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In Durham, North Carolina, Duke University is a leading private research college. Duke University 's undergraduate and graduate programs are highly regarded. Duke is also particularly well known for research, especially in science and health. The university has nine schools, where students enroll in both Pratt School of Engineering or the Trinity College of Arts and Sciences would be divided. The graduate and professional schoolsare to attend the Divinity School, School of Law, Graduate School, School of Nursing, School of Medicine, the Nicholas School of the Environment and Earth Sciences and the Fuqua School of Business. Recently, 19,358 students apply to be part of the incoming undergraduate class of 2010. Of these students were admitted 3778th

Although the Duke University was officially founded in 1924, is what today as Duke University started as Brown's Schoolhouse, a privateSubscription School in 1838 in Randolph County, North Carolina, founded. The state legislature granted a rechartering of the academy as Normal College in 1851 and won the privilege of granting degrees in 1853. To keep the operation of the school, the trustees agreed to free education for Methodist preachers in return for the financial support of churches ready and in 1859 the name was changed to Trinity College. In 1892, Trinity opened in Durham, as it was with the research in which, instead ofRecitation. It was founded in 1900, when Trinity College, load the first white school in the south of Booker T. Washington speak and was in the same year graduated its first Native American student. Shortly thereafter, Trinity College had one of the leading liberal arts colleges developed in the southern United States. When was around 1924, was the creation of Duke University, the Duke Foundation, was born to a $ 40 million dollar trust fund. The university grew rapidly and within the next 20 years, it was such additions as the Medical School and Hospital, religion, and the Graduate School, School of Nursing, School of Forestry and the Law School.

In addition to his university academics, has are 26 varsity sports teams known as the Blue Devils. Within the 26-team basketball is the very successful men's team under 25 years coaching by Mike Krzyzewski. Their successes are always the only team to win three> National Championships since the tournament field to 64 teams in 1985 extended. Have in addition to winning the championship, they reached the "Final Four" of the tournament ten of the last twenty years. Many of the players have now gone to the Duke's favorite player in the National Basketball Association and millions of dollars for it to boot. In recent years, the women's golf team will take a dominant position, he won three championships.

There are many goodThings to see at Duke University, as the great William R. Perkins Library or the Nasher Museum of Art, the indoor athletic games are held in the Cameron Indoor Stadium during the football matches are played in Wallace Wade Stadium. Despite the recent controversy at Duke University, the lacrosse team is a big Duke University, but is difficult to be accepted in no doubt.

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