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2009 Gallaudet Commencement Wilma Newhoudt-Druchen

October 26, 2009

I was one of the founding members. It was established before I came to study at Gallaudet University. I went to do what I always wanted to do what I studied at Gallaudet University in collaboration with deaf people from my hometown of Cape Town. In 1998 I was appointed Director of the province for the Deaf Federation of South Africa. It was during this time, while I with the National Deaf Youth Leadership Camp, of which a portion of the funding came from Gallaudet University, employs over …

Oklahoma City National Memorial

October 24, 2009

To educate the Oklahoma City National Memorial and museum visitors about the impact of violence, and with them the events surrounding the bombing of 19 April 1995 paid.
It is one of the best monument "parks" were ever created. The design is flawless and the story beautifully.

Outside is the Outdoor Symbolic Memorial. There, the area will see the empty chairs – one for each person who lost their lives in the bombing. All chairs are in rows.This means that the floor of the building, the person was when the bombing took place. There are five chairs to the side, the five people who are not called into the building, but who died as a result of the explosion.

The 24,000 square meters of interactive learning Memorial Museum tells the story of the 19th April 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. You can hear the only known recording of the explosion and seeing the chaos that followed the bombing. There are alsoArea where you will learn about the individuals who died who is seeing their photos and sign of love from the families of those available. It is a very moving part of the museum.

Oklahoma City National Memorial honors the victims, survivors, helpers and all those who are always to 19 April 1995 as amended. The Outdoor Symbolic Memorial, which consists of the following segments on 3.3 hectares, can be visited:

The Gates of Time: Monumental twin gates closing the moment of Destruction – 9:02 – and mark the formal entrances to the Memorial.

Reflecting Pool: visited, even with a lot of people, this is a quiet and peaceful place.

Children's Area: One wall was painted from hand-painted tiles by children from all parts of the United States presented to Oklahoma City in 1995 and displayed in this area. There are also several chalkboards on the sidewalk with the museum, in which both adults and children can share their feelings.

The "Survivor Tree," A 90-year-old> American Elm bears witness to the violence of the 19th April and now stands as a profound symbol of human resilience.

Nobody can change what happened that day, but everyone can understand what took place and hopefully help prevent such a thing ever be useful.

Author: Carla Vaughan

Carla is the owner of a website to share the joy of visiting Oklahoma City, Oklahoma dedicated.

For more information about the bombing, click here:Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum

College Sports at Emory: Academics + Athletics

October 22, 2009

love it. In fact, Emory is one of only five universities in the country among the top 20 for both academics and athletics. NCAA Volleyball Champions are just one of the youngest national champion at Emory athletics. For more, visit / scholar athletes … Emory University College-Sports-Athletics-Volleyball "national champions" D3 DIII All-American Division D1 DI 'D1 vs. D3 "DI DIII vs." Volleyball Student Athlete "Student Athlete" NCAA UAA "sport and science …

The Mafia, CIA and George Bush (Part 4)

October 21, 2009

Donations for military supplies for the contras. The money went through Palmer's National NEPL account with a bank in north-Contra Swiss bank account for the financing and used the secret arms deals with Iran. NEPL raised about 10 million U.S. dollars to the Contras after Congress had prohibited such military aid. In addition, borrowed), the National Conservative Political Action Committee (NCPAC more than $ 400,000 from the National Palmer, as well as political action committees for Senator Bob Dole (R-KS.) and then…

Bridging the Political Divide in the 2008 Election

October 21, 2009

USC Annenberg Center on Communication Leadership and POLITICO present a discussion with leading journalists and political strategists at the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota. The discussion is by Geoffrey Cowan, University Professor and Annenberg Family Chair in Leadership and Communication, Jim VandeHei, executive editor, to be politically managed. Panelists are Catalina Camia, political editor, USA Today, Nina Easton, Washington Bureau Chief, FORTUNE, Mark McKinnon, …

To Have Peace You Must Want Peace

October 20, 2009

To have peace, you must want peace. I do not think that the people of Iraq want peace. Do Iraqi mothers want to see their sons and daughters killed by a suicide bomber? Of course they do not. What do fathers want to see their families killed in a bus or how they shop on the local market or for the head of the school? I doubt it. What is the Iraqi people want the war? They say they do not. But they want peace?

It is easy to say that the problems and the fighting in Iraq are betweentwo or more sectarian groups. Each group is vying for power or a larger share of the wealth of the country and there is also a history of differences of religious belief in these groups. But these factors alone account for the daily killings and brutal murders?

It is often blamed their leaders for all kinds of heinous deeds. The German people blamed the Nazis for the Holocaust, and it was not until recently that a certain degree of responsibility has been taken by the people. For that matter, inMost cases of genocide, the blame is always placed on the leaders, but rarely on the citizens. During the American Civil War has the population support the positions of the respective pages? Were the German citizens really nothing of the actions of their government? Only world leaders aware of the atrocities in Africa, the former Yugoslavia or the infamous Killing Fields? Can the government or a party to operate without at least some acceptance of the people?

It could be the simpleWay to say that people are helpless in the face of the weapons of a dictatorial regime are. And yet, history is full of examples of people rising up to remove the yoke of their oppressors. From all corners of the world, it has a time when people have said 'enough is enough come. " The great age of revolutions in the 18th and 19 Century are the chapters in the history of pounds. People are not helpless, they never were. Almost every nation on earth, for example, the population are increasingto bring about an end to tyranny.

If people really want peace in Iraq and an end to ongoing violence, they would also be against the terrorists. If the Palestinians really wanted peace, they would demand an end to the bloody internal politics that plague the Middle East. Do they really do not want peace or hope, that each side will be their armies to win over their rivals? Maybe on the part of people's support for rival factions is not overt. But their failure to act leads to the sameResults. We are all responsible for Darfur by our inaction. We're all to blame for the millions who have died through ethnic cleansing and genocide.

We hear all the time that polls in Iraq, blame the West in general and the U.S. in particular, for all their troubles. Of course, these same people have sat back and Kurds were gassed in their own country are monitored and tortured dissidents, and she watched as the women were raped. Do they really want peace? If the average citizenin Iraq, the killing and violence will stop, or they are secretly or even unconsciously hope that their side will speak to their people? There is much talk of the what they have done wrong, our politicians, and rightly so. But do not let us forget that we are all responsible for our own future, and that includes the Iraqi people.

Mr. Harris was born in Massachusetts. He attended the American University in Washington, DC and received his degree in Political ScienceScience. His graduate work was at the University of Northern Colorado and Howard University made. While in DC, he spent several years on local and regional authorities. After moving to Maine he worked with three presidents and served the Deputy Director of the Maine State Planning Office. He worked on a White House Task Force for developing a national policy for rural areas and later served as coordinator for rural areas at the Federal Regional Councilof New England. He has gubernatorial and senatorial elections, political campaigns and worked in Special Education is currently working.

Mr. Harris is co-author of the novel WAKING GOD and is a nationally syndicated and featured writer for The American Chronicle. He is working on Volume II of the Waking God trilogy and writing features for literary E-zines. His second novel, A MAINE CHRISTMAS CAROL was released by Cambridge Books. Co-writer for UPI's Religion & Spirituality webWebsite.

The American Skyscraper 1850-1940 – A Celebration of Height is Great Tour of America!

October 19, 2009


On the day of skyscrapers rises in the smoke and the sun and has a soul.
Prairie and valley, streets of the city, people pour into it, and they
You are mixing freely with the twenty-storey …
It is the men and women, boys and girls in and then poured the whole day
That give the building a soul of dreams and thoughts and memories …

– Carl Sandburg's Chicago's Poems (p. 325)

Sheer serendipity brought me into the formal facilities planning and management activities I.directed for many years. However, in many ways, it merged with an instinctive love of architectural form in all its beauty. To pick, to me, Joseph Korom's The American Skyscraper, is much more – a "coffee-table book and read again and again.

In reality, however, it is a full text about the history of the America's creation and use of skyscrapers, with detailed information and over 300 images highlighting buildings in the United States. It includesover 60 pages of bibliography, index, footnotes, tables and presentations of the famous skyscraper! The author notes: "Between the covers are the stories of 287 American skyscrapers, which were or are still in seventy, one-towns and villages …" (P. 21) Reflections of external details and interiors, architects, and personal photos, establishing a significant historical contribution to the libraries of both students and professionals in the fields of architectureand engineering, as well as all those who, like me, are intimidated by the grandeur and beauty of the structures.

Architect Joseph Korom earned a Master of Architecture from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, where he served as a mentor. He is a successful artist, whose paintings are in many private collections worldwide and works as a freelance writer, architectural critic and photographer. He is a member of the Society of Architectural Historians, the NationalTrust for Historic Preservation, the Art Institute of Chicago and the Milwaukee Art Museum. Joseph Korom, who is also author of Look-Up-Milwaukee (1979) and Milwaukee Architecture A Guide to Notable Buildings (1995.

"Very tall buildings, which now have a" skyscraper "known invented here in America …. people built tall for many reasons: to pretend to satisfy as jointly to meet in person and perhaps most importantly, it was a solemn act – for all . To create great was challenging, itwas risky, and it was scary, but in these related fears was to capture the level itself, in the sky with an artificial object while still tethered to the ground Pierce was simply irresistible … "(pps. 14-15) Korom thus introduces his impressive text with a brief historical perspective of the brave men who were too high up and chronicles" the country began a unique contribution to architecture … "(p. 16).

Introducing Sear Tower in Chicago as his first picture, he notes that "theultimate expression of skyscraper technology and is the embodiment of the vertical Manifest Destiny. It stands 110 floors, 1454 feet high and is North America's highest skyscraper. "The author includes interesting facts such as when he observes:" When the sun sets, pedestrians at the base of the Sears Tower have fallen into the shadows. But because of the curvature of the earth, extending the shadow of the tower floors upward moves in the amount of one floor per second. As a result, these were on theTo enjoy the building for about two minutes up the sun … "(P. 21)

When I examined the building on the campus of the University of West Virginia, working on a better utilization of those assets to manage and then consider what was necessary to analyze future needs, it was always the older buildings to meet, which I found interesting. Exploring Woodburn Hall all the way up into the belfry, or walking by Chitwood and Martin Hall, gutted and renovated to its essence, I thrilledBeauty at the basic level we wanted to keep, while at the same time, create updated classrooms, offices, laboratories and teaching, which were necessary for our School of Journalism and many departments within our College of Arts and Sciences.

So, as I read through A Celebration of height, it was not surprising that I eagerly studied the buildings with the older styles that are used during the "brave beginning," starting from 1850. (P. 22). Zachary Taylor was president "during the planningand erection of the famed Jayne Building in Philadelphia. Knowing that “Old Rough and Ready” was in charge helps place the birth of the American skyscraper in historical context.” (p. 23)

The following buildings included in the Celebration are just a few of those particularly enjoyed by this former Facilities professional/reviewer! I am sure others will choose those more modern.

· The Palmer House Hotel in Chicago; built 1872, by the “first merchant prince of Chicago, Potter Palmer, at the cost of $ 200,000. (pps. 49-50)
· Madison Square Garden Tower, 16 floors, 304 meters, New York. (P. 158)
· Women's Temple, Chicago, 1892, House of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union. (P. 166)
· Columbus Memorial Building, topped by a giant bronze status of Christopher Columbus, built 1893rd "In a purely arbitrary act, this beautiful skyscraper was demolished in 1959." (P. 179)
· Trinity Church in New York City. Its tower, as soon as it is the highest rankStructure on the island of Manhattan. (P. 190)
· The Carson Pirie Scott Store mélange main entrance is through a very robust sample foliage This twisting was characterized executed in iron then painted a green forest. This building, completed in 1904, was immediately propelled into the annals of architectural immortality. The Chicago Loop was now home to a large department store, rising twelve stories, 168 meters. The building was everywhere, with some of the most interesting embellishments. (pps.231-232)
· City Investing Building, New York, 1908, 487 meters, and contains half a million square meters, making it the world's largest office building. "If there ever was a skyscraper, evoked romance, historicism, capitalism and the optimism of the early twentieth century, the town Investing Building, it was not. Here is a tower that was on inspiration from French Baroque sources, and thus, cut a charming profile the skyline of New York. (p. 271)
· Bromo-SeltzerTower, Baltimore, 1911, 15 floors, 280 meters high, with a facsimile of the original-Bromo-Seltzer bottle on top of the tower! (pps. 294-295)
· Peter Cooper first manufactured structural beam for the Cooper Union Building in New York, thus setting the stage for skeleton construction and ultimately the skyscraper. (P. 25). Also in New York, marks the middle of the 19th Century at the age of cast iron architecture, and is still in the "focus Cast Iron District, as a living museum, near the GreenwichVillage. (P. 28)
· And, of course, the history of the skyscraper and the invention of the elevator. Manhattan Haughwout Building was the first commercial buildings occupy a passenger elevator. "It was the repeal of half a tonne in the amount of forty feed per minute, capable, and it was the first of its kind" when it was installed in 1857. Every professional bodies will not be surprised to hear that Elisha Graves Otis, finally, the founder of the Otis Elevator Companyinstalled. (pps. 28-29)

In addition to the detailed information to facilities, I also enjoyed the smaller details Korom has to pay the interest as "probably the first time unrelated men and women worked side by side for eight or more hours .. the same one or two rooms. skyscrapers, probably from its beginnings in places that were drawn in which "benefits were impacted," or there were rumors of such behavior … "(p. 137) and the various interior shots of men and women as they wereat this time. Truly, The American Skyscraper 1850-1940: A Celebration of the amount a book that is very interested in all of American history, recommended!

Because of its large buildings in influence and power …
His philosophy, where in "form follows function"
Sullivan has earned his place as one of the largest
Architectural forces in America …

– Memorial Mark to Louis Henri Sullivan (p. 195)

The American Skyscraper 1850-1940:
A Celebration ofHeight
By Joseph J. Korom, Jr.
Branden Books 2008
540 pages
ISBN 13: 978-0-8283-2188-4

GA Bixler is co-owner of an online review site of Independent Professional Book Reviewers. She has over 40 years experience in educational administration and publishing. New or well-known, self-published or small press authors are all welcome! Compare our prices to other professional book review sites!

College – Duke University

October 18, 2009

In Durham, North Carolina, Duke University is a leading private research college. Duke University 's undergraduate and graduate programs are highly regarded. Duke is also particularly well known for research, especially in science and health. The university has nine schools, where students enroll in both Pratt School of Engineering or the Trinity College of Arts and Sciences would be divided. The graduate and professional schoolsare to attend the Divinity School, School of Law, Graduate School, School of Nursing, School of Medicine, the Nicholas School of the Environment and Earth Sciences and the Fuqua School of Business. Recently, 19,358 students apply to be part of the incoming undergraduate class of 2010. Of these students were admitted 3778th

Although the Duke University was officially founded in 1924, is what today as Duke University started as Brown's Schoolhouse, a privateSubscription School in 1838 in Randolph County, North Carolina, founded. The state legislature granted a rechartering of the academy as Normal College in 1851 and won the privilege of granting degrees in 1853. To keep the operation of the school, the trustees agreed to free education for Methodist preachers in return for the financial support of churches ready and in 1859 the name was changed to Trinity College. In 1892, Trinity opened in Durham, as it was with the research in which, instead ofRecitation. It was founded in 1900, when Trinity College, load the first white school in the south of Booker T. Washington speak and was in the same year graduated its first Native American student. Shortly thereafter, Trinity College had one of the leading liberal arts colleges developed in the southern United States. When was around 1924, was the creation of Duke University, the Duke Foundation, was born to a $ 40 million dollar trust fund. The university grew rapidly and within the next 20 years, it was such additions as the Medical School and Hospital, religion, and the Graduate School, School of Nursing, School of Forestry and the Law School.

In addition to his university academics, has are 26 varsity sports teams known as the Blue Devils. Within the 26-team basketball is the very successful men's team under 25 years coaching by Mike Krzyzewski. Their successes are always the only team to win three> National Championships since the tournament field to 64 teams in 1985 extended. Have in addition to winning the championship, they reached the "Final Four" of the tournament ten of the last twenty years. Many of the players have now gone to the Duke's favorite player in the National Basketball Association and millions of dollars for it to boot. In recent years, the women's golf team will take a dominant position, he won three championships.

There are many goodThings to see at Duke University, as the great William R. Perkins Library or the Nasher Museum of Art, the indoor athletic games are held in the Cameron Indoor Stadium during the football matches are played in Wallace Wade Stadium. Despite the recent controversy at Duke University, the lacrosse team is a big Duke University, but is difficult to be accepted in no doubt.

Michael Russell

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Mexico Cartel Gang’s Battle On Border – 15 Killed

October 16, 2009

Military style blazing Gun battles erupting between rival factions of a Mexican drug cartel gangs have left at least 15 people dead in the city of Tijuana, near the border with the US.

Tijuana police said the dead men belonged to the Arellano Felix cartel drug gang which is coming under more pressure than ever from a rival gangs and the Mexican army. It was not clear if the killed were a result of Mexican military action or rival Mexican cartels were responsible.

Over 200 people So far this year have been killed in and around Tijuana.
Since taking office in late 2006 President Felipe Calderon about 30,000 soldiers and federal agents participated in the fight against the drug cartels.

The Arellano Felix cartel rose to prominence in the 1980s.
According to government sources, the Arellano Felix cartel millions of dollars in bribes to local law enforcement agencies and other senior officials have paid, and is responsible for the increase in violence made, including the killing ofinformants and rival traffickers.

Much of the group’s activities centers on smuggling Mexican weed, Colombian and Afghanistan cocaine and other drugs along with Illegal aliens through Mexico to California.

Failure of coordination in the battle against these Mexican cartels is felt by many to be one of the reasons why ordering troops into the border areas by the Mexican president have not been effective and curtailed the violence. According to Raúl Benítez Manaut of the Center for Investigations of the Mexican National University (UNAM) the agencies involved in the fight against narcotics traffic in Mexico lack effective coordination. In addition, there are major tactical deficiencies in carrying out the narcotics war because there is no analysis of operations to determine if they are winning or losing, but rather favor international cooperation to confront the problem. “There is much conflict between the federal agencies,” he said in pointing out that In Mexico there is no bureaucratic tradition of the president or a mechanism for the coordination of joint actions. He explained that although President Felipe Calderón has tried to address the lack of coordination, building on a strong presidency, "which differs from that of Vicente Fox to do the all of what" it requires an explicit order to coordinate departments to allow .
Calling the U.S. ambassador to Mexico, Tony Garza, "paranoid", businessmen in Reynosa, Tamaulipas decried the labelof the border area as unsafe, leading to an official U.S. travel warning for tourists. The angry words, free with the term "Gringo", said the merchants their side of the border was no less safe than the U.S. side. They also argue that the presence of army and police patrols insurance, "should give gringo tourists."


The National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers (NAFBPO)

Tijuana police dept.

El Universal (MexicoCity)

Entorno de Tamaulipas

Michael Webster
301 Forest Ave., Laguna Beach, CA 92651
Ph. (949) 949-7121. Fx. (949) 583-0154
Mr. Webster is a United States Citizen of Native American Heritage.

America’s leading authority on Venture Capital/Equity Funding, Trustee on some of the nations largest trade Union funds. Labor Law, Teamster Union Business Agent, General Organizer, Union Rank ñ – File Member Representative, Grievances, NLRB Union Representative, Union Contract Negotiator, Workers Compensation Appeals Board Hearing Representative and a noted Author, Lecturer, Educator, Emergency Manager, Counter-Terrorist Specialist and Business Consultant. Michael Webster is a world-renowned expert on global economics, financing, emergency management, preparedness and terrorism. He is the author of Venture Capital, the Christian Covenant the RedRoad, the LemonFast. And the United States Civil Defense Emergency Training Manual. Mr. Webster on a policy for the Emergency Response Team (CERT) course with over 300 pages plus Worked

Oil Companies – White Collar Crime At Its Worst!

October 15, 2009

The recent rise in oil prices is the epitome of economic crime. One can not help but wonder how long the people and politicians sit idly while oil companies to steal from the poor to fatten their wallets full. On Friday, oil hit $ 95.93, slightly slower Wednesdays high of $ 98.62 per barrel. Only out of shear joy is my suspicion that forces are at work to reach the $ 100/barrel mark, only to say that it has done.

The reason for these high prices has become an annualTo abstain. One reason is the decline in U.S. energy reserves. How do the people go by billionaires were not enough reserves for the winter? This excuse is heard every year. Oil companies do not calendar? Why should low reserves goes into heat and holiday travel season? This may allow commercial inventories of goods would disappear before the Christmas season. Does that make sense? Is it a secret that people heat with oil, their houses?

Another is theproverbial storm. Okay, the North Sea storm closed some Norwegian platforms. If it does not happen at the beginning of every winter? Of course there are thunderstorms. In the hurricane season, there are, let me guess, hurricanes? We all know that and continue to do so, the oil companies. Do not they look for this plan?

These are my favorites: Perhaps it will get a revolution so somewhere the prices. There may be a storm somewhere, so the prices are rising. A prince in Saudi Arabia sneezed, prices go up in the air! That is allridiculous. There is no question in my mind that oil prices must rise. This is probably the major incentive for people to be forced into using alternative energy sources, most of which products are used by oil companies are anyway. Oil will not last forever.

The Washington reported that consumers are paying $ 4-5 billion a day more oil than it was about 5 years ago. This adds some 2 trillion U.S. dollars to the oil companies' bank accounts. How to do a lot more, oil companies want? When oil hitsthese kinds of levels, it affects all aspects of the economy. The list of petrol-based products is astounding. As consumers are increasingly consumed energy dollar, little is left for other products. My guess is that this year's holiday retail will be miserable. Who loses? The outlook is not good for small businesses, not consumers can offer deep discounts. Thus, the winner will be Wal-Mart and other super-retailers. Can the trend here? Small is not only not be ""be beautiful, small does not exist!

So where does this leave us? Up the Creek, I would say. Oil companies and speculators will destroy small businesses and consumers drive into the ground while they fill their bank accounts. Where are our politicians? Why are they not force change? Why did they let oil companies commit the crimes of the century? The middle and lower classes in America is bleeding to death and they do nothing. Have we any alternative?No! Are their heads in the sand? Yup! Elections come and he / she is willing to be the oil companies can get to my voice!

Mr. Harris was born in Massachusetts. He attended the American University in Washington, DC and received his degree in political science. His graduate work was at the University of Northern Colorado and Howard University made. While in DC, he spent several years on local and regional authorities.After moving to Maine he worked with three presidents and served the Deputy Director of the Maine State Planning Office. He worked on a White House Task Force for developing a national policy for rural areas and later as coordinator for rural areas at the Federal Regional Council of New England. He has gubernatorial and senatorial elections, political campaigns and worked in Special Education is currently working.

Mr. Harris is co-author of the novel WAKING GOD and is a nationallysyndicated / featured writer for The American Chronicle. He is working on Volume II of the Waking God trilogy. His second novel, A MAINE CHRISTMAS CAROL was run by Cambridge Books, his third book, Jesus taught, it also published: The Early Roots of Law Of Attraction was released by Avatar Publication.