health care in Kentucky and the Trans-Appalachian West, including the historic collections, archives of the medical school, book manuscripts, and physical objects.

The Dwight Anderson Music Library offers user-centered services provide seamless access to information in all formatssupport and serves as a center for teaching and learning, the University of Louisville School of Music curriculum and research. It houses the largest academic music library in Kentucky, including the Gravemeyer Collection of Contemporary Music from all entries to the internationally acclaimed Music Composition Award, and a large selection of sheet music with thousands of Louisville prints celebrating the history of music publishing in the city and the"Traipin Woman" collection with its focus on American folk song.

The Margaret M. Bridwell Art Library, with its more than 80,000 volumes, is an access to information for teaching, research and science in art, design, art and architectural history. It supports more than 300 domestic and foreign periodicals and museum bulletins. It also has hundreds of videos and provides access to major electronic and print indexes. Topics covered here are painting, drawing,Sculpture, print production, photography, architecture, history, 45, interior design, graphic design, art education, ceramics, fiber arts and crafts. It also applies to some 3,000 rare and hardly volumes and approximately 150 linear feet of archival material.

The librarians strive in concert with academic staff on information literacy and research needs of a diverse population to recognize that libraries have become an important tool in the university's mission to meet withnationally recognized premier Metropolitan University.

The University of Louisville Libraries is guided in its organization through their vision that the academic libraries in the heart of the university town and a place for discovery and learning beyond the classroom and the laboratory are. Therefore seek active participation and effective as an integral partner in meaningful learning, excellent teaching and research. Users are therefore increasingly dependent on information, withAvailability and use. Services and resources are well adapted to the differing needs of users. The library staff to identify, evaluate and select materials developed meet different formats in collections, the needs of users. They also apply to technology, research and educational innovations for improving services and access to traditional and electronic collections.

Rapid expansion in equities, has rapid technological progress, including the introduction of an activated robotic retrieval system moreBooks, as they are kept in the library halls in subjects that are accessible from computers on request searching stacked. The system provides the library space for more than three million volumes. The less frequently used volumes are loaded into the system, and students can still book in the stacks area in the old building of the library. Books in the RRS are as such in MINERVA, identifies the library catalog. To request items, patrons click on a live "request" button on the screen,and then a robot crane has been sent to find the element in the moving frames of steel tanks holding books and magazines, which selects the robot arm, gripper, and delivers the appropriate container to a pickup station where a library attendant the exact location attracts and supplies to the circulation desk within minutes. The entire process, which I saw myself only takes a few minutes and can be many simultaneous requests.

After the RRS, told me that also saves the library the cost of a courierService and the additional library staff needed to operate a remote storage facility. The Ekstrom Library RRS characterized how clever they are constructed in the central planning of the new addition. With many windows on the system, students can literally stand at the circulation desk, make a request, and actually see, fill the system to its shape watching it work, almost serve as a piece of the 21 Century, a source book of nature, whizzing and whirring volumes on the windows. In all, theEkstrom also a powerful 42,500 square meters, has space for the library

The library has freed the robot Retrieval System (RRS) is a lot of space for exhibitions in the library, such as the Split Rock Studios, St. Paul, designer, Lisa Friedlander, that the year of the founding Kentucky, highlights and features a statue by Henry Clay, Kentucky Senator 1806 to 1850. The desk is a replica of the desk used clay, when in the Senate, the actual desk in the office ofKentucky Senator Mitch McConnell, who endowed the Ekstrom expansion and the McConnell Center for Political Leadership.

The libraries now seem poised to attain the ambitious goals of the university of becoming a premier metropolitan university that is nationally recognized for advancing intellectual, social and economic development. The library’s massive atrium allows light to pour into the building and over the circulation desk.

The libraries’ technological resources have developed to state-of-the-art electronic information centers for the university community with more than 550 computer workstations, of which one can borrow laptop computers for use anywhere in the libraries. Advanced wireless technology enables laptop users to access the Internet and the great libraries of electronic resources. Researchers could access 25,000 full-text journals and hundreds of electronic databases.

Two teaching laboratories enable librarians classes in the implementationLibrary with instant access to the online world. The library of the three new, modern teaching labs with wireless technology and state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment provided to emphasize the library ever-increasing role in teaching and learning. Instructional Lab 1 a.m.-2 p.m. teaching lab has been extremely flexible space hosting a version of the 3M roadshow for Kentucky librarians.

The university community can access thousands of electronic information resourcesHundreds of computer workstations in the libraries and also from anywhere: your office, classroom or at home. Minerva, the online catalog indexes and incorporates the many elements in the libraries. With access to national and regional electronic networks could be looking for many library catalogs and databases around the country and even around the world.

The University of Louisville Libraries is a member of the Association of Research Libraries, therespected and influential library association in North America. Strong financial support from the university administration has propelled them to national importance and momentum in strengthening its relations with Metroversity, a consortium of academic institutions in Metro Louisville, Kentucky Virtual Library and other library networks in the region and nation, well, the materials made available to their students and faculty and students andSkills from other universities.

It was only founded in Kentucky, Library Department, which assumed Evelyn J. Schneider Endowed Chair for scientific communication through the estate of a longtime University Library and the State Research Challenge Trust Fund. The first chair holder, Dwayne K. Butler is a highly regarded expert on copyright law, especially that the education and electronic resources.

Oversight of all these developments over the last eleven years has beena charismatic, energetic, brilliant and visionary woman, Prof. Hannnelorewery Rader, dean of libraries, which I had the privilege to speak. Prof radar Louisville brought a wealth of experience. For seventeen years she was managing the Cleveland and University of Wisconsin Libraries and held various positions at Eastern Michigan University for nearly twelve years. She has always written in their area and participated in many conferences. She was eventually appointed in 1999Outstanding Academic Research Librarian.

Through innovative ideas, Dr. advanced radar, its drive and direction together with the collection of the library, updated resources, a welcoming environment, helpful and innovative library staff and academic library use and exceeding a 60 percent has captured the 2 million dollars per year. One of their striking innovations is the Tulip coffee shop in the spacious lobby, where readers enjoy tasty sandwiches and enjoyed roles withCups of tea, coffee, orange juice or Coke, as they read or browse through the Internet. The Tulip Tree Café has become so popular that it may soon need to start at another cashier.

Louisville offers one of the nation's most comprehensive information literacy programs. Louisville Libraries are not just places of research, but now how other libraries are places of active teaching.
According to Prof radar, is their philosophy, do not usually provide for the needs-traditionalScholarship mostly adults of different ages and non-residential buildings for more pleasant atmosphere and to facilitate the procedures for accessing information. This explains their introduction of the snack bar and the constant restructuring and renovation of the premises.

Was "We wanted a space where students explore and learn, but also to forge links. … We wanted to offer a library, space for all these things," she said, "Our students are urban, many are part time –and not live on campus. We want them to be on campus. "To achieve this, she says she fully their library Reimagined for the 21st century.

"Space was a problem," says Rader. "We had no space for our materials, and that's pretty much a problem for most academic libraries." Today, the library, more space as a repository, but to present a place for teaching and exhibitions unique plants and promote student collaboration and all forms of interaction, both withInformation in all formats and with librarians.

With space a major concern is the culmination of the Ekstrom Library expand its robotic retrieval system, a unique system of more than 7,000 containers made from steel, with climate-controlled storage of up to 1.2 million volumes. Rader was already known how effective the system might be, as the Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, one of the first to come to install such a system. "We've never really asan off-site storage facility,” as she said. “We don’t want to store the books miles away, send for them when a student needs them, and then wait to have them delivered to campus.” For as she notes, the robotic system can retrieve and deliver a book in a matter of minutes while off-site storage can sometimes take days.

The University of Louisville being a public institution, open to the general public,it is, according to Rader putting an even greater premium on space and Efficiency. So rather than filling the room with immovable objects, such as banks of PCs, it is filled completely wireless and filled with flexible seating, of, comfortable chairs and small tables on wooden chairs and large, spacious tables for students to disseminate their work at. "Students can bring their own laptops or check out at the circulation desk." Meanwhile, keep the traditional 600 jobs in the old wing for those who want to use.

The libraries in their entirety, theDean told me to keep millions of print volumes from many countries, electronic books and databases, and thousands of electronic journals, reference materials, other library resources, library guides and services.

In addition to increasing capacity for students of cooperation, the library expansion, three new teaching laboratories, library, offers will be held in which formal or informal classes, and the charming new 150-seat Elaine Chao Auditorium, all handicapped accessible and equipped with the latestTechnology, including wireless Internet access and state-of-the-art AV equipment.

With shared digital resources, providing access to information that is much room in the library for more unique holdings of the library. An ambitious slate of lectures, seminars, conferences, exhibitions and displays, all with students, faculty commitment, and the community in the library were interpreted as ongoing activities. Chao, who serves as Minister of Labor under President Bush, said recently inthe auditorium that bears her name.

In addition, the library is home to the McConnell Center for Political Leadership, featuring the papers and exhibits of Kentucky’s Republican Senator Mitch McConnell. The bipartisan center sponsors a range of programming, including lectures and seminars. In fact, the Ekstrom expansion owes a great deal to the McConnell Center-the $14.2 million project was funded by federal grants earmarked by McConnell.

The Elaine L. Chao auditorium is named for the current U.S. Secretary of Labor and is host to a full slate of lectures and seminars. The space between the lines is extremely rich to pass on the prevention of sprains knee, or close to people. The acoustics in the hall are "perfect" to make the area of university presidents preferred venue for press conferences presenting a great location for TV cameras, press feeds, etc. Chao recently said she, like Senator Edward Kennedy (D-MA ).

To radar whenit is still a library, the storage of information, it is also a place for people in a room for the whole university to be a space, a space for events, for specific teaching and learning sessions. "added the 21 st century."

Arthur Smith was born and was schooled in Freetown, Sierra Leone. He has taught English since 1977, Prince of Wales School, Milton Margai College of Education. He is now a lecturer at Fourah Bay College, where he has been teaching EnglishLanguage and literature in the last eight years.

Mr Smith's writings published in local newspapers and in various international media like West Africa Magazine, Index on Censorship, Focus on Library and Information Work. He was one of 17 international visitors who participated in a seminar on contemporary American Literature from the State Department in 2006, funded. His growing thoughts and reflections on this trip which took him to various U.S. sights sounds could be read.

His other publications include: tales from Freetown, Langston Hughes: the life and work celebrated black dignity, and "The struggle of the book" He holds a PhD and a professor of English at the National Open University, the Republic of Benin.